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Senaste nytt gällande högeralliansen:

2020.05.27 21:50 CDRDodo Senaste nytt gällande högeralliansen:

Konservativ Samlings partiordförande Raphus Cucullatus Rex och Kristdemokraternas partiledare Oscar Lundgren öppnar upp för presskonferens.
Raphus Cucullatus Rex inleder:
Här om dagen hade jag och Moderaternas partiledare en gemensam pressträff som ämnade till att förena partierna i en högerallians för Sverige. Konservativ Samling och Moderaterna har under dagen överlagt med Kristdemokraterna och dess partiledning. Resultatet efter flertalet kompromisser och nya mycket bra förslag har resulterat i en ny medlem i högeralliansen: Kristdemokraterna. Det är för mig mycket trevligt att ett stjärnskottsparti med en mycket kompetent ledning har valt att samarbeta för Sveriges bästa.
Målet med denna allians kan primärt beskrivas som framtida regeringsunderlag. Vi vill kollektivt avsätta regeringen och tillsätta en borgerlig sådan. Detta är dock inte samarbetets enda funktion. Vi ämnar även till att fungera som motpart till övriga uppstartade partierna av mer extrem karaktär. Den synen har vi däremot inte på Folkpartiet, vi ser dessa gärna som en potentiellt framtida allierad och värderar ett framtida samarbete stort.
Med detta hoppas jag att församlingen fått en större insyn bakom kulisserna och ett tydligare alternativ till regering.
Raphus Cucullatus Rex giver plats åt dennes kära kollega Oscar Lundgren från Kristdemokraterna:
Vi från Kristdemokraterna är stolta och ingå i högeralliansen för att kunna tillsätta en borgerlig regering som prioriterar en jämlikare sjukvård, skolan, familjen, äldreomsorgen och människovärdet. Sedan dag ett har vi varit tydliga med att vi inte kommer ställa oss bakom något regeringsunderlag som ställer oss bakom våra hjärtefrågor. Vi har varit tydliga med att samtala med alla partier om våra hjärtefrågor och vi har tagit vårt ansvar gentemot våra väljare när det kommer till att samtala med alla partier. Kristdemokraterna ska vara ett trovärdigt parti och det innebär att vi behöver vara realistiska och vara villiga att kompromissa. Efter långa förhandlingar med både Moderaterna och Konservativ Samling har vi kommit fram till ett valmanifest som alla är nöjda med. Kristdemokraternas ambition är att kunna påverka vilken riktning Sverige ska gå i och vi har kommit fram till att ingå i en allians med M och KS innebär att det svenska folket får en jämlikare vård, bättre äldreomsorg och familjepolitik. Kristdemokraterna är och kommer vara garanten för en borgerlig regering som prioriterar välfärden och familjen. En röst på oss är en röst för ett mänskligare Sverige och att familjen sätts först.
Oscar Lundgren och Raphus Cucullatus avslutar med att öppna upp för journalisternas frågor.
KS', Ms och KDs gemensamma manifest finner ni här.
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2018.02.21 16:47 rsspls MPAR Season 2 Countdown to the Crown [Day 6]


Welcome to the final day of CDTTC! We cannot wait to see you all on Friday for the reunion and we expect you all to throw up some of your best looks in celebration of the queens of this season! Without further adieu, let’s get on with this.

Top 5 Melanie Paint Looks

Hot from her holiday in Gibraltar, Melanie Paint came back to the studio being icy cold for her Promo Look alongside her new judges, and gave us some sickening looks on top of that! Lets see which of her looks caught the audience’s eyes the most!
#5 - Menswear (51.4%)
This week, Melissa BePaint was drawn by errsmi - slicking back her hair and giving her #1 Dad Mug a whirl. Wearing a waistcoat and checkered slacks, she made the stone cold butches quiver with her fervent masculinity.
#4 - Painted for the Gods (62.2%)
Aphrodite is quivering, once again drawn by errsmi this week, Delta Work is shaking with this side swept look done right, with accents of golds to compliment the pinks and glossy peach tone of Mallory’s glorious skin, her anklet-shin guards made Atlas drop the world for a minute to catch her beauty.
#3 - Girl Groups (67.4%)
Go full speed ahead Aja, because Melody Paint is telling you to and if you don’t she’ll steal your soul! Drawn by otcishot this week, Jemelisandre is ready to lipsync to a live studio audience of 5 children who can’t draw, 10 people who somewhat have a grip on anatomy but not her life, and 3 judges whose souls are hers forever. Oh, and the cameramen too!
#2 - Celestial Ball (67.6%)
Our Goddess transcends human beauty, time and space in this look designed by S1 Winner u1tr4me0w - with her signature pink hair turning white in this concept, Michelle looks beautiful in Miyu’s traditional style, and still fits her signature pose almost eerily accurate to the digital Molly Paint.
#1 - Queens of Cinema (70.3%)
aMelie Paint’s film noire director getup was drawn by otcishot this week, embodying the old timey films that had icons like Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, and Fossana (she’s so old RIP). Even though she is the host of this competition, you know fine fucking well she’s judging you hard in her director’s chair.

Top 10 MPAR Season 2 Looks

#10 - Epinette's Morrigan Look (37.8%)
gingerdior - Epinette's Morrigan Look was honestly such a triumph. Not only did it work perfectly with the concept that she had chosen, but the colours played beautifully off of each other and it was just a beautiful piece to look at. Since it was week 1, stakes were high to do a look that was (a) technically strong, and that (b) accurately represented the artist's aesthetic and art style. This look captured Epinette's gorgeous painterly style that she became known for perfectly, and stood head and shoulders above the rest in a week that was so strong.
Anonymous - kinda criminal that this is the only epinette look up here, but whatever. This was honestly the best introduction to epinette’s incredible rendering skills that were present from AFS, and to see how far she’s came from then until now, this was an absolute well deserved win!!!
#9 - Ira's Red Carpet Look (40.5%)
Me16824 - What I love so much about this look is her simple reference. She wanted to wear a particular pattern inspired by a bed frame, but yet served us this uber glamour look. It's things like this that kept everyone rooting for Gii from the first second she was announced, and keeps them to the second the winner is announced this season. A simplicity in concept brought to its absolute max, this look is one of my absolute favorites from her.
regretflix - Ira's Red Carpet Look:
opulence [op-yuh-luh ns]
noun 1. wealth, riches, or affluence. 2. abundance, as of resources or goods; plenty. 3. the state of being opulent. 4. Ira D'Essance's god damn red carpet look.
#8 - Ambrosia's Red Carpet Look (43.2%)
thelettergii - Ambrosia's Red Carpet Look - Only Ambrosia could take a green dress and elevate it to 100 with impeccable folds and the perfect amount of detail. I dream about those earrings every night. I seriously look up to Pudding's art skills, I think he's one of the most talented artists in the community, and I really hope he does a rendering tutorial in off-season because I need to steal his talent.
#7 - Gretel's Wolfman Makeover (50.1%)
u/plorpf - So this look was one of my favorite looks from Gretel and Season 2 overall. It had the perfect mix of Gretels signature fairytail pinup aesthetic and Campy humor. She dyed the fucking wolfman pink !! Iconic. The looks weren't identical, identical looks are often the downfall of makeovers, they complimented each other really nicely. I could ramble on and on about this masterpiece but I think for the sake of space I'll stop there!
#6 - Velvet's Lakshmi Look (51.4%)
mtd1988 - Velvet’s Lakshmi look is a masterful blend of culture, lore, and fashion. The reference to the multiple arms of the goddess through the headpiece, the Bollywood nod through the fashionable jumpsuit, and the colorful pattern that would fit in beautifully celebrating the Diwali festival all combine into an absolutely stunning look. Velvet’s Lakshmi look was an excellent showcase of wmatias’ talents!
#5 - Ira's Glasswing Butterfly Look (54.1%)
ghost20. Ira’s Glasswing Butterfly- I can say that this is the first time my life was truly changed by touching the fashion. The silhouette made by those clear wing panels had me scalped as is, but the rendering on the transparent elements coupled together with the immaculate colouring that Gii is so wonderful at- it had me crystallising. Everything was right: the hair, makeup, bodysuit, Punk twist on elegant entomology. I still see that look in my dreams, I want a poster of it so I can admire it even more. u/mogwai_02 - I mean, as the gay bisexual I am I would choose all of them because I'm an indecisive child but if I must pick one I would choose my audition look and/or Ira's Butterfly look because it encapsulates her entire drag character to a T, expressing the inspiration for her name and also being fashionable. Those looks or anything Ambrosia or Gretel have done since I am an absolute stan. Now that That's out of the way, I would like to talk to you about our lord and savior Jesus Christ...
#4 - Vicky Pickles' Menswear Look (62.2%)
u/Me16824 - I don't even know where to begin with this look. Vicky did an amazing job coming right off of her win with Girl Groups with this absolutely breathtaking look. Knowing the artist and getting to watch the process unfold, it was amazing to see babeford take her experience with painting and her love of impressionism and combine them with ukiyo-e art references to create this absolutely breathtaking look. As an art history geek, this was everything I could have wanted and more.
Anonymous - Vicky Pickles' Menswear Look - I was tickled by Ms. Pickles' menswear look, we all know from VIP how much love and thought goes into all of Ms. Pickles' little details and it really showed in this look. There were so many different references in this look that were wrapped up in detail and ended up meshing so well. That's not even talking about all the individual parts and elements that I loved; the colors, the rendering on those pants, the colors, the fucking HAT, the colors, the watery floral motif, the COLORS... It's just all SOOO good. Vicky's menswear is by far one of my favorite looks to ever come out of MPAR.
#3 - Vicky Pickles as Cassie Roll (64.9%)
memxz - Where do I even begin with this look mhmm, it's to the point, it's clear and it's also full of details, the cutlery, the Kära tattoo. It's a perfect win because it's just so full of stuff, it has so many textures and aditaments yet it's never busy and it's all very careful composed. Topping everything off with the colour palette of gorgeous teals and blues, that also compliment her orange and pink makeup, just immaculate.
rsspls - lmfao FUCK yes. This was probably the right way to do this, when you don’t win the mini and you’re just called the leftovers, why not play on that and just, play the fuck up they did. ESPECIALLY Vicky - jesus christ, her cutlery shoulderpiece, the pickle and kara tattoos, the fuckin COLOUR SCHEME. This is how you do punk drag AND become the Beyonce of your group, take notes Dragfernum.
#2 - Ambrosia's White Russian Cocktail Look (78.4%)
AcidBitter - Ambrosia's White Russian - I think a lot of people know & love Ambrosia as a more campy queen but I think this was a phenomenal look that proved how fashionable she can be. The White & Brown swirl effect was gorgeous and the touch of blue really elevated the look.
spacemashed - WHERE DO I START WITH MY LOVE FOR THIS LOOK. the colours, the makeup, the hair, the fur, the creaminess, the swirling on the skirt, the crisp peplum, you can tell puddingpot thought through every little detail, everything is there for a reason, and it just works. it screams winner, i dont think there has been such a big gap between 1st and 2nd place in the fan fave poll? this outfit achieves what i love: the ability to look flawless and stunning while still being minimalist and easy to look at. this look was also the final piece in ambrosia proving she's so fucking versatile, she can be vintage, she can be kooky and avant garde, she can be sexy. she's fucking winning that crown.
nothingsmaan - Ok bish, Ambrosia snatched my weave every single week again and again but with this look, she also touched my scalp and enlightened me. It was so literal yet so well thought, I didn't know that it was possible. I learnt so many things analyzing this look and I'm very grateful for that.
#1 - Ira's Yi Haw Western Look (81.8%)
jonahg1992 - anything Gii has done. YiHaw gets me so wet. And Vicky's menswear. That is art baby. Oh and Vens gold lipsync Xxxo
u/lifesneverhumdrum - Ira's Yi Haw Western Look - I had a hard time choosing a best look off this list, because I have several favs on here. But Ira took that extra week that so many people dreaded, and made it hers. The moment I saw it, i knew exactly what it was. The colors and patterns are amazing as always, not a single thing there feels like it is too much or doesn't belong, it's beautiful. She deserved the fuck out of that win, and this is one of the pieces to come out of this season that can totally stand alone without context, and it is Art.
u/discoplum - Yi Haw! Visually, it managed to look bold and striking while still being filled with all these contrasting little details. So expressive, such a well designed story. Truly one of the best looks to ever come out of this sub.
I hope you enjoyed our Countdown to the Crown. Tomorrow, expect a bonus little clip to fill your time on the sub! And thank you so much to all the fans and alumni that voted on their favourite moments of the season. Thanks again! ~ Sulphur
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2014.06.26 02:06 datorjakt TIDSKÄNSLIGT! Min dator är stulen, jag har skurkens koordinater och bild samt annan nyttig info. Polisen är tafatt men redo vid mer konkret info, hjälp mig att ta fast honom!

Ursäkt på förhand för en slarvig post, men det är bråttom bråttom! Min dator och diverse andra kära ägodelar som låg i en väska blev stulna häromdagen. Efter en fräck kupp med en "high speed chase" (medellång historia) så kom skurken undan. Jag har förgäves F5:at Hitta min iPhone och ett anti-theft program som heter Prey i två dagar för att ikväll få mina första livstecken. SCORE! Jag har koordinater (google maps), flera bra bilder tagna ifrån webcamen, aktiva uppkopplingar, närliggande Wi-Fi-nät, screenshots, och något diffust 'complete trace'.
Tyvärr så var de två patrullpoliser jag mötte otroligt tafatta, tekniskt okunniga och trots att de höll med om att bevisen var överväldigande, samt att jag vid första anmälan lämnat serienummer som lätt skulle gå att matcha mot datorn, föll det på att rapporterna visade två olika adresser. Delvis mitt fel då jag hade ringt dem så fort jag såg rapporterna och inte analyserat djupare vad detta innebar; datorn var först på en adress, två timmar senare på en annan, två timmar efter det på samma fortfarande. Den bara måste vara där.
Konstaplarna verkade dock villiga att hjälpa och ville att jag skulle höra av mig ifall jag fick in fler rapporter. Detta har inte hänt, och jag är rädd att personen ifråga tänker sälja datorn vidare, screenshotsen tyder bl.a på att han installerar en fräsch kopia och förbereder den för att säljas. Jag och min flickvän drog bort till adressen eftersom det är riktigt nära henne och såg en lägenhet med tända lampor som ligger på exakt den givna koordinaten. Närliggande Wi-Fi-nät matchade, så vi körde en liten manöver för att försöka locka fram någon att visa sig vid rutorna, men det gav inga resultat och det var nödvändigtvis inte rätt lägenhet.
Det är här ni kommer in i bilden. Om någon teknisk maestro skulle kunna hjälpa till att tolka/spåra informationen som jag inte har en aning om vad den betyder skulle det vara guld:
Remote IP:
Active Connections Active Internet connections (including servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address (state)
tcp4 0 0 checkip.dyndns.c.http FIN_WAIT_2
tcp4 0 0 a23-223-18-155.d.https ESTABLISHED
tcp4 0 0 localhost.ipp . LISTEN
tcp6 0 0 localhost.ipp . LISTEN
Complete Trace 1 c80-217-104-1.bredband.comhem.se ( 33.813 ms
2 lin-bbr-2-be10-10.net.comhem.se ( 9.877 ms
3 mtc-core-1-be104.net.comhem.se ( 17.159 ms
4 netnod-ix-ge-a-sth.google.com ( 19.219 ms
5 *
6 ( 27.333 ms
7 ( 21.344 ms
8 ( 22.731 ms
9 * 10 lb-in-f106.1e100.net ( 29.817 ms
OBS: Personen som har datorn kan vara en annan än den som stal den, jag är endast intresserad av att få tillbaka den! Har bild uppladdad på imgur men väntar med den då det känns lite oetiskt.
ps. men att jävlas lite med nån som sitter och göttar sig med min macbook pro är ju inte helt fel ;) ds.
Edit: Glömde den externa IP-adressen.
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