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2019.10.31 14:14 SpadesTheAWPer Get an unfair advantage by using the right keyword tools

Get an unfair advantage by using the right keyword tools

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2019.10.29 07:11 afrikanbot Wigs red human hair

Wigs red human hair

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2019.10.27 23:22 SpamMan53 Series Rewatch ‘Kaisha’ (S6A, Ep12)

S6A’s finale begins with Carlo’s midnight mile kick the can down a storm drain. Despite Sil being between Vito’s disfiguring and Dom’s filleting Tony makes for some literal blowback against NY. While being brought up to speed by the Mastermind about the Brooklyn weenie roast the Boss is seen getting dressed with a half naked woman in the background. At this point I’d have to question my previous remarks considering certain trades Carmela is willing to make post shooting. Last ep’s road head notwithstanding I could at least read my own reviews {paragraph nine} I guess. The big guy makes out on completing Caputo’s closure without as much to say about his realtor who declines his advances.
Adriana’s ghost hangs heavily over north Jersey as Christopher apprehensively approaches fatherhood and Liz La Cerva loses attempts to join her daughter. As morbid as it sounds I always interpreted Chris’ uneasiness as fear of some type of reprisal for murdering his fiancé. Carmela begins to suspect as much about his involvement prompting an awkwardly aimed denunciation of Ade’s mom as a mother from Tony. I get that Ton was working to throw his wife off the track. It’s just that by not even indulging the possibility that his nephew’s abuse played a part in her assumed walk out he only encourages in the matter. He actually ends up making the parties involved look that much more guilty. Regardless, he cuts his losses on the subject by acknowledging what he sees as Carm’s anxiety over Meadow’s moving so far from home.
Christopher’s nonexistent black girlfriend makes for an amusing piece of foreshadowing with A.J. falling in mook love at first sight with his job’s payroll clerk. The reveal of his goomar’s actual identity is honestly as mundane as their pillow talk over marriage and torn dress skirts. I just never got that invested in Julianna’s character. Margulies always came off to me as an odd fit compared to other guest spots.
I did enjoy her droll reception of her boyfriend’s domestic problems especially compared to Kelli’s overly dotting nature which at least would halfway explain the latter’s attraction. As for the other half of Camel Nose’s intentions schtupping the Boss’ eye candy barely ranks as death wish behavior for him at this point.
Despite the host’s best intentions a ‘meeting of the minds’ between New York and Jersey’ doesn't go as planned. And it does bear repeating that they don’t. While reading up on this ep I came across several floated theories that cast LC as some type of master manipulator intentionally sabotaging negotiations. The idea presented is both factions being not so casually posited to bleed the other dry as revenge for both Families’ complicity in Rusty Millio’s murder.
The whole concept is pretty far fetched to me. The guy wasn’t as much a schemer as a collaborator (i.e. puppet) and even in that capacity he could do little to refashion gangland to what his handler’s envisioned. Not to mention the kind of bloodshed such a large scale plan would have to entail would have been more than he’d have been willing to stomach. Phil isn’t that bright a bulb himself cracking jokes and acting indignant over Dom’s disappearance after having established a precedent for murdering made guys without consensus.
While posted at the bar Blanca approaches A.J. for a date and (kind of) gives him her number. Long term I actually appreciated the catalyst this would provide for gagoot’s arc while still finding their’s an odd coupling. If there’s anything this show has an unintended quirk for it’s these types of amusing mismatches. Julianna meanwhile is torn between doing ‘good business’ with Tony Soprano and being a faithful mistress.
While we’re dumping spurious theories I’d like to throw in the often mentioned one that Carm is acutely aware of Adriana’s fate. The implication that she’s emotionally blackmailing her husband to get her spec house back on track is almost as ridiculous as LC suddenly becoming some type of Machiavellian genius. A mobwife’s mentality is all about creating a logical gap in thinking so you can justify all the Lladros lining the shelves of your mini mansion. After her pet project is a go again Carm will in fact abandon interest in any rescue mission though without the malevolent mindset some ascribe to her.
Despite having rejected Tony for a second time Julianna shows a certain enthusiasm in Chris’ script with her attention centered mostly on ‘Cleaver’s’ lead bellied antagonist. I did get an unexpected chuckle out of his taking Tony’s line about not being where another man has been in regard to girlfriends. Skiff obviously doesn’t accept the compliment but reinvests their relationship in his apology while unbuckling her boyfriend’s pants.
Murmur to his credit gravely cautions against being involved with not only the Boss’ love interest but a fellow addict while Julianna’s sponsor dispenses similar advice. Blanca and A.J. makes love for the first time after the heir apparent impresses her with his superior bartering skills.
Phil and his inner circle discuss NYC-NJ relations following Little Carmine’s debucle. It’s scenes like this that soberly remind the audience how indispensable Tony’s consigliere is. You have an upper echelon completely ignorant of the logistics of their Family’s relation to a key ally in addition to acting as a glorified chorus of yes men.
In a bit of a slapdash timecut to Christmas Carm has received her diversionary gift while Christopher and his new goomar have graduated from valerian tea. Tony in turn recieves word about Phil’s heart attack like a kid emptying his stocking on Christmas Eve much to what his own men consider a punitive response. Adjacent gangland in Oobatzville a one eyed Baccala meets with his former Boss one last time. I couldn’t help but catch a quick real grin from Schirripa as both men sat. The two made a great team and I’m sure Steve appreciated the pairing. (Edit: I didn’t notice this until now but Jun refers to Bobby’s current wife as ‘Karen.’ Just another sign of his slow slip into dementia.)
Christopher wisely puts his position ahead of his love life to an outwardly nonplussed Tony. Later however he expresses indignation to his doctor over what he considers a gesture of disrespect. His expressing indignation that after tempering his infidelities there hasn’t been any kind of karmic reward is classic Tony. Melfi relates how impressed she is with his restraint. Tony’s not so mild inference that his goomars since beginning therapy have been proxies for her closes out the session.
An old enemy returns to deliver some important news. I realize it’s the FBI’s job to relate this kind of information but it’s such a telling scene for these two especially considering how Harris was first introduced into the series. You can really see the acclimated respect both men have for the other.
Chris and Julianna whittle their higher power down to the other at a diner. Tony visits Phil much to not only Ginny Sack’s revulsion. Patty Leotardo’s devotion here was kind of beautiful especially considering what a shrill voice she usually is. As for whether Tony’s hand holding was a returned manipulation similar to the attitude Phil took while T was recovering I’d say his intentions were mixed. Even if he can’t remember it completely you can see him relate the heaviness of Finnerty’s briefcase to the old man.
The Soprano family including Carm’s unceremoniously readmitted father gather together under Christmas lights. Despite some missing members and a somewhat tense undertone everyone joins to celebrate the holiday while Blanca congratulates the lady of the house on her gorgeous home.
Edit: after reading the comment section’s criticism I tried to streamline the clunkier parts of this review.
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2019.10.27 11:23 onepiece1991 Kriya Kriya 120 g hair pieces 18 inches hair extensions Remy

Kriya Kriya 120 g hair pieces 18 inches hair extensions Remy

Cryyya Remy Hair Extender in 120G-Jet Hair Extensions Black hair extensions are made from high quality 100% Remy Human hair. It's natural looking, silky smooth and comfortable to wear. Acknowledgments in Canada 10.9-10.16. 100g 8c; 120g / 160g 5% discount. Return and Refund Policy See. More Delivery Policy Details. DELIVERY POLICY. Delivery and delivery time. We ship worldwidew> 24 hours of payment (except for days when the postal service does not work, such as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Shipping to USA. Here is the shipping list and delivery time: US customers can receive USPS, UPS Standard and DHL postage, which is tracked by a service that usually arrives on time. Delivery time :: Delivery from warehouse approximately: 2-3 business days after the day of payment. Delivery from the factory: 3-5 working days after the day of postpay. Delivery abroad. Although DHL is reliable, actual delivery time may be longer. 2. Customers in the Middle East, South America, and Africa operate FedEx, a tracked service that typically arrives on time and charges $ 18 for shipping. Estimated Delivery Time: Middle East Delivery: 4-7 business days after the day of payment. Delivery to South America: 4-7 business days after payment. Delivery to Africa: 5-9 business days after the delivery date. If you need more information about the delivery of the goods, you need to contact us by mail or phone to confirm.

Delivery will be arranged when the parcel arrives at your local post office, and if you are not home when the parcel is delivered, please follow the message you left for delivery or you can go to the post office to pick it up. Return policy and exchange. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list here in Kriya. To improve our shopping experience, we have refined our return and exchange policies. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days after delivery, if it meets the requirements and remains in the original packaging. RETURN OF THE DIRECTIVE. To cancel an order, you can cancel your order at any time before it is delivered, the free order is off. Once your order has been shipped and is already on its way, it cannot be canceled. Read our Return Policy on how to return your order. RETURN OF GOODS RIGHTS We are glad to accept any suitable products for return. For modified packaging / product, worn or damaged items will not be returned. Suitable products: are in the same condition as you received (unaltered, uncleaned, undamaged, without signs of wear, styling or odor), contain all labels on them and are in their original packaging. The order returned non-compliant products: the front cord was cut or damaged. The item was worn or sprayed with styling items. The message was damaged or the original status changed to custom, decorative items and gift galleries. We cannot accept unacceptable products and you will be refunded at your expense. Our Return Address: US Order: Unibarns Ship Center, 9820 Bell Ranch Dr # 101, Santa Fe Springs, CA, 90670. Other orders: Zheng Yang, 15th Floor Block A, LanWan Xuchang Business Building, Henan, China 4610000. POLITICAL. We allow free replacement of all eligible goods within 14 days from the date of order. Please see our return policy above for product-specific criteria. If you wish to exchange your order a second time, you will not be charged for recharge. If the exchange item is more valuable than your first order, we will contact you for an additional amount of payment difference. Each conversion amount will be refunded for your original payment method. You can cancel or change your order at any time before it is sent free of charge. Once it is sent and is already on its way to you, it cannot be changed or canceled and must be returned. If you are not comfortable with your exchange, you can return it for a refund. See our return policy. HOW TO RETURN? 1 Contact Kriyya Customer Service: online service, online messaging, email, or phone call. 2. We will confirm and deliver with you Make sure the product is authorized. 3. Return the item to a return address. 4. Please provide the invoice number of the return package, and the refund will be made upon receipt of the goods. CONTACT US THAT YOU NEED HELP. 337-656-8819 (Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 4: 30 am Pacific Time) Hair Type: 100% Strap Hair Type: Color Lacquered Stainless Steel Clip with Soft Silicone Sleeve : consumedmachine duration: 12-24 months with proper care Hair setting: Warm, easy to dye Total weight: 120 g 7 Set of pieces: 1 x 8 "Shot / 4 clamp; Shot 1 x 7" / 4 clip; 3 x 6 "frame / 3 clips; 2 x 5" frame / 2 clips. Have you always wanted to have the perfect hairstyle, long and fluffy with beautiful colors, but worry about your fine and short natural hair? You only need hair cuts. Ideal quality hair with shiny and natural color, for your best wear. JET BLACK (# 1) Hair Extension Clip - - - The darkest hair color with a cool toned black with subtle shades tends to work better with darker skin tones, and lighter skin tones can also do the black job. ETHICAL HAIR SOURCES. 100% real human hair from a donor. EASY INSTALLATION. Friendly u. Heat can be dyed or toned as your natural hair. SAFE MIXTURE Seamless blend with natural hair and invisible clips. LOWER, THIRD HAIR. With proper care, the hairstyle on the hairstyle will take 12-24 months.
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2018.03.08 22:31 Gato1980 AMC's Dark Comedy 'Dietland' Starring Julianna Margulies Sets June 4th Premiere Date

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2018.03.08 22:31 good_girl_gone_bed ‘Dietland’: AMC Sets Premiere Date For Timely Revenge-Fantasy Series Starring Joy Nash & Julianna Margulies

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2017.09.04 01:02 miker95 miker95's October Horror Movie Challenge

Title Year Date To Watch Streaming Source Watched
The House of the Devil 2009 2017-10-01 Shudder ✔️
Scream 1996 2017-10-02 Amazon ($2.99 - $9.99) ✔️
31 2016 2017-10-03 Shudder ✔️
Hellraiser 1987 2017-10-04 Hulu ✔️
The Exorcism of Emily Rose 2005 2017-10-05 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99 ✔️
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 2017-10-06 Amazon ($0.99 - $6.99) ✔️
The Exorcist 1973 2017-10-07 Amazon ($3.99 - $7.99) ✔️
The Orphanage 2007 2017-10-08 Amazon ($2.99 - $7.99) ✔️
The Hills Have Eyes 1977 2017-10-09 Shudder ✔️
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974/2014 2017-10-10 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99) ✔️
Girl House 2014 2017-10-11 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99) ✔️
My Bloody Valentine 1981 2017-10-12 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99) ✔️
Friday the 13th 1980 2017-10-13 (Friday) Amazon ($3.99 - $13.99) ✔️
Black Christmas 1974 2017-10-14 Shudder ✔️
The Ring 2002 2017-10-15 Amazon ($3.99 - $13.99) ✔️
Alien 1979 2017-10-16 Amazon ($3.99 - $9.99) ✔️
Lights Out 2016 2017-10-17 Amazon ($9.99 - $12.99) ✔️
The Babadook 2014 2017-10-18 Netflix ✔️
Rosemary's Baby 1968 2017-10-19 Hulu
Saw 2004 2017-10-19 Amazon ✔️
The Evil Dead 1981 2017-10-20 Amazon ($5.99 - $7.99) ✔️
Don't Knock Twice 2016 2017-10-21 Amazon ($4.99 - $14.99) ✔️
The Darkness 2016 2017-10-22 Amazon ($9.99 - $12.99) ✔️
As Above, So Below 2014 2017-10-23 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99) ✔️
Shutter 2008 2017-10-24 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99) ✔️
Ghost Ship 2002 2017-10-25 Amazon ($3.99 - $12.99) ✔️
The Amityville Horror 1979 2017-10-26 Amazon ($3.99 - $13.99) ✔️
Poltergeist 1982 2017-10-27 Amazon ($3.99 - $9.99) ✔️
When a Stranger Calls 1979 2017-10-28 Unknown ✔️
Krampus 2015 2017-10-29 Amazon ($9.99 - $12.99) ✔️
Night of the Living Dead 1968 2017-10-30 Shudder ✔️
Halloween 1978 2017-10-31 Amazon ($3.99 - $9.99) ✔️
Looks like Amazon will be taking my $$ all October.
Update: Removed Rosemary's Baby because Hulu removed it from their library. Replaced with Saw since I already owned it on Amazon.
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2017.06.08 13:14 feedreddit THROWDOWN THURSDAY: COMEY’s legacy day -- TRUMP leaves hole in schedule during hearing -- THE RNC’S TALKING POINTS and 'suggested tweets' for today’s big event -- SPOTTED at Trump Int’l hotel -- B’DAY: Barbara Bush

THROWDOWN THURSDAY: COMEY’s legacy day -- TRUMP leaves hole in schedule during hearing -- THE RNC’S TALKING POINTS and 'suggested tweets' for today’s big event -- SPOTTED at Trump Int’l hotel -- B’DAY: Barbara Bush
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
URL: http://ift.tt/2sGvpuR
Listen to the Playbook Audio Briefinghttp://bit.ly/2shUq2o ... Subscribe on iTuneshttp://apple.co/2eX6Eay ... Visit the online home of Playbookhttp://politi.co/2f51Jnf
Good Thursday morning. GET READY FOR THROWDOWN THURSDAY. James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intel Committee starts at 10 a.m. Today all the networks and all the cables will be live -- with a few of them offering up live streams for free online. And if James Comey’s much buzzed about statement is any indication of his savvy and willingness to dish, Trump will be more than tweeting today. He’ll be seething. Comey’s statementhttp://bit.ly/2rMG1bK
FOLLOW POLITICO’s two reporters in the hearing room (Hart 216) today: Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) and Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney).
THE PRESIDENT’S THURSDAY -- Trump speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to the Majority Conference at 12:15 p.m., and then will host governors and mayors at the White House for an infrastructure summit at 3:30.
-- NOTES: The president has nothing before his 12:15 speech. Some of the newsiest bits of the hearing will be at the top. THE PRESS BRIEFING TODAY is with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and it will be off camera. Speaker Paul Ryan is holding his weekly press conference at 11:30 a.m. today in the Capitol.
REMEMBER THIS -- Comey isn’t constrained by traditional political considerations. Today will shape his legacy. Our reporting tells us that members of Congress don’t expect him to accuse the president of a crime, but expect him to be extremely open about what transpired behind closed doors. We are told that he will, at times, go beyond what he wrote in his statement.
**SUBSCRIBE to Playbook:http://politi.co/2lQswbh
THE BIG PICTURE -- NYT, A18 -- “Comey’s Political Shrewdness Is on Display in Tussle With Trump,” by Peter Baker and Glenn Thrush: “The morning, at least, seemed to go reasonably well for President Trump. He announced a new F.B.I. director, and two intelligence chiefs told Congress the president had never pressured them to interfere in the investigation into Russian election meddling.
“And then James B. Comey … dropped the hammer. By authorizing the immediate release of the opening statement he plans to give in his much anticipated appearance before a congressional committee on Thursday, he instantly changed the conversation back to his assertion that the president tried to shut down part of the F.B.I. investigation.
“Mr. Trump may be relatively new to Washington, but Mr. Comey is not. A savvy veteran of the capital who has worked in high positions in multiple administrations, he has usually emerged on top in any internal power struggle. And in the month since his dismissal, Mr. Comey has shown why presidents are normally loath to fire F.B.I. directors.” http://nyti.ms/2sGpeXF
THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE sent an email at 9:56 p.m. last night to people around town with the subject line: “Talking Points and Digital Packet for Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing.” The first item under “top takeaway” is “President Trump feels completely and totally vindicated by Former FBI Director James Comey’s opening testimony and is eager to move forward.” It includes a “suggested tweets” section. The RNC talking pointshttp://politi.co/2sGgWPA … WSJ: RNC says they’ve dedicated 60 aides to the pushback effort. http://on.wsj.com/2s6pNx0
THE COUNTER ATTACK -- “West Wing aides fearful of directly attacking Comey: The White House has outsourced its counter-messaging effort during Comey’s testimony, as aides try to avoid more personal legal risk,” by Matt Nussbaum, Josh Dawsey, Darren Samuelsohn and Tara Palmeri: “‘It’s fair to say a storm is coming,’ one administration source said. ‘We’re boarding up the windows for the impending hurricane.’ ... The [RNC] is taking the lead in the response and has prepared a surrogate operation. ... Two former Trump White House officials — former deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh and former communications director Mike Dubke — are helping coordinate the effort. Press secretary Sean Spicer was at the RNC on Wednesday as preparations took place. ... For official comment, the White House has directed all questions to the office of Trump’s outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz.
“Kasowitz’s office, in turn, has directed inquiries to Emily Thall, the law firm’s director of business development and marketing. On Tuesday, Thall declined to comment in a brief conversation with POLITICO about Comey testimony. By Wednesday, inquiries to Thall were met with an automatic response: She would be out of the office on vacation until next week. By Wednesday night, Kasowitz’s firm had retained longtime political communications pro Mark Corallo to handle media inquiries.” http://politi.co/2rY3CYY
QUOTE OF THE DAY – From the quadruple-byline story: “White House aides are trying to keep Trump busy Thursday morning with meetings so he won’t watch TV and tweet during the hearing. ‘But if he wants to watch it, it’s not like we can say, ‘oh, the TV doesn’t work,’’ one official said.”
HOW IT’S PLAYING -- HUFFPOST banner, “COMEY BEFORE THE STORM” … DRUDGE as of 6 a.m., “MAY DAY” (about the UK election) … N.Y. POST, “‘I EXPECT LOYALTY’” http://nyp.st/2sGrBtM … N.Y. DAILY NEWS, “DON’S PLEA: COVERUP” http://nydn.us/2simZwi … EVEN TMZ IS IN ON THE ACTION -- They have videos of Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) (http://bit.ly/2qYQTBX) and Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) (http://bit.ly/2s7kyNv).
FUN READ -- “‘Must-See TV’: Free Drinks and Canceled Meetings for Comey’s Testimony,” by NYT’s Mike Grynbaum and Katie Rogers: “By the time details from Mr. Comey’s prepared remarks surfaced on Wednesday ... the hearing had leapt from Beltway curiosity to required viewing, a cliffhanger episode of the nation’s real-life reality show. … At Union Pub in Washington, a sports bar steps from the Hart Senate Office Building, bartenders plan to dole out a free round of Budweisers or bourbon shots every time Mr. Trump blasts out a tweet. For those wondering: No, there will not be a limit. ‘We’ll give out 20 rounds’ if the president tweets 20 times, Ashley Saunders, the bar’s general manager, said.” http://nyti.ms/2rXKSc3
THIS TOWN -- “White-collar lawyers see opportunity in Trump scandals,” by Darren Samuelsohn and Andrew Restuccia: “More than a dozen attorneys and crisis communications specialists have already started working for Trump associates touched by the unfolding Russia scandal, according to a POLITICO tally. People close to the probes say that number is only expected to grow as more than 20 other senior campaign aides and White House officials begin receiving subpoenas, grand jury summons and other requests from special counsel Robert Mueller as well as congressional committees.” http://politi.co/2qYR2Wa
ACROSS THE POND -- BRITISH ELECTION TODAY -- “Polls open in UK election after campaign marred by attacks,” by AP’s Danica Kirka in London: “Polling stations opened across Britain on Thursday for national elections, amid heightened security worries following a series of terror attacks in what one senior police official described as ‘unprecedented times.’ The public is being asked to be alert and to report concerns to police as voters choose 650 lawmakers for the House of Commons. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi acknowledged concerns about Thursday’s general election.” http://apne.ws/2qYLB9t
ANNIE KARNI:THE FIRST FAMILY -- “Melania Trump set to make her D.C. move next week: Staffers hope the first lady will be a stabilizing presence in a White House that's been consumed by scandal and infighting”: “With the school year over, first lady Melania Trump and the couple’s son Barron are expected to finally make their official move to Washington on June 14, according to people familiar with the planning. ... Over the past few weeks, the often stiff-in-her-role first lady has been spending more time in the White House, building out her East Wing staff, preparing the residence for the family and slowly increasing her schedule of public events. ... [T]he June 14 date is seen as a major marker on the White House calendar — when the first lady puts away the full matching set of Louis Vuitton luggage that she travels with and settles in for good.” With cameos by Sam Nunberg, Chris Ruddy and Anita McBridehttp://politi.co/2simMJL
-- US WEEKLY COVER:“IVANKA TAKES A STAND … WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD” (h/t Brian Stelter). Online header to the story: “How Ivanka Trump Influences Her Father Donald Trump” The coverhttp://bit.ly/2rYjUkz ... The storyhttp://usm.ag/2rYva0u
CAPITOL HILL WATCH -- “Trump ‘all in’ on Senate Obamacare repeal,” by Burgess Everett and Josh Dawsey: “At a meeting with congressional leaders on Tuesday, Trump urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to follow through on an aggressive timetable for repealing the law in order to quickly turn to tax reform and help avoid a calamitous autumn full of key fiscal deadlines, according to multiple sources familiar with the meeting.” http://politi.co/2rOpxzU
-- IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Senators don’t like being told by Trump, or really any president, about how to run the Senate. While Republican senators have been working their way through how to pass a health care bill, GOPers across the ideological spectrum have been pessimistic about legislation actually passing. But most insiders note: don’t count out Mitch McConnell.
-- SPOTTED LAST NIGHT AT TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin with Tom Barrack, Vincent DeVito, Brandon Clark, Andrew Giuliani, Corey Lewandowski, Nick Owens, Lynne Patton, Jason Osborne, Jerry Pierce and Tim Rupli.
-- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- MoveOn will formally call for impeachment proceedings this morning in anticipation of the Comey hearing.
-- SEN. AL FRANKEN’s book, “Al Franken, Giant of the Senate,” is No. 1 on the upcoming June 18 NYT non-fiction best-sellers list, while William McRaven’s “Make Your Bed,” is also number one on the on the “Advice, How-to and Miscellaneous” list. http://politi.co/2qYttNa
-- “McConnell groups backing Luther Strange to run $2.4M in ads starting next week,” by AL.com’s Howard Koplowitz in Birmingham, Alabama: “Two groups connected to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have bought a combined $2.4 million in ads buys blanketing Alabama television and radio stations with ads supporting Sen. Luther Strange.” http://bit.ly/2r8rTHR
-- THE NRCC reported another $545,541 in spending against Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th congressional district.
DRAIN THE SWAMP! -- “Trump White House lacks waivers for longtime lobbyists: Critics are questioning whether White House officials with broad portfolios can truly steer clear of conflicts of interest,” by Theo Meyer: “At least a half-dozen former lobbyists are working in President Donald Trump’s White House even though they haven’t received waivers from the administration’s ethics rules, raising questions about how much the rules do to prevent conflicts of interest. ...
“The Trump administration has granted exemptions from the rules for a handful of staffers, as President Barack Obama’s administration did. But at least six former lobbyists now working in the White House haven’t received such waivers, meaning they must recuse themselves internally from any issue where they have conflicts, according to the White House. ... Five of the lobbyists POLITICO identified who haven’t received waivers work in Pence’s office.” http://politi.co/2sicWYj
NEW TIME COVER -- “The Swamp Hotel: How Trump’s D.C. outpost became a dealmaker’s paradise for diplomats, lobbyists and insiders,” by Alex Altman: “[The hotel] is the new town square in Donald Trump’s Washington. Tourists perch on the blue velvet sofas in the lobby, snapping cell-phone pictures as power players stream across the dark marble floors and cream carpets: international businessmen, Republican operatives, wealthy donors, foreign diplomats, former Trump campaign aides, the occasional Administration official. That’s partly because a President who once promised to ‘drain the swamp’ of influence peddling now owns the city’s newest bog.” http://ti.me/2s72K5i ... See the coverhttp://bit.ly/2s5AkbA
HISTORY LESSON -- “The Greatest Hearings in American History: James Comey’s testimony joins the pantheon of dramatic congressional moments,” by Joshua Zeitz in POLITICO Magazine: “This isn’t the first – and it won’t be the last – time that congressional testimony captured the nation’s imagination. From the Army-McCarthy hearings of 1954 to the Iran Contra hearings in 1987, House and Senate committees have held ordinary citizens in rapt attention. ... Comey’s testimony is in this sense an absolutely American phenomenon.” http://politi.co/2rY5nFI
NICK SCHMIDLE in The New Yorker, “James Comey’s Intellectual History”: “Comey has told associates that he never tried to lure Trump into improprieties. ‘It wasn’t like Jim was going to the Mob boss, all wired up, trying to secretly extract a confession,’ one associate told me. Yet, in Comey’s view, Trump’s behavior toward him repeatedly crossed the line, making him ‘an obstructor.’ Based on Comey’s prepared remarks, his Senate testimony will lay the basis for this legal claim, without explicitly making the charge. His testimony is likely to be supremely assured. A senior intelligence official said of Comey, ‘He likes the stage. He takes politicians’ questions apart. He loves the fact that he’s smarter than them.’” http://bit.ly/2sGe9pz
RICH LOWRY, “Comey’s fizzle”: “The document has considerable entertainment value in its dead-pan account of a profound mismatch, a Washington buddy movie gone bad. It’s a tale of a bureaucratically agile and self-serving careerist matched against an institutionally ignorant and self-serving outsider. One is careful, memorializing every conversation and calculating his every more; the other is blundering around in the dark — and eventually blows the whole thing up.” http://politi.co/2rNXfFB
BEYOND THE BELTWAY -- “GOP candidate [Ashley Moody] for Florida Attorney general once sued Donald Trump in federal fraud case,” by Florida Playbooker Marc Caputo: http://politi.co/2rOO1Jn
THE INNOVATION ISSUE: In a month long Special Report, POLITICO’s The Agenda takes a deep look at the surprising new politics of innovation, and ideas for how to drive it in a new era. Check out a piece by Nancy Scola on how AOL founder Steve Case became the first call for lawmakers who want to bring innovation to the heartland (http://politi.co/2rOKFFW); a critical look by Arthur Allen at Challenge.gov, the federal government’s prize competition designed to spur innovation (http://politi.co/2sWpDom); and Kevin Kosar writes on the surprisingly innovative history of the U.S. Post Office (http://politi.co/2r4Xyij), which was long on the forefront of technology before turning into a lesson in what “not” to do. The full issuehttp://politi.co/2s70tqQ
MEDIAWATCH -- Greg “Gianforte to give $50,000 to press freedom group after assaulting reporter,” by Hadas Gold: “‘I write to express my sincere apology for my conduct on the evening of May 24. My physical response to your legitimate question was unprofessional, unacceptable, and unlawful,’ Gianforte (R-Mont.) wrote in a letter [to Ben Jacobs]. ‘As both a candidate for office and a public official, I should be held to a high standard in my interactions with the press and the public. My treatment of you did not meet that standard.’” http://politi.co/2r4iKVs ... The letterhttp://politi.co/2shUdMh
SPOTTED -- Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) at the U.S. Navy Memorial last night, celebrating the launch of a new book by Admiral James Stavridis (USN, ret.), “Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans”
REMEMBERING VIC GOLD – WaPo’s Matt Schudel: “Vic Gold, a high-powered and sometimes high-strung Republican political strategist who served as the press secretary for Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and who wrote books with a president and the wife of a vice president, died June 5 at a hospital in Alexandria, Va. He was 88. ... Short, intense and often irritable, he was once dubbed ‘the Mount Vesuvius of press secretaries’ for his outbursts, but he had a redeeming sense of humor and an appreciation of the theatricality of politics.” http://wapo.st/2rY5HUM
OUT AND ABOUT – The Competitive Enterprise Institute last night hosted their annual dinner, this time an Alice in Wonderland themed event titled “Through the Looking Glass” at the Marriott Marquis. Speakers included Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel. SPOTTED: Grover Norquist, Suhail Khan and Jana Plat, Tom Schatz, Fred Smith, Myron Ebell, Dwayne Carson, Francesca Chambers and Michael Moroney, and Byron Tau.
-- KENT KNUTSON, vice president of government relations for The Home Depot and board member of the Home Depot Foundation, celebrated his 50th birthday at Hotel Monaco’s Dirty Habit Wednesday night with friends and family, the Washington retail community and Members of Congress. SPOTTED: Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and Jim Risch (R-Idaho), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Reps. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), Richard Hudson (R-N.C.), Adrian Smith (R-Neb.) and Bill Flores (R-Texas).
--CNN’s DANA BASH last night kicked off “Badass Women of Washington” at Fig & Olive with a panel with five of the seven women profiled in the series: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, Army Surgeon General Nadja West, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.). All five panelists discussed what their views about the series and answered the question, “can a woman have it all?” http://cnn.it/2sFNZmV … Picshttp://bit.ly/2rPpNhR ... http://bit.ly/2r50ScX ... http://bit.ly/2qZj4AM
SPOTTED: Virginia Moseley, Heather Podesta, Kellyanne Conway, Gloria Borger, Ana Navarro, Hilary Rosen, Bill Press, Nia Malika Henderson, Michael LaRosa, Lauren Pratapas, Kate Bennett, Nikki Schwab, Alexandra De Luca, Matt Dornic, Zeke Miller, Christina Ruffini, Francesca Chambers, Lauren Culbertson, Ashley Killough, Meredith Balenske, Dannia Hakki, Christine Delargy, Artur Orkisz, Marissa Mitrovich, Meredith Artley, Rachel Smolkin, Hadas Gold, Mitchell Rivard, Johanna Persing, Ryan Mahoney, Richard Hudock, Tara Palmeri, Michelle Jaconi.
-- After 8 years with Sen. Tom Udall (D-Colo.), friends and colleagues yesterday toasted Kevin Cummins’ move to the Professional Services Council at Romeo & Juliet Cafe on Capitol Hill. SPOTTED: Frannie Wellings, Joe Trahern, Kara Van Stralen, Scarlet Doyle, David Grossman, Michele Ash, Tom Manatos, Melika Carroll, Sunmin Kim, Lee Friedman, Dana Gray, Harry Anastopulos, Cort Bush and Joey Wender.
NEW HAMPSHIRE CELEBRATION in D.C. -- POOL REPORT from Haley Dorgan: “Last night, the Senate got a taste of New Hampshire. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) welcomed her colleagues to eat and drink New Hampshire’s finest products and get a taste of the Granite State’s cultural and tourism opportunities. Sens. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Reps. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.) and Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) were greeted by Kodak the Bear and Max the Moose at the Kennedy Caucus Room. Some of the most popular items? Smuttynose beer, Cider Bellies Doughnuts, Creamy New England Fish Chowdah from the New Hampshire Food Bank, and Granite State Tea Cakes made by culinary students from the New Hampshire Job Corps.” Other attendees included Ryan Williams, Byron Tao, Cate Martel, William Shaheen, and Jeff Rose.
SPOTTED yesterday evening at the U.S.-Colombia Business Partnership farewell cocktail party held on the ConocoPhillips rooftop for Ambassador of Colombia to the U.S. Juan Carlos Pinzon: Bill Burlew, Reps. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), Francis Rooney (R-Fla.), Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Andrew Lundquist, Brian Donahue, Wes Battle and Josh Corless.
ENGAGED --Brian Parnitzke, director of turnout and targeting at the RNC, proposed this past weekend to Kate Karnes, chief of staff in the office of digital strategy at the White House and a former Romney 2012 staffer and RNC alum. The two met in 2013 when they were working on separate campaigns for lieutenant governor of Virginia. Brian popped the question on Folly Beach outside of Charleston, South Carolina, where he first told Kate he loved her. Pichttp://politi.co/2siczgf
TRANSITIONS – OBAMA ALUMNI -- Todd Breasseale, former Army Lt. Col. and spokesman at the DoD who became a DHS assistant secretary for public affairs during Secretary Jeh Johnson’s last two years in office, is now helping manage Facebook news feed communications. He reports to McCain ’08 alum Tucker Bounds. ... Christian Marrone has been promoted to SVP and chief of staff for IT firm CSRA. He joined CSRA in January 2016 after serving as chief of staff at DHS.
... Mattie Duppler is joining the National Taxpayers Union as a senior fellow of fiscal policy. He previously served as the coalitions director to the House Republican Conference and is an alum of Americans for Tax Reform. ... Greenberg Quinlan Rosner has hired Lindsey Reynolds as its new COO. She joins GQR this month after 10 years with the DNC, where she served as both COO and director of the office of the secretary.
... Shana Glenzer has started as chief marketing officer at Crowdskout, a data management startup based in D.C. She previously was the CMO of MakeOffices, an Arlington-based co-working space. http://bit.ly/2rEfzm7… End Citizens United has hired Matt Burgess as EVP. He previously was the senior political strategist at Planned Parenthood during the 2016 cycle. ... Clinton Blair is joining the Organization for International Investment as VP of public policy and government affairs. He previously was at Jaguar Land Rover North America.
SUNDAY SO FAR – “Fox News Sunday”: Panel: Karl Rove, Donna Edwards, Newt Gingrich, Charles Lane
FORMER REP. GABBY GIFFORDS (D-ARIZ.), whose birthday it is today, is headed to Galveston, Texas, where she will help the Navy commission the U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords. It’s the first Navy warship to be named after a living woman since Martha Washington. She learned that the ship would be named in her honor the same day she resigned from Congress in 2012. Hillary Clinton, Joe and Jill Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Olivia Munn, Jon Bon Jovi, Katie Couric, Sully Sullenberger and Thad Allen are all expected to attend. https://usat.ly/2r4lguY
BIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Wendy Sherman, senior counselor at Albright Stonebridge Group
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Russ Schriefer, partner at Strategic Partners & Media. How he’s celebrating: “I’m in London with my wife Nina Easton who is chairing the Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit next week. Our daughter Ellie and I are just tagging along.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A:http://politi.co/2rPcrSJ
BIRTHDAYS: Jonathan Collegio is 41 ... former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) is 47 (h/ts Hilary Rosen and Katie Peters) ... Paul Winfree, deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and the pride of Williamsburg, Va. ... Jim Cicconi (h/t Hilary) ... Barbara Bush is 92 ... Eric Kuhn, CMO of Layer3 TV and a former DC resident who worked for CNN, is 3-0, celebrating at Lincoln Center in NYC (h/ts Maha Hakki and Susanna Quinn) ... Cory Fritz, a Boehner alum now deputy staff director for comms. at House Foreign Affairs, is 32 ... Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) is 64 ... Politico’s Laura Hayes and Sarah Hashemi ... Patrick Garrigan, Politico alum now events guru for The Atlantic ... “Meet The Press” associate producer Justin Peligri (h/t Olivia Petersen) ... Tim Grieve, VP for news at McClatchy (h/t John Harris) … Roger Hickey, co-director of Campaign for America’s Future ... Kelsey Harkness of the Daily Signal ... Mary Palmer is 31 ... J.J. Simmons V ... Ashley Baia of 270 Strategies ... Karen Robinson (h/t Jon Haber) ... USDA’s Allie Ryan ... Matt Whitlock ... Davis White … The Federalist’s Bre Payton ... J.D. Dalfonson, comms director for Rep. Darin LaHood ... John Sandy, COS for Sen. Jim Risch ... Bale Dalton, pride of Orlando and HSC85 U.S. Navy, is 30-something “and more handsome than ever” (h/t Christian Hertenstein) … Uber flack Matt Wing …
... Dasha Zhukova, friend of Ivanka and Jared, art collector and editor, married to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, is 36 (h/t Jewish Insider) ... Emily Pomeranz, the special events and major gifts maestro at NARAL (h/t James Owens) ... Hannah Yoest, assistant literary editor at Weekly Standard ... Erin Gorman, cookie baking aficionado currently at the Environmental Defense Fund, formerly “Mother Duckling” of the O’Malley campaign, and a campaign/DGA vet several times over, is 3-0. She will be feted by friends and family all weekend long in Baltimore (h/ts Matt Corridoni and Daniel Ensign) ... Chris Good … Cathie Ericson … Denton’s Alex McGee, the pride of Atlanta (h/t Ed Cash) ... Lale Mamaux, CoS to Rep. Alcee Hastings ... Jordana Cepelewicz ... Kris Coratti, VP of comms and events at WaPo … Avery Brooks, senior associate at Global Infrastructure Partners ... Ben Case is 25 ... Obama WH alum Keith Maley, also an ardent Red Sox fan and birdwatcher … Brian Hardwick ... Michael Shmagin (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Ann Belser ... Nancy Baile, public affairs and comms. manager at Coca-Cola ... Rosie Lineham ... Jane Hampton Cook ... Tom Davidson is 46 ... Barry Lando ... Lila Young White ... actor-comedian Jerry Stiller is 9-0 ... Nancy Sinatra is 77 ... “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is 6-0 ... Julianna Margulies, a loyal Playbooker, is 5-0 ... Kanye West is 4-0 ... Maria Menounos is 39 ... tennis player Kim Clijsters is 34 (h/ts AP)
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2014.12.28 23:32 SpottyRasang My Top 15 Television Performances of 2014

Honorable mentions: Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi for “Person of Interest”, Manu Bennett for “Arrow”, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for “Veep”, Andre Braugher for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, Julianna Margulies for “The Good Wife”, Samira Wiley for “Orange Is the New Black”, Louis CK for “Louie”, Pedro Pascal for “Game of Thrones”, All four “The Affair” folks
15. Clive Owen, “The Knick”
I’m not as big a fan of the show as many others are, but there’s no doubt that without Owen’s wonderful performance, the show would be missing something essential. As Dr. John Thackery, Owen gave one of the best portrayals of addiction and withdrawal that I’ve ever seen on television.
14. Lizzy Caplan, “Masters of Sex”
In season 2, Virginia Johnson once again struggled to balance her work life and personal life, and the internal conflict threatened to tear her apart. It all culminated in the season finale, which featured a heartbreaking and impeccable performance by Caplan.
Shout out: Michael Sheen
13. Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”
Jon Hamm better win that Emmy next year. He’s been consistently giving us incredible moments as Don Draper, and season 7a was no different. From Don’s relationship with Sally in “A Day’s Work” to his slow dance with Peggy in “The Strategy”, Hamm once again proved that he’s one of the best actors on TV.
12. Noel Fisher, “Shameless”
Normally, I’d be singling out Emmy Rossum or Jeremy Allen White, but Noel Fisher was one of TV’s dark horses this year. In season four–the show’s best to date–Mickey finally came out, and he did so in a sad, yet rousing, fashion. That was due largely in part to Fisher.
Shout out: Emmy Rossum
11. Allison Tolman, “Fargo”
Tolman’s performance was my favorite in a show filled with great performances. Although she could’ve used a better payoff than she got, Tolman was excellent as Deputy Molly Solverson, crafting an endearing character of her own…even if at first, it seemed as if she would just be a follow up to Marge Gunderson.
Shout out: Billy Bob Thornton
10. Aya Cash, “You’re the Worst”
I’m not sure if I can think of many TV characters who are more fun to watch than Gretchen. Aya Cash was one of TV’s best surprises this year, and whether she was making you laugh or cringe or even tear up–see “Finish Your Milk”–she was giving an insanely good comedic performance. The energy she brought was infectious, and she was endearing from the start.
9. Andrew Daly, “Review”
Daly’s performance as Forrest MacNeil anchored one of the funniest and most unique shows on TV, and while he’s certainly a fantastic comedic actor, he was even better when Forrest wasn’t in a great place. He brought pathos to a role that we weren’t expecting much of at first, and the show was amazing as a result. Daly’s performance? 5 stars.
8. Matthew Rhys, “The Americans”
Philip Jennings was an incredibly compelling character in season 2, and as much as he might’ve seemed like a cool, loving dad, Rhys also found a darker side and portrayed it with aplomb. Philip could be terrifying to watch at times, and his scene with Pastor Tim in “Martial Eagle” ranks among the best of the year.
Shout out: Keri Russell
7. Tatiana Maslany, “Orphan Black”
Maslany was as good as ever this past year, and if it’s not clear by now, this woman is talented as hell. The Helena-Sarah scene in the shower–no, not like that–was one of her finest acting moments thus far, and that’s saying something. Also, clone dance party.
6. Carrie Coon, “The Leftovers”
Between this and her role in Gone Girl, Carrie Coon has had a stellar year. As Nora Durst in The Leftovers, she took us on a fascinating journey through an intriguing character, and her showcase episode, “Guest”, is pretty much an Emmy highlight reel in one hour.
Shout out: Christopher Eccleston
5. Jeffrey Tambor, “Transparent”
Tambor will always have a special place in my heart due to Arrested Development, but his role as Maura in Transparent highlights a very different side of his acting ability. We saw the pain and frustration in every facet of Maura’s being, and her attempts to connect to her family made for a very moving and beautiful show.
4. Mads Mikkelsen, “Hannibal”
As Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Mikkelsen is refined, affecting, brutal, scary, and sad. He was endlessly watchable this season, and every time he was on screen, he commanded the room; whether he was simply sitting there or whether he was completely unleashed, Mikkelsen was phenomenal.
Shout out: Hugh Dancy
3. Eva Green, “Penny Dreadful”
The show was already great, and Eva Green was even better. She set a whole new benchmark for horror performances this year, and her high points came during scenes that, in horror movies, are normally more silly than scary: possessions.
2. Aden Young, “Rectify”
The whole cast was perfect this year, but Aden Young’s performance still found a way to stand out. Daniel Holden had to deal with a town that was out to get him and a past that haunted him, and his journey so far has been one of the most gripping and poignant on television. Special kudos to Young for his work in “Donald the Normal” and “Unhinged”.
Shout out: Abigail Spencer
1. Matthew McConaughey, “True Detective”
Rust Cohle was fascinating from the very first scene, and McConaughey continued his streak of excellence with a compelling eight episodes of badassery, enigmatic monologues, and, at the end, moving catharsis. It was an eye-opening, award-worthy performance that will be tough to live up to in season two. Time is a flat circle, ladies and gents.
Actual post here:
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2014.10.31 18:06 tabledresser [Table] I am actress Lin Shaye. You might know me from Insidious, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or my latest film Ouija - as well as There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, or many more. AMA!

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Date: 2014-10-31
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Questions Answers
I really enjoyed "Snakes on a Plane". Can you tell me about working on that one? Yes! Sam Jackson is also a NATIONAL TREASURE, haha! He is funny, smart, prepared, bigger than life, gentle, kind... supportive, one of the BEST people I've worked with ever. LOVES his work, which is evident in everything he does. This was also a New Line Project, so I am not embarrassed to say that some of my wonderful opportunities have come through family connection, I guess you might say! But I always had to audition, and that made me always feel better - I mean nobody ever handed me stuff, I always do my best and did my best.
So this was a New Line project also, and we shot it in Vancouver. The exciting part was the snakes. They had a snake room, actually, where they kept the real snakes, and the room smelled like something I'd never smelled before - I can't explain it. It wasn't a good smell, but it was such a FOREIGN smell - you wouldn't know what it was. It didn't really smell dead, but it didn't really smell alive either.
And it was cages of some of the snakes in the film - some of the snakes were CGI, but there was one giant python named "Kitty." And she was about 20 years old, yellows and browns and blacks, and she must have been 18 feet long. It took 12 people to hold her. And she was - and we had a wonderful wrangler, his name is Jules Sylvester, and he is still considered one of the top herpetologists - he is from Australia and is one of the top snake handlers in the world. And Kitty was, I guess, his? I think she belonged to him. And he was the one who handled all the live snakes. And he did take me one day into the snake room, which is where I had that wonderful experience with the smell, and he asked me if I wanted to feed the snakes, hahaah!
So I was worried what that meant, haha! But he had frozen rats, that were already dead (obviously), and we would put them on the end of forceps - they were pretty much defrosted - and we would have to sort of taunt the snake with it, like sort of move it around and pretend it was alive for the second, I know, it was weird, and the snake would grab it off the forceps and swallow it down. So THAT was quite an experience. And it was a really fun shoot. And actually, Julianna Margulies was in that as well, so that was how I got to know her!
So it was a great cast, her and Sam Jackson, and again, he is one of the most generous actors. And we had a wonderful director named David Ellis who directed it, who since passed away. He was a young guy, had been a stuntman, he directed the first FINAL DESTINATION, wonderful director and great guy. So it was a wonderful experience all the way around - and snakes, what could be better!
Hi Lin. What TV show (or movie series), would you love to appear in the most? Oh! Right now, I am a big fan of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. It's a really chilling, extremely well-done piece of work, totally unnerving. The acting is spectacular from every single person in it. And that is very appealing to me, to work with wonderful actors, a wonderful story, and a wonderful director. So those are still the elements that appeal to me, whether it be TV or on a big screen. Television is a little bit different, because it's changing now a bit, but doing series TV is very very very difficult. I remember i worked with Julianna Margulies, who is a wonderful actress. She did a series called "ER" for YEARS. And I remember her describing to me how hard it was, they work 15 hour days all week long, and then come home and have a day or two to learn the next episode.
She said it was very very difficult and she came out like a champion on it, I always thought she was one of the best things about the show.
And it's changed a bit now, with the formats of Netflix and DirecTV, I actually just did my first series ever for DirecTV called "Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight."
And we had 12 days to shoot ten 30-page episodes. So instead of doing one episode a week, we did the entire season in 12 days, which was really hard. And they seem excited about it, so that's good, but I'm kind of all over the place with my answer. So in terms of TV in general, with things like AMERICAN HORROR STORY, they shoot all those episodes at one time, so you don't sign a contract for 5-7 years anymore for these shows, I believe, and that's also a bit of a deterrent for me from television, because I don't want to play the same character for 5-7 years. I prefer lots of different kinds of characters and experiences, although people that have done those shows say it creates a family that is undeniable. I mean they are really close and forever part of each other's lives, I think.
So there are pros and cons to everything, I think. I prefer film because I like immersing myself TOTALLY for that period of time in that character, and then move on to something new.
Hi Lin! I guess my question is... what scares you the most? If there was a horror movie written just to scare you, what would it be? I think I'm most scared by things emotionally and mentally. I'm not so much scared of horror or ghosts, I've made my peace with ghosts, I guess you could say, Haha! I actually feel I have, I'm very accepting of the spiritual world and definitely think it exists.
One of the scariest movies I remember seeing was a movie called "Repulsion" by Roman Polanski. It was with Catherine Deneuve, who was one of the most beautiful French actresses who ever lived, and it's a psychological horror film, and I always - I used to, I couldn't tell you exactly what the theme is even, or what the story is about, but it left an imprint on me on some level that still exists.
I also thought Glenn Close, a wonderful movie with her and Michael Douglass, FATAL ATTRACTION, I thought that was a brilliant modern horror film. "Repulsion" is from the 1950s. And i gotta say that Insidious was a wonderful horror film in its own way, because it had heart. And I think also, people are scared by different types of things, and even a movie like "Ouija," our film, has sort of classic images that - I think images become classic when it's clear that generally all people are frightened by them - like feet hanging from something, you see something hanging you know it's not good at the top! I think there are classic photographic images that scare people.
And I think we all have our own private fears, which then we superimpose on what we see. And so for me, I'm never sure what those things are until they have impacted me, so I couldn't list you what scares me as much as what sort of lingers in your unconscious almost. It's not always conscious what scares you. I think the things that truly scare you are unconscious.
And we often don't know what scares us until it's already lingering...
Hi Lin! I absolutely loved your work in Insidious. What was it like getting into the headspace of her character? Were you shocked when you found out her fate at the end of Part 1? What was it like working with James Wan? I'd love to see you in The Conjuring 2! Hmm, hahaha! that's a lot of questions.
I loved working on the Insidious project, and it was mostly James that attracted me to the project to begin with. I met him through a mutual friend, and he asked me if I was interested in reading a script and I said "Sure" and when I read the first Insidious, I made the mistake of reading it late at night, haha ! in my bed! And I literally - after I put the script down, I took it downstairs and locked it in a closet, hahaha!
Well, Elise is a - we really did develop her obvious in the first one. She's a calm, ordinary woman who loves people, loves her life, but has this ability, which can sometimes even frighten her, as we see later in the franchise as well. It was wonderful to find the light moments for her as well - I remember the opening of the first one, this was an idea that I came up with that James really liked, where I was at the front door of the Lambert house, and I remember I rang the doorbell and then knocked also, and then when Patrick opened the door, I remember saying I wasn't sure if the doorbell worked or not, which is kind of a great moment for a psychic who's supposed to know everything! But she only knows the IMPORTANT things. She probably can't ever find her purse, I'm imagining. She's that person who is tuned into the otherworld in such a strong way that sometimes the real world gets by her. And they were just lots of fun to make, because the people involved have been just wonderful. James and Leigh (who now just directed the 3rd one we just did) are just top, top top people in every way. They are kind, smart, funny, ambitious, they are ruthless in terms of the work and gentlemen in terms of the people and how they live their life. They are two of the best people I know and I adore them both.
What was it like working on A Nightmare on Elm Street and Dumb And Dumber? A Nightmare on Elm Street was a wonderful experience. I was working with Wes Craven, and I knew it was a fairly small role, and what some people may not know is that the film was produced by my brother's film company, which was New Line Cinema. And I came in as Bobby's little sister. And hit it off wonderfully with Wes, and the payoff for me is how successful the film was, and how many people remember my role in it. It was an early, wonderful experience in filmmaking for me.
Dumb and Dumber was... awesome! I started out, let's see, let me think for a second. I met the Farrellys when we did Kingpin, and that's a VERY Long story. I mean, Kingpin I was supposed to have an audition, they never called me in for it, I called the production offices and begged them for an audition, and they knew me a little bit, but it was not - they didn't thinK I was right for the role. And i came in dressed as Mrs. Dumars, and I guess blew them away, and got the job. And it was from Kingpin that then I had the opportunity to move onto Something About Mary, but actually Dumb And Dumber was FIRST! And... let me think for a second... also! because it was a New Line Cinema project. And I got set up for an audition, and didn't even know it had to do with my brother's company until I got the job. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that come your way - the clue is when opportunity knocks at your door, open the door and walk through! It's a good lesson, hahaha. Don't go "Oh, I don't know who called me and who are they and I don't know if I should do it..." people set up all these rules for not doing things sometimes. I say "always remove your own blockades when opportunity comes your way."
Who were your immediate contemporaries in the 80s? Were there actors you would be up for the same parts against, or see at the same auditions all the time? Actually, Mindy Sterling and I used to see each other a lot at auditions. She's a wonderful actress, she made her mark in the AUSTIN POWERS films, and sometimes you wonder, because we are very different, but we will do character actors versus leading lady actors - I still don't really know what that all means, I think acting is acting - I think it's the leading lady who is always pretty and then there's us. But in many ways I've learned to embrace my anonymous looks, I guess they transform very easily, and I can disappear into different roles - because that's why I like acting! And someone like a beautiful Charlize Theron, who had to go do a role like MONSTER to gain 35 pounds and put fake teeth in to show people she could act - I never had that problem! So in kind of a way, it's a blessing in disguise to be able to be disguised and disguise yourself. And with other actresses who are classified as character actors, we each have our own individual stamp - our insides are what come out on the outside, eventually.
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