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A MAN who assaulted his partner twice within a week already had a conviction on his record for assaulting the same victim. Blackburn magistrates heard on one occasion Lucas Jack Botterill threw a punch at his partner while she was stood with his mother and on another threw a fork at her causing an injury to her shoulder.. Botterill, 29, of Selous Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two charges ... Lancashire News The newsletter and the app are the best way to reader the content on the site Outpouring of love to missing Rossendale pupil after search ends in tragedy Rossendale 'There are no words to express how painful it was to hear this awful news, Matt was an absolute treasure and he’ll be dearly dearly missed.' By joining Visit Lancashire today, you are joining a network of like-minded leisure and tourism businesses and will quickly start to see the benefits of a collaborative approach to your marketing. See the features of a Visit Lancashire Partnership here. Click here to become a Partner Visit Lancashire is the official tourism brand for Lancashire and is managed by Marketing Lancashire. If you want to grow your business, then a Visit Lancashire Partnership is for you. We have three different package options to suit all businesses. Find out more online today! Virtual Partner’s Meeting. 13th October 2020 Online (link will be circulated to registered delegates ... have been doing to continue to lobby for further support for the industry as well as our promotional activity to keep Lancashire front of mind for visitors to enjoy Lancashire safely including the Redefining Lancashire campaign and ... Lancashire County Council website. ... The latest news and information from the council, straight to your inbox, every month. A MAN who attacked his ex-girlfriend on several occasions bit her face leaving marks on her nose and lips, a court was told. Thomas Dooley’s attitude towards women and his offending is so bad ... One of the priorities for the SEND Partnership was to review Lancashire's SEND local offer, which is the information, advice, support and services available across Lancashire, for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.. Following an extensive review, work has been carried out over the last six months to revise the local offer website, which provides a ... HR Business Partner Salary: Up to £25,654.62 per annum depending on experience Closing Date: Sunday 20th September Interview Date: TBC. Nelson and Colne College Group is a beacon for educational excellence, made up of a family of colleges – Nelson & Colne College, Lancashire Adult Learning & Accrington & Rossendale College. A MAN sprayed kitchen cleaning fluid towards his partner's eyes and then bit her on the cheek. Blackburn magistrates heard a week later Derek McGovern attacked his partner again, punching her and calling her abusive names.. McGovern, 42, of St Peter Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault.

24/27 [MM4F] #UK - Two males looking for female

2020.09.01 00:35 Tommyshine 24/27 [MM4F] #UK - Two males looking for female

Hi, we're an existing couple consisting of two males. We have been together for a long while now and we're thinking of adding to our relationship. We're both Bi and have been feeling like something's missing.
This is not a purely sexual thing! We are looking for a potential new long-term female partner and thought we'd give this a try.
We live in the UK, Lancashire. We both work full-time, both drive and are homeowners.
Please feel free to message us if your interested or just want to know more!
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2020.07.29 17:05 translator-BOT [META] Weekly "Unknown" Identification Thread — 2020-07-29, Week 30

Here are the posts from the last week still marked as "Unknown." Please help identify them if you can!
Date Title Author
2020-07-29 [unknown > english] recently I bought a bunch of buttons and I’m curious about what this one says. u/Batur0000
2020-07-29 [unknown>english] I've had this for a very long time now and i still haven't figured out what it means can someone translate it? u/darkspeed002
2020-07-28 Unknown>English. Symbols on a structure in Lancashire. u/JaxPearce123
2020-07-28 [Unknown > English] u/Aurum_arc
2020-07-27 [Unknown > English] Baba Yaga u/tempgoogleconfuser
2020-07-27 [Unknown > English] Please help to translate strange script on token u/erwinbuk
2020-07-26 [Unknown>English] Can anyone tell me what this says? u/etoilefemme
2020-07-25 Unknown > English. Was written on an envelope my partner recieved in work. u/sax0n1
2020-07-25 Unknown > English, I wonder what this says. u/nor007
2020-07-25 [Unknown > English] anybody knows what is this language ? thank you u/Sahnaya
2020-07-25 (??? > English) Picked up radio signal in recording studio of unknown langage. u/Dragoneon149
2020-07-25 [unknown > English] I think this is hindi but i cant seem to match any characters. Help? u/Masterseth1998
2020-07-24 [Unknown > English] Is anybody able to tell me what those say please? u/Leontajnie
2020-07-24 [ Unknown > English ] what's written on this tshirt? u/tax_season
2020-07-24 (????>English) old family letter. German jews, but I don’t speak German and don’t know what language it is. I don’t even know if it’s upside down or not. Please help u/Lazo505
2020-07-23 [unknown -> english] someone gave me these plant seeds. Could anyone help translate the packages so I know what they are? Thank you!! u/ItsAChainReactionWOO
2020-07-23 [Unknown>English] Does anyone know what language this is? u/zwlibow
2020-07-23 Unknown to english) i saw this in a game and I wonder if it actually means something u/sanstheskelatonn
2020-07-23 [Unknown > English] does anyone know what the language written in black is? u/_EM_JAY_
2020-07-23 [Unknown > English] can anyone help me recognizing with this one? u/_EM_JAY_
2020-07-23 [Unknown > English] does anybody know which language is this? u/_EM_JAY_
2020-07-23 [unknown > english] T-shirt i wore my vacation in Greece u/wesdebaas
2020-07-22 [Unknown > English] Armand Amar - "The Storm" from HUMAN u/anh1tran
Please make any identifications on the individual request pages.
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2020.06.23 00:47 BigfootDogmanReports Dogs Scared by Mystery Creature & The Forest was Watching me.

Cantern Brook Woods Grey Hairy Thing 1980's - Witness: D. B - I was contacted by a witness from the Cantern Brook area of Shropshire, who lived there as a small child, he explained "as children, we would all play in the woods close to home and on a number of occasions my friends (at least 5 that I can recall) were frightened away while cutting and collecting wood to build dens or ramps, each of my friends described the same “creature.” “A huge grey figure” appeared and chased them screaming to the edge of the woods and stood watching them from the edge of the trees.”
They are very old woods with the remains of a Saxon mill and large Oak trees, the stream is some 20 m down a steep drop. No children will play down there anymore due to local tales like this. To this day locals report this wood as being haunted due to the Howls and Wails that are heard here and dogs don't seem to like this area at all. One local has had his dog spooked on a number of occasions when visiting the woodlands and has taped strange howls and calls on several consecutive January's for a number of years.
Dogs as we know are good indicators we are not alone, they seem able to see and sense creatures, spirits and energy and are far more attuned to their surrounding than most humans, as one such dog walker found out at Bowden Hill Chippenham - A lady out walking with her teenage Children and their dog on Bowden Hill experienced a strange feeling which left them feeling very 'uneasy'
The dog which is a Staffy ran away which is very unusual for this breed. Whilst in the area a strange grunt was also heard. The lady is a regular outdoors women and can identify most of our common wildlife, but she could not identify the grunt or what animal would have made the noise.
On another occasion a young man and his girlfriend were startled by a deer running out in front of them as something they couldn't see chased it, they did however hear a strange animal noise they could not identify. This pattern is repeated all across the UK, a feeling of being watched, the dog acting strange, upset or unnerved. And a strange grunt or snarl that can not be identified. I know of reports in Norfolk, Lancashire, Surrey, Sussex, and many areas of Scotland, Ireland and Wales where the same reports are made. If its not dog walkers experiencing strange creatures, then its drivers who see something by the side or crossing the road.
Tall Lanky Figure Runs Across The Road In front of Motorist. - My colleague and I were working nights and driving from Milford to Haverfordwest. It was about 2 am and we were just approaching Johnston. As we did I saw a very tall lanky dark figure run straight across the road into the hedge! We stopped and got torches etc but there was no where it could have gone. It literally disappeared into the hedge. Some paramedics then stopped and told us about the road being haunted. The figure had long arms and legs and ran very quickly.
Dark Grey Humanoid. A creepy experience on the A 556. Summer 2020 - I’m not too sure if this is the right place to report this to but here goes anyway. I was driving home at roughly 3 am. I was driving on a British A-Road which is in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by forest. I pretty much know this road like the back of my hand as I’ve been driving back and forth (mostly at night) for a long time. There are street lights but they’re quite dim and don’t do a great job of lighting up the road ahead. Now as a bit of background I’m generally a calm driver, I don’t know why as I’m quite frantic in real life but when I’m behind the wheel nothing seems to phase me at all. But the other night I’m pretty sure I nearly had a heart attack.
So I was driving along the road as per usual on my way back home. The only way to describe this is to say that about 150 yards ahead of my car, out of the woods, this humanoid creature bolted into the road. It was a light grey colour and hunched over on all fours but it could easily be about 8/9ft tall stood up right. This thing bolted into the road at an unnatural speed and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the road. Now there are four lanes for traffic and no central reservation so it was a straight sprint across the road for this thing.
I tried to rationalise this as a bird but I just knew for a fact that it wasn’t. Like I said before I’m a very calm driver but as soon as I saw this “thing” I had instantly turned freezing cold and started sweating, almost on the verge of crying. I don’t know what my rationalisation was but some part of me wanted to slam on my breaks out of panic, to take a breath, but I just put my foot down and drove way too fast to get away from what I just saw. I don’t necessarily know if it’s relevant but I remember looking at the clock and it was dead on 03:00am. This report is in the line of reports that run from Sherwood Forest, through the Delamere Forest and up to Ellesmere Port.
Red Eyes on the A331. Dec 2019 - I want to report a potential strange sighting in a small nature reserve in Mytchett, Hampshire. The sighting happened about a month ago when I was driving back from a friends late at night. I had just turned off the A331 at Mytchett and had gone over the bridge and I was approaching a small nature reserve on my left when all of the sudden, I saw two red eye's or what looked like red eye's in the darkness.
As I got closer to the eye's, I initially thought they could be a cars rear lights but as I passed, I saw no cars travelling up a small track into the reserve. This naturally creeped me out. As I passed where the red eye's were, I lost sight of them and saw nothing but darkness in the reserve. I didn't see a figure or a car so I'm not quite sure what I saw but it was very creepy. They could have been someone walking with a red torch but who walks around with a red torch light at night? I am certain I saw two red eye's in the darkness or what looked like red eye's.
Could it of been a black dog sighting or something supernatural? Or something else such as a car driving up the track even though there was no sign of a car in the reserve. Whilst this sighting could be nothing, I thought that I'd report it to you as I found it creepy and rather interesting as I have no explanation for what I saw. This witness is one of many, hundreds of people report strange eyeshine, red, blue, white, orange and yellow. Eyes at 8ft high, or on the edge of cliffs, peaking from the hedgerows as you drive by, some sadly see them at home. What they are or what they want is not something Im sure of, some hide quickly when spotted, other stalk and follow.
A Large Ape like Man - A report from around the the Loch Awe area came in that happened further south in the hills between Inveraray and Loch awe . A forestry worker reported seeing a large Ape like Man watching them with interest as they worked, The figure was around 400 metres up hill. The workers of course were very confused by this and when a fellow worker put his trucks full beams toward the 'Wild' looking man, It ran up the hill very fast and went into the thick trees of the woodland.
Loch Earn has a very strange report - Roar like a Lion - Hi Deborah this subject has never really caught my attention until about 8 years ago. My experience happened while I was fishing and camping with 6 friends on the South shore of Loch Earn, Scotland. It was a beautiful night and we had set up a good camp, we were enjoying the beer and the guitar. I was showing one of my friends how to tie a fishing knot, when from the other side of the Loch we heard what I can only describe as "a roar like a lion bellowing" We were the only ones to hear it, my friend and I could only look at each other in total disbelief with WTF written all over our very pale faces. We have been there at least 50 times and nothing remotely like this has happened again?
Red eyes in the night. Barnstaple - sighting of a Red Eyed Creature that was reported in January 2010. - It was back in January 2010 in an area called Barnstable of the South West Coast. It was approx 5:30 am so still dark. I was driving heading north on the A39 from Camelford to Barnstaple. That particular day my partner was also in the car along with me, as he had an early appointment in the same town.There were no street lights down that road, & no houses around, so it could be pretty eerie there at the best of times. But this particular day, heading towards us on the other side of the road, was what looked like a set of red glowing eyes, they were moving as if they were on a dog that was walking fast, a dog heading in our direction if that makes sense, but there was no body or anything there, it was just these red eyes, then they just disappeared. I thought I must have been seeing things as I was tired, but it spooked me, so I sped up a bit! It was at that point my partner said "did you see that then?" I just said "yep, don't talk about it" & I drove as fast as I could away from the area! In hindsight we should have talked about it later, but it was so scary I really just wanted to forget about it.
The Forest Was Watching Me- My experience happened in the Scottish Highlands a number of years ago now. As I said in the message, I didn't actually see anything I just had a feeling of being watched constantly and a nagging urge to leave the place and not to go on too far. I was on what seemed like a logging road next to the pine forest. I was walking alone as I had an argument with my husband and was in a really bad mood lol. I was not overly afraid, but I just a sense that there was something watching me in the forest. I could not shake the feeling and everything felt off. I remember having a feeling of the forest being was out of bounds and that I should leave, So I turned around and went back.
We were staying at some cabins near Corran called The birchbrae cottages, that backed onto the forest which lead up into the mountains. Stunning place, would love to go back! However we were visiting from Australia and now, don't think we will be travelling again for a long time.
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2020.04.30 23:46 BigfootDogmanReports Police Find a Human Leg and the Missing People Along The River Irwell, is there a Connection to the Manchester Pusher?

The Manchester Evening News Reported on the 28th Nov 2018 Police check missing persons list after 'human leg' found in River Irwell. Police are checking a list of missing people after human remains - believed to be a leg - were recovered from the River Irwell in Salford. The force says 'enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing'. The alarm was raised by a passer-by. Emergency services were scrambled to a stretch of the river near the red Jubilee Bridge, off Britannia Street. The North West Police Underwater Search and Marine Unit was also sent. A large cordon was erected as the investigation began. The bridge was closed off, with officers standing guard. The Jubilee bridge spans the river from Littleton Road playing fields at Lower Kersal to the Whit Lane area of the city (less than a few hundred yards from the Kersal Cell a well known paranormal hotspot with reports of dark cloaked figures being reported in the area since the 1500's, this is also an area of a recent sighting of the Salford Wildman in Jan of 2017, sightings of which go back to the 1970's). Police divers were seen entering the water, while officers were seen trawling the banks of the river. Witnesses said two black bags were later placed in a van by police after being pulled from the water.
Witness Stacey Sherratt, 29, said: "I first heard the sirens at around 11am, so I came outside and saw a boat pulling up two black bags. “I saw someone pulling a rope to bring the boat back in and then they put the two bags on the floor and put them in a van.” Police have released few details about the incident. There was however a discovery made two weeks later. A Human leg found in Manchester river belonged to missing mother of two. Police reveal recovered body part from 58-year-old Marie Scott, not seen for almost a year. DNA testing then confirmed the leg belonged to Marie Scott, who was reported missing from her home in Hale near Altrincham on 18 December last year, said Greater Manchester Police (GMP). The force said an investigation is ongoing, but at this stage there is no reason to believe there was any foul play or suspicious circumstances? Marie was last seen heading to a local shopping centre. Also along the Irwell and reported by the BBC is the strange case of missing man Nathan Tomlinson 2011.
Police investigating the disappearance of a man who went missing after a Christmas party are trying to identify a body found in the River Irwell. Nathan Tomlinson, 21, of Stockport, was last seen leaving the Mitre Hotel, near Manchester Cathedral, on 17 December 2011. Police believe he asked a bus driver how to get back to Stockport before he was captured on CCTV walking through Salford near the River Irwell. A body was found near Meadow Road in Lower Broughton on Thursday. Greater Manchester Police said Mr Tomlinson's family had been informed and efforts to confirm the identity of the body would be made later. Footage released by police may show Mr Tomlinson leaving the bar and jumping over a wall near the cathedral before walking across Victoria Street. He is believed to have ended up in Chapel Street, Salford, where a man fitting his description asked a bus driver how he could get home to Stockport. As part of inquiries to trace Mr Tomlinson, officers carried out a week-long operation in the area around the University of Salford, Peel Park and Salford Crescent railway station. 'A police spokesman said: “The identity is confirmed as that of Nathan. “A post-mortem examination has taken place. Further tests to establish the exact cause of death are to be carried out, but there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances.” The news comes eight weeks after trainee sports science teacher Nathan, 21, from Brinnington, Stockport, disappeared following a works Christmas party at the Mitre Hotel in Manchester city centre. The body was recovered from the Irwell at 2pm on Thursday near Meadow Road in Lower Broughton, Salford. Nathan must of been lost and fallen into the river on his walk home?
In the same area there is another case of a missing man who was found in the River Irwell under 'no suspicious circumstances' a report in the Trafford Local News dated ) Oct 2018 stated Police are piecing together the movements of a Salford man in the days before he was found dead in a river. The body of 62-year-old Stephen Jordan was sadly found in the River Irwell near to Cromwell Bridge in Higher Broughton on Sunday 7 October 2018. (This area is less than a mile from the littleton Road site where missing Marie Scott severed leg was found and as discussed above this was also found in no suspicious circumstances) In the case of Mr Jordan the coronar stated 'There were not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death a Home Office post-mortem examination, concluded 17 October 2018, proved inconclusive. Police are trying to piece together Stephen’s movements, with the last confirmed sighting of him being on 24 September 2018 at his house on Levens Street, Charlestown, Salford. Detective Inspector Joe Clarke of GMP’s Salford Borough, said: “At this stage, we’re treating Stephen’s death as unexplained and we’re working with the coroner to find out exactly how he came to die. “We have to keep an open mind in these circumstances but we are not currently treating this as a murder inquiry. “I appreciate the photo we have of Stephen isn’t the best and it is from a few years ago, but I’d ask people to study it and let us know if they saw him between 24 September and 7 October 2018.
It would seem that none of these deaths are being linked to the 'pusher' they did not happen in the busy centre of Manchester but further out of the city into the small neighbourhoods of Salford and Bury the Irwell itself runs North to the Ramsbottom area of Lancashire and the missing and sadly deceased people are being found all along that route. Is it the River itself that calls to people or is it just a sad fact of our society that people go missing or turn up in our local River and its barely noted, no huge headlines or hundreds of police out looking for clues, just a small statement in a local rag that will never make the National newspapers as the post code is not M1. As we follow the Irwell to its source we will see the same pattern over again. CCTV footage of a missing man from Bury has been released by Greater Manchester Police officers. Steven Dyson, 22, was last seen at 9am on Monday 1st January leaving a New Year’s Eve Party on St. Andrew’s Close in Ramsbottom. The CCTV shows Steven on the day he was last seen at Longsight service station around 4am and then later that morning using a cash machine on Bridge Street at 6am.
Detective Inspector Vicky Shaw, of GMP’s Bury Borough, said: “It’s been five days since Steven was last seen and his friends and family are worried sick. “Searches will continue around the Nuttall Lane area, with officers being supported by the underwater search unit, NPAS and the dog unit to find Steven. “We’ve had lots of help from people in searching for Steven so far and we’d ask for people in the area to please check your sheds and garages in case he’s seeking shelter. “It is likely that he is still in need of medical attention, which is why it’s so important that we find Steven as soon as we can.” A body found yesterday by police searching for Steven Dyson has been confirmed to be that of the missing Bury man. Officers searching for the missing 22-year-old found the body yesterday morning in the River Irwell in Bury, near to Railway Street. Steven's mum Lorraine Roach posted on Facebook: “I am devastated to say that the body found today is my lovely beautiful boy Steven. I am heartbroken. “I thank you Ramsbottom people for the massive overwhelming support. My angel my son. My love.” Greater Manchester Police said yesterday that "there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding this man’s death."
The Body of elderly man found in River Irwell behind Salford casino not being treated as suspicious, police confirm Oct 2014 The circumstances surrounding the body of an elderly man who was recovered from the River Irwell in Salford yesterday evening are not being treated as suspicious, police have confirmed. Officers were called around 7pm on Wednesday after a body was spotted from the towpath near the A57 Regent Road, behind the Grosvenor Casino in Salford. An underwater diver team recovered the body of a man, believed to be in his 60s, though he has not yet been identified. A formal identity process is now due to take place. Greater Manchester Police have now confirmed that they believe there were no suspicious circumstances around the death.
As I normally report paranormal and cryptid reports it does stand out when I see a missing person found close to one of the above, at Holcombe Moor there is an account from a serving soldier on duties who saw along with his partner a 'huge hairy Ape Man type Creature' on two occasions in the 1980's so when the story of missing local woman Valerie Weston 58 appeared in the paper it caught my interest. POLICE searching for a missing woman have found a body in the River Irwell close to Bury town centre. Officers were called to a stretch of the river close to Bury Grammar School at just before 1pm yesterday after a passer by spotted what he thought was a body. The discovery the disappearance of Valerie Weston, aged 58, of Chapel Terrace, Ramsbottom, who was last seen at home at 10.50pm on Monday by neighbours who had left her address after spending the evening with her.
Her best friend Janice Johnson, who had known the former Coney Green High School teacher for 25 years, said the ‘whole community is in shock’. She said: “She was with my friend on Monday night and the next morning she called me to say she had not slept in her bed. “We were on a weather warning and she would’ve gone out to look and check on the river as we usually do. It was really windy and she could have been blown in. A Lancashire Police spokesman said: "There are no suspicious circumstances and a file will be prepared for the coroner. " Inspector Andy Carter, of Lancashire Police, said: "We believe she went out for a wander in the back garden and fell into the river. "Officers are supporting the family at this difficult time and our thoughts are with them."
Of course all of the above could be mere coincidental as the River has claimed many over the decades, when looking for bodies found along her route I found a story as old as 1814 The death of Lavinia Robinson, the Manchester Ophelia The body of 20-year-old Lavinia Robinson was found in the River Irwell on 7 February 1814, over seven weeks after she went missing from her home in Manchester. Had she done away with herself or, as some suspected, was she pushed into the water? And what was the nature of the furious argument she had with her fiancé on the night before she disappeared? Lavinia was described as “a young lady possessing superior mental accomplishments, with a person lovely as her mind, and of the most fascinating manners,” Lavinia’s sister Esther, having a cold, had gone to bed early but at 2am was startled awake as if by a loud noise. She could find nothing amiss and went back to sleep but at 3.45 got up to prepare for the chimney sweeps who were coming early in the morning. She noticed that the front door was unlocked. A short time later she discovered that Lavinia was not in the house.
Lavinia’s family reported her missing at the police office and advertised a reward of 30 guineas for her return “live or dead.” During their agonising wait, in the middle of a particularly cold winter, the River Irwell froze over. Their hopes may have been raised when a young woman arrived in distress at the home of a magistrate in Thatcham. He suspected that she might be Lavinia Robinson and, when questioned, she said she was – but it turned out that she was lying. Finally, at the beginning of February, the ice on the Irwell began to break up and on 7th Mr Goodier, a millworker, came across Lavinia’s body on a sandbank at Barton. She was still in the fawn-coloured gown she was wearing on the night she left her home, a pink and yellow silk handkerchief around her neck. She had lost a shoe, her mantle and a black beaver hat.
The next day a two-day inquest opened at the Star Inn, under the Coroner Nathaniel Milne. One of Lavinia’s brothers described hearing snatches of the argument between the lovers, her sister Esther spoke of being woken suddenly in the night, and James Bentley detailed his dealings with Holroyd after Lavinia disappeared. Holroyd, who declined to give evidence in person but submitted a written statement, left the court before the verdict was returned. The Coroner state “That Lavinia Robinson was FOUND DROWNED in the river Irwell… but how or by what means she came into the water we will never know. There was not enough evidence for a murder charge, nor for the certainty that Lavinia had committed suicide.
The inscription on her gravestone included the following lines:
More lasting than in lines of artThy spotless character’s imprest;Thy worth engraved on every heart,Thy loss bewail’d in every breast
Sadly sometime it is simply a case of bad things happening to good folks, mysteries abound and I am sure there will be more to come as the years move on from the River and along her bank.
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2020.04.10 17:06 afty Titanic Daily: April 10th 1912.

In partnership with and with the permission of the incredible organization White Stars, Black Sea i'll be sharing daily updates here as a part of their Titanic Live event leading up to it's tragic loss.
So take a trip back to April 10th, 1912!
Previous Day's Thread

April 10th, 1912

7:30 AM
Sailing day is finally here after a week of ceaseless efforts to prepare Titanic at Southampton. Most of the crew boards at this time, followed directly by an 8.00 AM crew muster, with employee health inspections carried out and several no-shows being replaced by those eagerly awaiting the opportunity at dockside. EJ Smith is photographed here (on the 11th of April) outside the officers' quarters on the liner’s starboard Boat Deck alongside Chief Purser Hugh McElroy, a fellow long time White Star veteran and recent transferee from Olympic.
Photo published in The Sphere, April 1912
8:30 AM
A short boat drill is conducted, overseen by Board of Trade Immigration Officer Maurice Clarke. Starboard side boats 11 and 13 are lowered, commanded by officers Lowe and Moody respectively, and rowed by eight crewmen around the White Star Dock. Sails are intended to be raised aboard the two lifeboats, but a slight breeze and lack of time for these tests causes this part of the drill to be cancelled. Additionally, Clarke and White Star Marine Superintendent Benjamin Steele test and oversee a number of Titanic life vests. The drill takes about a half hour all in all, and the boats are re-stowed by 9.00.
Photo of a test of Olympic lifeboat #11, late April 1912, published in the Daily Mirror in May of that year
9:30 AM
Titanic's second and third class passengers begin boarding the liner, many arriving from London on a special LSWR boat train that has left Waterloo at 7.30 AM. It is a varying array of order and confusion, with luggage marked and hauled aboard which is pulled from baggage cars by horse drawn carts, and with confused stewards leading large groups into deep areas of the vessel that they themselves are not yet completely familiar with. In Second Class, a bit more order is seen. Pictured here is the Goodwin family of Wiltshire, traveling Third Class on Titanic on their way to Niagara Falls, New York. They, including infant son Sidney (not photographed here) will be among those boarding the liner at this time.
Photo from the collection of the National Archives (UK)
9:45 AM
The LSWR First Class Boat Train leaves Waterloo Station carrying a number of Titanic’s passengers. It will arrive at the White Star Dock in Southampton just before 11.30, her wealthy contingent boarding the liner soon thereafter. Among those making the trip from London are the Strauses, Archibald Gracie, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Harris, and Father Francis Browne, who will document some of the journey with his famous camera.
Postcard credit Patrick Mylan
11:30 AM
Father Francis Browne photographs second class passengers embarking further down the hull as he himself boards through the first class gangway into B-Deck. In the coming minutes he will have some trouble locating his cabin one deck above, as even stewards familiar with the new liner's layout by way of sister Olympic are not sure where his tucked away nook is, adjacent to Titanic's Aft Grand Staircase. He is in good company - Thomas Andrews is himself quartered directly across the landing.
Titanic sails in just over half an hour.
Photo by Fr. Francis Browne
12.15 PM
Two blasts sound from Titanic's massive tri-tone whistles, hawser lines are cast off from her towering side, and Southampton tugs do the rest, pulling her into the River Test to begin the first stage of her maiden voyage under her own power. Officers Wilde and Lightoller are stationed all the way forward at the vessel's forecastle, Murdoch and Pitman are at the stern, Boxhall and Lowe are on her bridge with harbor pilot George Bowyer and EJ Smith, and 6th Officer Moody is stationed at an open E-Deck gangway door. Hundreds line the docks to see her off - including six of the ship’s stokers, late returning from a quick drink ashore before sailing time and denied access to the vessel by Moody. It is a mistake that will likely spare them their lives. The maiden voyage has officially begun.
To hear a real recording of Titanic's recovered whistles, listen here
Photo from the collection of the National Archives (UK)
12:20 PM
Several minutes immediately after departure, as Titanic moves alongside White Star’s RMS Oceanic and the American Line’s SS New York, ropes laid across both ships snap with the tension created by Titanic’s wake, pulling New York toward the giant ship. Only very quick action on the part of the crews of both Titanic and the harbor tugs escorting her prevents a collision, with just a short distance between the vessels. She will be delayed for an hour before leaving again for Cherbourg - partially as well to disembark several workers who have missed the last call for “all ashore”. Harbor tug Vulcan will collect them soon after the near miss with New York and Titanic will be on her way into the Solent.
Photo from the collection of the National Archives (UK)
A majority of surviving Titanic letters after this point are written this afternoon or tomorrow morning, posted later in either Cherbourg or Queenstown, though a few survivors will be dated later - in most cases carried in pockets by those aboard lifeboats. This example was penned this afternoon by bandleader Wallace Hartley and sent to his parents in Colne, Lancashire:
"On board R.M.S. Titanic Wednesday (April 10th) 191(2)
My dear parents -
Just a line to say we have got away all right. It's been a bit of a rush but I am just getting a little settled.
This is a fine ship & there ought to be plenty of money on her. I've missed coming home very much & it would have been nice to have seen you all if only for an hour or two, but I couldn't manage it.
We have a fine band & the boys seem very nice. I have had to buy some linen & I sent my washing home today by post. I shall probably arrive home on the Sunday morning.
We are due here on the Saturday
With love to all,
Letter courtesy of Henry Aldridge & Son
2:15 PM
Several gorgeous photos are taken from the Isle of Wight as Titanic steams down the Solent, still under the guidance of harbor pilot George Bowyer (affectionately called Uncle George by crews familiar to him). It is his job to safely navigate the liner out of Southampton, through the river shallows and out to the edge of the English Channel. Aboard, newly embarked passengers find their staterooms, explore the ship, and have finished lingering over their first lunch, served just minutes after sailing.
Photo via Michael Pocock/Maritimequest
2:35 PM
After seeing the liner out of Southampton and through the Solent by Cowes and the Isle of Wight, George Bowyer is dropped off at the Nab Light Vessel by Titanic. Deeply familiar with both vessel class and crew after years in his position (Bowyer was in fact aboard the bridge of RMS Olympic under EJ Smith when she collided with HMS Hawke last fall), the kindly fifty-two year old pilot signs off with a friendly goodbye and a wish for a successful crossing - and notes that he'll see them all again in a little more than two weeks.
Portrait of G.W. Bowyer courtesy of Bevois Mount History, Southampton
6:30 PM
After a largely uneventful channel crossing of just under eighty miles, Titanic enters Cherbourg harbor, dropping anchor under a gorgeous setting sun, though the harbor is rough, and with a cold prevailing wind. Tenders Nomadic and Traffic will ferry passengers, small cargo, and mail to the vessel from their dock at Gare Maritime, where passengers have been patiently awaiting the delayed liner. Among those boarding this evening will be the newlywed Astors, Margaret Brown, the Duff Gordons, and nearly 280 others. At 8.10 PM, Titanic will depart for Ireland after her only visit to mainland Europe.
7:00 PM
The first dinner of the voyage is served aboard Titanic, with the strains of her orchestra mixing with the muffled sounds of those embarking from the Cherbourg tenders in the background. Fr. Francis Browne noted this ambiance during his only dinner aboard, later recalling hearing "Tales of Hoffman" and “Cavalleria Rusticana" in particular. The air is of a near reunion, with old friends and business partners from both sides of the Atlantic meeting in the yearly spring ritual of transatlantic travel in April. Gradually, her passengers and a majority of her crew settle into their first evening at sea.
Hear Vov Dylan w/Glenn Amer and the Palace Orchestra perform Offenbach's "Tales of Hoffman", here
Only known photo of Titanic's First Class Dining Saloon taken by Fr. Francis Browne
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2020.03.30 20:04 RojasBenitez1975 Doctor Who Reviews – Partners in Crime (Spoilers)

Earlier Reviews
The Doctor and Donna reunited!
At the end of The Runaway Bride, the Doctor made a not very sincere offer to Donna Noble, asking her to travel with him, and this is the starting point for Partners In Crime, because Donna has come to regret her decision and is now actively investigating strange and unusual happenings in the hope that this will bring her into contact with the Doctor.
There is a lot of information available about the creative process behind Series Four because this is the series covered by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook’s book The Writer’s Tale. The book takes the form of an email conversation between Cook and Davies in which the writer explains his thoughts and struggles on the writing of Doctor Who from Voyage of the Damned right through to The End of Time Part 2. The book allows us to see Davies obsessing about characters such as Midshipman Frame (complete with illustrations), but also to see some of the roads not travelled.
Before Davies knew that Catherine Tate would be willing and available to reprise the role of Donna, Davies created a new companion called Penny Carter, and she makes it into the final story as a journalist who, like the Doctor and Donna, is also investigating Adipose Industries. During the course of the tale, Penny proves not to be up to the job of companion, but the knowledge of her origins adds a layer to my enjoyment, because I can watch the story, compare the two characters and think “I much prefer Donna!”
Unfortunately, Adipose Industries, led by Mrs Foster, is one of the main disappointments of Partners in Crime, and a large part of this is due to the weakness of their plan. In 1971, The Claws of Axos saw the Axons arrive on Earth promising to give the human race a miraculous substance called Axonite in exchange for fuel; the (not very surprising) twist was that this was part of a plot to destroy the Earth. But think about what Adipose Industries are doing; Mrs Foster has “been employed by the Adiposian First Family to foster a new generation after their breeding planet was lost”, they give overweight humans a pill that makes them lose weight, one kilogramme every single day, and the lost fat creates an Adipose. According to the World Health Organisation, 1.9 billion adults are overweight, so giving every single one of these people an adipose pill would create at least 1.9 billion Adipose (and probably 10 times that number).
The Doctor says “Seeding a level five planet is against galactic law”, but what is Mrs Foster doing that’s so bad? A slimmer human race would have massive benefits for the Earth, both in terms of health and economically, but Mrs Foster doesn’t even try and talk to the Doctor and explain her motivation. Instead she kicks into villain mode and starts a process that would cause all the one million people taking the tablets to die, which would surely attract the attention of the Shadow Proclamation. I think Russell T Davies would be the perfect person to write a story about the human race becoming obsessed with a magic diet pill, so it’s a shame this idea isn’t properly developed.
The Adipose are a fantastic creation, they’re so cute with their doughy bodies and their little fang, and it’s nice to see an alien race that isn’t designed as a threat. I think Doctor Who should celebrate the strange and unusual, and the sight of an Adipose waving goodbye to Donna, before jumping out of a window, certainly does this. One of the clever things about the Adipose, is that Davies doesn’t try to do too much with them, they’re there to be cute and not a lot else, whereas in The Tsuranga Condundrum, the similarly cute Pting wasn’t able to be the ravening beast (like Stich, or the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog) that the story demanded.
Voyage of the Damned was based upon a 1970s-style disaster movie, and Partners in Crime has links to another Hollywood genre, the romantic-comedy-farce. The scenes where the Doctor and Donna are both in Adipose Industries gathering information, and just failing to see each other, are typical of films such as Move Over, Darling. It’s all great fun and builds up our expectations for the moment when they will eventually meet again.
Davies continues in this farcical vein with the actual reunion scene and it’s fantastic. Donna and the Doctor are both spying on Mrs Foster, he through an outside window, Donna through a window in a door. Their eyes meet across the room and then they have a conversation through the medium of mime; this plays up the comedy talents of Tate and Tennant and I love the fact that they both forget about Mrs Foster, only being reminded when she asks “Are we interrupting you?”
Sarah Lancashire is perfect casting as Mrs Foster; it’s clear she’s based upon the parenting and childcare experts such as ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost, who seemed to be all over our TV screens back in 2008. Mrs Foster speaks slowly and precisely, as if she’s talking to particularly dim children, and there’s a lovely acerbity in her words, particularly when Penny suggests that the adipose pills might be a con trick, “Oh Penny, if cynicism burnt up calories, we’d all be as thin as rakes.” Mrs Foster is also toting a sonic device – in her case a pen, and this makes her feel like a higher-level villain – any idiot can carry a gun, only the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith have sonic tools.
In The Runaway Bride, we met Donna’s mother and father, Sylvia and Geoff. Tragically, Howard Attfield who played Geoff died early in the production of Series Four, so Donna’s Grandfather, Wilfred Mott, was introduced to replace Geoff. Wilf turns out to be the newspaper vendor (played by Bernard Cribbins) we met in Voyage of the Damned. In amongst the farcical scenes at the start, and the action sequences at the end, the moments with Donna and her family are some of my favourites in Partners in Crime. Sylvia Noble doesn’t give her daughter an easy life, as demonstrated by a scene when Donna is sat at the dining table, while behind her, Sylvia moans about her daughter’s life, with little cuts suggesting this moan has lasted much longer than we see on screen. Unusually for Donna, she doesn’t even respond as her mother rips her life apart, but instead she goes outside to see her Grandfather, who is up on the hill, stargazing. The relationship between Donna and Wilf is lovely, you can see that he’s worried about Donna, but unlike Sylvia, he’s incredibly supportive, telling her not to give up on finding “the right man.”
It’s unfortunate that the resolution of the threat is the worst part about Partners in Crime, and I think it’s possibly a sign that Davies had taken on too much with the show. This is now the fifth episode in a row that he’s written, and these included a three-part series finale, the longest episode in the show’s history, and the introduction of a new companion, to say nothing of all the re-writes he carried out on stories by other writers.
in the golden age of Doctor Who in the 1970s, viewers would come into their house on a Saturday afternoon, turn on their TV and leave it on the same channel until they went to bed. People of a certain age will remember being either a BBC or an ITV household (I was BBC!). Doctor Who’s producers and script editors were responsible for making 26 weeks’ worth of programming and, even in some of the greatest serials, there were filler episodes to make sure they had enough material (see episode five of The Talons of Weng-Chiang for example). By 2005, the TV landscape had changed, Davies had made modern Doctor Who into event television, and this put enormous pressure on him to keep churning out the epic stories, so it’s no wonder that by the beginning of his fourth year, that cracks are starting to show.
I’ve already mentioned that the villain’s motivation was underwritten, and the same goes for the resolution. After a chase and a sequence with a window cleaning platform that was probably a lot better on the page than it turned out on screen, the Doctor and Donna are cornered by Mrs Foster and her two guards. The Doctor has managed to get Mrs Foster’s sonic pen and, by holding the two sonic devices together, he creates an ear-splitting noise that allows him and Donna to get away, so they go and hide in a broom cupboard.
Now she has been discovered, Mrs Foster changes her plans, she will convert all one-million people who are taking the adipose pills into the cute little creatures, and will then leave the planet. The Doctor’s broom cupboard has a computer in it (as they do) but it’s “triple deadlocked” and the Doctor can’t break into it. With every order of adipose capsules, the customers get a free gold pendant and although the Doctor has one, he needs a second to break the deadlock. Luckily Donna picked one up on her visit to Adipose Industries, so the crisis is resolved and all the people are saved. Davies normally has a real gift for language, but the scenes in the cupboard are just empty words as the Doctor says things like “the Matron’s gone up to emergency pathogenesis”, and “Got to double the base pulse.”
Outside of the broom cupboard, there’s panic on the streets of London as the Adipose pull themselves from the bodies of the people who have been taking the pills; we see this through the eyes of Sylvia Noble, who is out for a drink with her friends. Joseph Stalin is supposed to have said “a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”, and I think this also applies to this sequence because I don’t care about Sylvia’s friend, or the guy in the bar who looks like Norman Pace, but I would have done had the threat affected Sylvia or even Donna.
However, I do love the scene where the Adipose float up to their parents’ spaceship, waving goodbye, and I laughed out loud when Donna waved back and remarked “I’m waving at fat!” Mrs Foster is also levitating to the spaceship, but the Doctor tells her to come to him, because he’s seen on the computer system that the Adiposian family are going to kill her because she’s a witness to the crime of breeding on Earth. Foster unsurprisingly ignores him, and the tractor beam turns off, leaving her to drop to her death.
After all the action there are some more great moments between Tennant and Tate; Donna could be a really annoying character, but underneath all the attitude she has a vulnerability about her, probably not helped by Lance’s actions in The Runaway Bride. When the Doctor suggests that she might not want to travel with him, she says sadly “You don’t want me” before switching tone instantly when the Doctor tries to clarify his comment saying “I just want a mate”, Donna’s response: “You’re not mating with me, sunshine!”
When the Doctor asks Donna where she wants to go in the TARDIS, it’s somewhere very close to home, and as the ship hovers over Wilf and his telescope, her grandfather’s joy is infectious, making us feel that it’s a great thing that the Doctor and Donna are back together.
The opening story in a season has a number of different functions, to set up plot threads for later stories, to introduce the companion, and to tell an exciting story, Partners in Crime doesn’t manage to balance all these different elements but, even though Davies is not at the top of his game, there’s still a lot to enjoy. (8/10)
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2020.03.22 07:46 PersonalizedGameRecs [/r/boardgames PGR] My gaming partner is usually great at learning games but they are struggling to pick up Brass Lancashire. Does anyone have any recommendations for games that might introduce some of the concepts of Brass in a simpler enviroment? Or games that would be a good stepping stone to Bra

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2020.02.12 17:10 MatthewHinton12345 #GEXIII [Lancashire South] MatthewHinton12345 visits Lancashire South

It’s such a pleasure to be out campaigning with a political heavyweight like DrCaeserMD, who as a former Prime Minister, has the expertise and the experience to protect and promote the interests of South Lancashire like nobody else can. DrCaeserMD is respected both inside Westminster and up and down the country, with a proven track record of action and achievement and a high profile, he’s best placed to shine a spotlight on the problems facing South Lancashire, make people listen and get things done.
And make no mistake, South Lancashire is a constituency like no other. It has a proud and colourful history and with its fair share of peaks and troughs, it deserves a solid, dependable and effective communicator and campaigner representing it in Westminster. Home to the storied South Lancashire Regiment, numerous cricket grounds and indeed the South Lancashire Derby, this constituency is certainly one of character. Now a constituency of character needs a character to be its champion in London, and DrCaeserMD fits the bill perfectly.
Our manifesto contains a raft of policies designed with places like South Lancashire at its heart. We want to help young families by shouldering the burden of child care, we want to improve the public services that everyone across the UK relies on and we want to boost the UK’s global standing, making it an active trading nation and reliable partner. The Conservatives are pledging to protect our countryside and environment and take an international lead on fighting climate change. The Conservatives are promising to build on the progress made in the short time we’ve been in government, but to realise that we need people to put a cross in the box next to DrCaeserMD’s name.
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2020.02.09 23:17 CountBrandenburg The Times talks with DrCaeserMD

In the run up to the General Election, The Times has been presented an opportunity to interview DrCaeserMD . Below is the transcript of the interview:
The Times: Good afternoon DrCaeserMD. From the Times here - how would you like to describe your views towards the current Government in their achievements as a former Prime Minister yourself?
DrCaeserMD: Thank you for having me. Look, this government was formed out of a necessity to give the country some much needed leadership and stability after the last spectacularly collapsed. It's crucial we remember the kind of state the last sunrise government left the country in. No leadership, no vision, no direction. Cobbled together in a power-grab. Since then, this government clearly tried to make the best of a bad situation, and to the Prime Ministers credit they have done a good job of steadying the ship as we move towards an election, and putting the Conservatives onto a positive path for the future. However certain figures at the top of government have decided they can go their own way, set their own agenda with little consultation and thought for the future. That's what we saw in the budget.
To confirm - what were the policies that the conservatives had not agreed to or had heard anything about when the first budget reading was brought to the Commons?
Look I wont speak for the internal debates over the budget, though by press speculation there wasn't much. I wasn't in the treasury day after day. All I can speak for is what we saw in the budget when it was tabled before parliament and what was set forth following the Conservatives needing to lead the country, yet again, out of the failings of a previous Labour-led government. The letter I wrote to the government made clear my thoughts on where I believed the budget cross lines. On that point though, I think It's important we look at what happened In the aftermath of the General Election. We saw a cobbled together coalition. Pledges for VAT hikes, a massive £50bn deficit, and plans to have mass strikes the aim of the day. Much like we saw in this budget, it broke away all semblance of coalition agreement. Economic plans contradicting the very policies parties were elected on.
Will the Conservatives going into this election and the next parliamentary term be presenting themselves as a party that will be sticking to what it has promised with any future coalition partner and have a more cohesive set of budgetary commitments than what we saw in the initial draft for the budget?
This next election is about who the voters trust. When the sunrise coalition parties got together, they dropped their manifesto commitments to put together a broken coalition with no other aim than to take power. As I said before, they offered no leadership, no vision, no direction. Look, I made clear what I thought about the budget. I made clear how I felt that the leadership of the LPUK wanted to leave our northern towns and cities behind, wanted to ditch major infrastructure projects on vain ideological reasons and not in the interests of hardworking people. So when voters go to the polls, they will have a clear choice presented to them. Another broken coalition led by Labour, that will ignore it's commitments and fail to deliver. Or, a Conservative government that will invest in the likes of HS2, will connect our northern towns and cities, will properly fund AmberCare, and will re-solidify our place on the world stage as a global player - not throw our toys out at the first sign of trouble. You can trust the Conservatives and the Prime Minister. You can't trust Labour.
Do you believe that it will be in the interest of Northern Towns for another coalition with the LPUK next term or do you advise the Prime Minister to seek out new potential partners or go into government alone?
I can't say what parliament will look like after the election. This place has been known for it's shocks and twists and turns. What I can say is the Prime Minister, while keeping all their available options open, should look very strongly at who they want to work with, and the policies they put forward. We had a clear set of commitments after the last election and when the coalition was formed. I want to see us keep our commitments. I've made myself clear on what i think about the LPUK and its leadership. So i'm going to make the case for the Conservatives. Making sure we keep investing, keep our economy strong, and our finances in check. We can't have what we saw under Sunrise. A £50bn deficit, a broken government and no leadership. As I said earlier, this election is about trust. I know that I'll be fighting for our Northern Towns, like those in Lancashire South, and I know that a Conservative government will too. So I will be going out their and making that case clear to voters. We cannot have another Labour-led coalition breaking trust with the British people and wrecking our economy.
Are there any policies that particularly excite you from the Conservative manifesto that will be released tomorrow?
Haha, you wont catch me out with that one. You'll have to wait and see. I think there's a lot we can all look forward to from it. It's a manifesto that will set out a positive vision for unleashing the great potential of our country, that will energise our Northern towns and cities, like those in Lancashire South. I know i'm looking forward to it, and to being able to tell the voters of this country about it.
And finally, do you anticipate a return to frontline politics next term cabinet wise?
I have no intentions to return to the front lines. Instead I want to be able to represent my constituents to the best of my ability, by fighting for their interests both to the government and to parliament as a whole. I've served the top jobs, and as I made clear in my letter, for a while I thought i'd done what I can in parliament. I now believe there's much more to do, but I can do it from the backbenches.
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2020.02.07 18:55 RedAndy54 The Disappearance of Norman Johnson

Norman Reginald Johnson, 70, disappeared from his home town of Wigan, Lancashire, England, on 29 March 2011. That evening he attended a dance class in the nearby town of Hindley, but never came home.
Norman's partner, Colin Sweeney, received an agitated phone call from Norman at around 5am the following morning, claiming that his car had been stolen. Sweeney and other family members believe that Norman was confused - he had recently been diagnosed with dementia - and indeed his car was found in Hindley, a short distance from the dance class.
The only other sighting came around 24 hours after he was last seen, at 8:50pm on 30 March, when a ticket inspector on a train travelling from London Euston to Wolverhampton imposed a penalty fare on a passenger travelling without a valid ticket. The passenger presented Norman's driving licence as ID. This individual left the train at Birmingham, apparently to catch a train to Wigan.
This latter sighting was not investigated until over six weeks later, when the penalty fare notice arrived at Norman and Colin's home. By this time no CCTV was available, so it has never been conclusively shown that the passenger on board the train was Norman. Nonetheless police worked on the basis that it was him, and that he became lost somewhere between Birmingham and Wigan, possibly getting off the train at the wrong station.
Since his disappearance there has been no activity on Norman's bank accounts, and his family believe him to have died shortly after he disappeared. However, no body has ever been found.
Colin died in 2017, the fate of his partner unknown to him. In February 2020, the English High Court declared Norman legally dead. The precise date of his death was of some significance in the case because it affects the distribution of his estate, not least the property he and Colin jointly owned. Applying the law as it exists, the judge declared that Norman's legal date of death was 5 February 2020, despite agreeing that it was likely he died shortly after his disappearance.
There are a number of strange details about this case, not least that in order to be on the train from London, Norman must have travelled from Wigan to London some time on 30 March (a distance of about 200 miles, taking a little over 2 hours by train) before coming back again in the evening. If there are any eyewitness reports of confused pensioners travelling this route on the morning or afternoon of 30 March, probably without any money, police have not disclosed them.
I have not been able to find many details about this case in the public domain. I found the court case relating to his death declaration by chance, while reviewing recent case law as part of my job. I thought it would be of interest to the good people of this sub. A very sad case, especially as Colin has died in the meantime. I hope the remaining members of Norman's family do manage to find closure.
Johnson v No Named Defendant [2020] EWHC 207 (Ch) - transcript of the judge's decision to declare Norman legally dead as of 5 February 2020 - 2011 local newspaper article about Norman, published about 9 months after his disappearance - Local newspaper article about Norman from 2016
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2020.01.28 20:26 yolobitchess Englandd

Ok so im from northern england, in the lancashire area . Im 13m if that matters, but my life is a big steamy pile of crap right now, and im looking to leave . Id like a partner to do it with if possible (: ive done my research on how to runaway carefully so i know what im getting into . If you message me i can send you a photo of myself too, just so you know a little more about me
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2020.01.16 00:00 _paul_rand_ Financial Times Polling Data and Analysis for the 15th of January 2020

Polls on the Rolls

Polling provided by the Quad, Analysis is strictly the views of this publications editorial team and not that of the Quad
National Polling
Conservative Party 28.26 (-1.67)
Labour Party 23.01 (+0.54)
Libertarian Party UK 17.44 (+1.81)
Liberal Democrats 12.39 (-0.82)
Classical Liberals 7.73 (+0.46)
Democratic Reformist Front 4.42 (+0.23)
The People's Movement 2.75 (+0.16)
Loyalist League 1.81 (-0.24)
New Britain 0.79 (+0.07)
Other 0.38 (-1.56)
Constituency Polling

What does it tell us?

The LPUK Seats: Manchester North, Leeds and Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Our two exclusive polls and one additional poll show a continuing worrying trend on a constituency level for the LPUK as was shown in our last polling, it shows a number of up until now safe LPUK Seats where their bases are closely matched or exceeded by their coalition partners, this goes to show the reliance of the LPUK on a local level on their coalition partners and will definitely strengthen the hand of the Conservative Party
Cumbria and Lancashire North
A historically hyper marginal seat usually fought out between two political titans has become a seemingly safe seat for the tories in the face of the furthering divide between the classical liberals and their other parties, one may regard this as the seeming end of an era where the seat may become one of the tories safer seats
The classical liberals will be worried at this poll, seeing polling in a seat of theirs be exceeded quite massively by both labour and the tories, one may question whether it is possible for them to not only keep this seat at all but to ensure that the Labour Party they have distanced themselves from does not gain it.
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2020.01.15 11:04 smackshaw COMC 3rd year update

COMC 3rd year update
So, I've been posting my collection every year:
Last years here:
2 years ago here:
Here's a photo of my smaller game shelf: Small Games
(One thing not shown is a stupidly big Joan of Arc Kickstarter collection - It's good, but what was I thinking!)
“How long have you been involved in the hobby?”
It began a primary school with Fighting Fantasy Books which lead me to White Dwarf and early 80's Games Workshop titles such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Talisman (which I still have). I then played a lot of RPGs through my later teen years and a some at University before falling for the allure of video games. I picked up some Steve Jackson games, as well as Catan in the 90s then later Dominion, though video gaming was still my main interest. I must have been more curious than I remember though, as I joined BGG in 2004.
I ran a zombie film review blog for a few years and it was during this time, 2013/2014 I came across Zombicide. The fact that such a big box game like this could even exist blew my mind; add to this I was starting to tire of digital gaming, and a new obsession was born.
Like many I deep dived into BGG. Backed WAY WAY too many kickstarters and expanded my collection exponentially. Perhaps too fast as my wife will testify.
“Describe your collection?”
I believe games are experiences and that even getting something and only playing it once or twice is valid and ok. I also for me, it's not about collecting therefore I have a high turnover of games. I'm also into all games, from Heavy Euros to Party and Dexterity games.
I have a regular gaming group of 6 who prefer medium weight games, and a partner who will try pretty much anything. I also play with my two kids though they're increasingly uninterested. New games have to fit into one of these if not they don't get played and I'll move them on.
I've cycled through many games this year. 7th Continent, Claustrophobia 1643, Mombasa, Catan (finally), Escape Plan (unfortunately this just felt a tad contrived, forced and dare I say average), Gentes, Zombicide: Green Horde, Gugong, Kingdom Death: Monster (this one hurt. It's so beautiful and unique but after one full campaign I just didn't fancy it again), and many more have all left. I'm not afraid to let something average or even good go if it's just not exciting me anymore.
My current favourites in no particular order: Great Western Trail, Junk Art, CO2, Railways of the World, Brass: Lancashire, Terraforming Mars, Leaving Earth and a Feast for Odin
I feel On Mars could soon be on this list.
“What would you change about your collection if you could?”
Not a lot. Sell some of the bottom shelf; the more family friendly titles that aren't being played.
Also learn not to back the next big shiny miniatures game. They take up a lot of shelf space and they won't necessarily get played any more than the small box.
My wish list games? I missed out on Sol: Last Days of a Star and I'd love a copy. I also keep looking at Captains of the Gulf.

Thanks for stopping by.
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2019.12.18 20:01 FiveAmHymnal Disappearance of Charlene Downes.

Charlene Downes disappeared on 1 November 2003, in Blackpool, United Kingdom. She was fourteen years of age at the time of her disappearance.
She was last seen in an area of the town centre that contained several takeaway and fast-food units. Lancashire Constabulary, the police that “investigated” her disappearance believe that she was murdered within hours of her go missing.
Charlene’s background:
Her father had been a soldier who was allegedly strict with the children and on occasion had physically reprimanded them. The family which included a brother and two sisters had relocated to Blackpool three years prior to her disappearance and she was describe as “well and happy”. She was expelled from school and consequently she was leading a chaotic lifestyle frequenting the area around Blackpool’s central promenade.
Allegations of Abuse:
Charlene was apparently part of the child grooming culture in Blackpool that has been described as an "epidemic" by the detectives leading the initial investigation into her death.
Friends noticed a change in Charlene’s behaviour which is a common sign in children who are victims of abuse. The last person who possibly saw her alive was a woman named Tyne Yates and it was alleged that she was victim of sexual abuse and claims that it wasn’t uncommon for them to perform sex acts on men in return for cigarettes, food, alcohol and drugs.
This has been an issue all across Great Britain and it would not be surprising if Charlene had threatened to inform the police and her groomers murdered Charlene to silence her.
Police files originally leaked to The Times newspaper in 2013 show that two years before she went missing 12-year-old Charlene was seen by a social worker at home taking money from a bed while wearing her nightie, with a man in his sixties buttoning his trousers. However these claims can’t be proven.
There is also a statement from a 40-year-old family friend that he had paid her to perform a sex act on him, a report that a man named Ray Munro who was on bail for sexual offences had stayed with the family at the time she disappeared and apparently a family friend had witnessed Charlene sitting on Munro’s lap which he stated was “not right for a girl of that age” and that at least 16 men with convictions for rape, assault and violence visited the family home. Her father had apparently been ignorant to this. Social service reports there was an incident between Charlene and Munro on the day she disappeared, but the documentary does not go into details.
All this does not mean to say that Charlene wasn’t a victim of the grooming gangs in Blackpool that operated at that time however I am suggesting that the abuse seemed to have started at home which would have made her more susceptible to the grooming gangs, sadly.
Last sighting:
Charlene’s mother, Karen Downes last spoke to her daughter early in the evening of 1 November 2003, in Blackpool town centre.
Karen was in Church Street distributing leaflets for a nearby Indian restaurant when she saw Charlene and one of her other daughters, Rebecca, at around a quarter to seven. They talked very briefly, Rebecca returned home and Charlene said she was going to me some female friend and she called them from a telephone box and then waited with her mother until they arrived.
Karen watched the girls walk off together toward the Winter Gardens. That was the last time she saw her daughter.
The friends spent a little time together, Charlene then met with Tyne Yates at around 9:30 PM and visited the Carousel Bar on the North Pier. There is CCTV of a girl who is believed to be Charlene at 9 pm on the junction of Dickson Road and Talbot Road (a main thoroughfare that leads from North Pier to the town centre) that is believed to be Charlene; she is with an unidentified woman in her 30s with dyed-blonde hair wearing a three-quarter-length coat. According to Charlene's friend, she and Charlene left the Carousel Bar and returned to the town centre at around 10 pm. Her friend last saw her at around 11 pm near Talbot Road/Abingdon Street.
Charlene’s disappearance was not rated as a murder inquiry until 2006, when two men were arrested on suspicion of her murder and a third in connection with her disappearance. The two men accused were twenty-nine year old Kebab-shop owner Iyad Albattikhi who as originally from Jordan and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi, a forty-nine year old Iranian man. Iyad was accused of having sex with Charlene and Mohammed was accused of disposing of her body.
The Blackpool Gazette reported that the jury at the 2007 trial was told that police had bugged Reveshi's home and a people carrier he owned. On the tapes, Albattikhi was heard jovially explaining that Downes' body had been "chopped up" and "gone into the kebabs", while Reveshi was recorded saying, "I just cannot forgive myself." On another recording, Albattikhi was heard asking about how long fingerprints last, to which Reveshi responds reassuringly, saying, "There is nothing left of her. She was here, she died, there really is nothing."
The two men had both previously told police they'd never met Charlene. At the time of his trial, Albattikhi was facing a rape trial, subsequently dropped. The jury were told of ten separate incidents involving Albattikhi and Reveshi and girls aged between 13 and 15.
The jury failed to reach a verdict and in 2008 a retrial was set although the police had strong objections regarding the strength of the covert surveillance evidence they had acquired.
Both men received £250,000 in compensation.
Her disappearance still hasn't been solved after sixteen years.
So what do you believe happened to Charlene? Was her disappearance/murder related to the grooming gang or was it someone who was ‘closer to home’? Why did Karen Downes wait two days to report her fourteen year old daughter missing?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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2019.12.18 19:56 FiveAmHymnal Disappearance of Charlene Downes

Charlene Downes disappeared on 1 November 2003, in Blackpool, United Kingdom. She was fourteen years of age at the time of her disappearance.
She was last seen in an area of the town centre that contained several takeaway and fast-food units. Lancashire Constabulary, the police that “investigated” her disappearance believe that she was murdered within hours of her go missing.
Charlene’s background:
Her father had been a soldier who was allegedly strict with the children and on occasion had physically reprimanded them. The family which included a brother and two sisters had relocated to Blackpool three years prior to her disappearance and she was describe as “well and happy”. She was expelled from school and consequently she was leading a chaotic lifestyle frequenting the area around Blackpool’s central promenade.
Allegations of Abuse:
Charlene was apparently part of the child grooming culture in Blackpool that has been described as an "epidemic" by the detectives leading the initial investigation into her death.
Friends noticed a change in Charlene’s behaviour which is a common sign in children who are victims of abuse. The last person who possibly saw her alive was a woman named Tyne Yates and it was alleged that she was victim of sexual abuse and claims that it wasn’t uncommon for them to perform sex acts on men in return for cigarettes, food, alcohol and drugs.
This has been an issue all across Great Britain and it would not be surprising if Charlene had threatened to inform the police and her groomers murdered Charlene to silence her.
Police files originally leaked to The Times newspaper in 2013 show that two years before she went missing 12-year-old Charlene was seen by a social worker at home taking money from a bed while wearing her nightie, with a man in his sixties buttoning his trousers. However these claims can’t be proven.
There is also a statement from a 40-year-old family friend that he had paid her to perform a sex act on him, a report that a man named Ray Munro who was on bail for sexual offences had stayed with the family at the time she disappeared and apparently a family friend had witnessed Charlene sitting on Munro’s lap which he stated was “not right for a girl of that age” and that at least 16 men with convictions for rape, assault and violence visited the family home. Her father had apparently been ignorant to this. Social service reports there was an incident between Charlene and Munro on the day she disappeared, but the documentary does not go into details.
All this does not mean to say that Charlene wasn’t a victim of the grooming gangs in Blackpool that operated at that time however I am suggesting that the abuse seemed to have started at home which would have made her more susceptible to the grooming gangs, sadly.
Last sighting:
Charlene’s mother, Karen Downes last spoke to her daughter early in the evening of 1 November 2003, in Blackpool town centre.
Karen was in Church Street distributing leaflets for a nearby Indian restaurant when she saw Charlene and one of her other daughters, Rebecca, at around a quarter to seven. They talked very briefly, Rebecca returned home and Charlene said she was going to me some female friend and she called them from a telephone box and then waited with her mother until they arrived.
Karen watched the girls walk off together toward the Winter Gardens. That was the last time she saw her daughter.
The friends spent a little time together, Charlene then met with Tyne Yates at around 9:30 PM and visited the Carousel Bar on the North Pier. There is CCTV of a girl who is believed to be Charlene at 9 pm on the junction of Dickson Road and Talbot Road (a main thoroughfare that leads from North Pier to the town centre) that is believed to be Charlene; she is with an unidentified woman in her 30s with dyed-blonde hair wearing a three-quarter-length coat. According to Charlene's friend, she and Charlene left the Carousel Bar and returned to the town centre at around 10 pm. Her friend last saw her at around 11 pm near Talbot Road/Abingdon Street.
Charlene’s disappearance was not rated as a murder inquiry until 2006, when two men were arrested on suspicion of her murder and a third in connection with her disappearance. The two men accused were twenty-nine year old Kebab-shop owner Iyad Albattikhi who as originally from Jordan and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi, a forty-nine year old Iranian man. Iyad was accused of having sex with Charlene and Mohammed was accused of disposing of her body.
The Blackpool Gazette reported that the jury at the 2007 trial was told that police had bugged Reveshi's home and a people carrier he owned. On the tapes, Albattikhi was heard jovially explaining that Downes' body had been "chopped up" and "gone into the kebabs", while Reveshi was recorded saying, "I just cannot forgive myself." On another recording, Albattikhi was heard asking about how long fingerprints last, to which Reveshi responds reassuringly, saying, "There is nothing left of her. She was here, she died, there really is nothing."
The two men had both previously told police they'd never met Charlene. At the time of his trial, Albattikhi was facing a rape trial, subsequently dropped. The jury were told of ten separate incidents involving Albattikhi and Reveshi and girls aged between 13 and 15.
The jury failed to reach a verdict and in 2008 a retrial was set although the police had strong objections regarding the strength of the covert surveillance evidence they had acquired.
Both men received £250,000 in compensation.
Her disappearance still hasn't been solved after sixteen years.
So what do you believe happened to Charlene? Was her disappearance/murder related to the grooming gang or was it someone who was ‘closer to home’? Why did Karen Downes wait two days to report her fourteen year old daughter missing?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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2019.12.16 20:04 lancashire1 We Lancashire Shop fronts recognized as one of the top and best partners of automatic door company in Blackpool

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2019.12.16 20:01 lancashire1 We Lancashire Shop fronts recognized as one of the top and best partners of automatic door company in Blackpool

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2019.12.15 19:54 SouthestNinJa [COMC] I've built some shelves to house mine and my wife's game library and wanted to share how it's turned out so far.

This here is what the adjustable shelves look like so far as well as what the previous storage solution looked like. Spoiler alert, it was bad..... The full collection can be found here. It does include entries for Kickstarter games that haven't been delivered yet.
I built this in a way where I can put smaller boxes behind some of the larger ones and I finally was able to come to terms with removing inserts, combining expansions into the main box, and throwing excess boxes and such away. My wife was all for this since the beginning but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If there is an expansion for a game you see we probably have it and it's just stored inside it. We are still working on this combination effort however.
We got into the hobby when we were over her cousins house and someones spouse at the time was big into Heroscape. they brought a bunch of with them and just had us build out the map however we wanted like we were playing with Legos. He then had us just pick characters based on who looked cool to us and we completely ignored point totals. For 3 hours we played this huge 6 person battle and everyone loved it. Through Heroscape tournaments we found our way to Gencon where the first year was spent playing nothing but Heroscape. I didn't even learn about other board games until the second year at Gencon where someone we were playing with pulled out Dominion to play while we were waiting for everyone to go to dinner. We also made a great friend through Heroscape that has helped us explore this hobby and brought great games we never would have found to our attention.

Fast forward to now and and this hobby is a huge part of our lives. We regularly go to Gencon for our anniversary which is in August so it's the perfect time. Board games go with us on all our trips and we have 3 teenagers to game with. Our middle one is always down for a game but the other two are at a point where we have to prod them a bit but once we get the game going they have a blast. It is really nice to be able to wake up on a Saturday morning and just bust out a good gaming session before the day really starts. We are also lucky enough to have several friends that are into games and we can regularly get game nights together once or twice a week.

we have since sold most of our Heroscape (biggest gaming regret) as we were in a tight financial situation years ago and it was the easiest thing to sell that would net the most dollars. It still hurts. This is the biggest change I would make in my collection. The other is probably the same as others. We bought a lot of games those first few years without really understanding what board games could offer and what makes a game re playable. We liked Co-op a lot in the beginning but have since steered away from it outside of large and grand campaign games such as Middara or games where you work together but there is still a clear winner such as Castle Panic. Finding Kickstarter sooner is probably something else I would have changed. We learned about it maybe 2 years ago but I guess some people would see that as a good thing.
I feel we play games across a rather broad spectrum in our family. We can play a game of Dice Throne, jump over to Tapestry, then play a game of Hike, and circle back to something like Batman Gotham City Chronicles in a single session. I am really happy that my wife will not only play in depth long strategy games but that she regularly wins them. Shes came in fist place at a National Heroscape tournament with 64+ participants. We still enjoy the classics that pulled us in like Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Last Night on Earth.
My top games right now in no particular order would be as follows.
Trickerion - I grew up doing magic and day dreaming about being a magician. We love worker placement games(Can't wait for Yedo) so one that combined the two was an instant buy. This is the first board game that I read the rule book before the game was in my hand. It's actually still the only one I have done that for.
Clank legacy - Clank is a family/group favorite. You will never have anyone around say no to this game. Add legacy? HELL YEAH! We actually have two concurrent games going on with this. If you are on the fence about this game and even remotely enjoy base or clank in space then this is a no brainer.
Galaxy Trucker - The ups and downs that can be had during this game are what keep bringing us back to it. That moment when half your ship disintegrates into nothingness and you can't do anything about it because the last alien steals your ship and flies off compared to the moment where you find the flaw in your opponents ship that does the exact same thing to them before they even begin the mission. Such a brutal game. We live for the take that and thrive off the tears of our enemies and this is just another way to get to enjoy that.
Seasons - I don't even know how to describe it really. It is just something that I will never turn down.
Sorcerers City - Carcassonne and similar puzzle like games are a big hit in my house. I bought this on a whim and we love it. The anxiety in later rounds when the timer is almost out and you still have half a stack of tiles to hurry through and you know that Goblin is about to come up and completely throw your plans out the window......
Archmage - The spell upgrading mechanic where you have to decide what lower power do you want to lose while maintaining what you need keep board control. I think a lot more people need to give this game a shot as everyone I talk to about it just really isn't aware of it. Maybe I am wrong.
Brass Lancashire - Everyone already knows why. We take this one over Birmingham because from what I was hearing is this one is a bit more Cutthroat.
Tumblin Dice - What a blast to play! Its a great game for non gamers as its all dexterity and you can add a couple extra sets of dice to up the player count. Many people have gone out and bought it after our first play with them.
Dominion - This is what brought me into board games and it will always have a place in my heart.
Cutthroat - Play nice just long enough to get to an opportunity to really screw your partners over? Yes please! These game sessions can definitely get heated at our table but its all in good fun. I am lucky enough to have friends who can leave it all on the table.
Too Many Bones - I do not play games solo unless I am trying to learn them ahead of time to teach people. I did that with this and have come back to it several times to play it on my own. That has to say something. Having gotten the start in games with Heroscape its ingrained in us to like games with Dice. My wife is also a sucker for premium components.
Quaks of Quedlinburg - Push your luck games are a fan favorite around here and this is a great one. I hear people complain about run away leaders but we just don't see that around here. Our most recent game saw the person who spent the whole game in last place leap frog to first in the last round. Now I just need those expansion bits from BGG......

What haven't we played yet? I plead the fifth.... There are a lot of bad games we own that I just know we will never play. Several of them came from a blind board game box at Gencon(you know the one) and it was just dud after dud. We did get two good games out of it. Ortus Regni and Chicago Express but a friend already owned Chicago Express...... Others are games I bought knowing the would go out of print or already were and wanted to get them before the price hike.
Games that I will get rid of if I ever bring myself to be able to do so
I am a collector, I will keep games I know I will never play. I guess I could call this the games that I will never open or play again.
Frag - I am not one to normally write off a game because another does it better but if I want a FPS board game its gonna be Adrenaline every time over Frag.
Warhammer Invasion/Conquest - We enjoyed these but we just don't want to invest the time it takes to make a deck. I know it's fundamentally different but we would just rather grab Summoner Wars for the sake of time.
Thunderstone/Resident Evil - Grabbed these because they were deck builders and we were still in the honeymoon phase with the hobby. So many better ones out there.
Pantheon/Royal Palace - We got these for free when we attended a convention. Just didn't look fun so they have lived in their shrink.
Deadwood - We like this game. We just have so many other games that this one just stopped getting picked. If I want something along these lines we play Sons of Anarchy instead.
Zombies Keep out/Forbidden Island/Forbidden Desert/Pandemic - Goodbye Co-ops. Although we absolutely loved Pandemic Legacy Season 1.
Titan Race/Coundown Special Ops/PatcHistory/Red Cliffs/Arkham Rituals/Otontin/Inhabit the Earth/Hospital Rush - The blind booster burn.
Infinite City - Great concept but whoever goes last ultimately gets to decide who wins the game.
DOOM - Descent 1st edition does everything better. We also prefer 1st over 2nd edition as it feels less like a race.
BloodSuckers - There was a Gencon where we just bought everything we tried because we didn't know better. This was one of those purchases.
Red Dragon Inn - See above.
Ninja Legend of the Scorpion Clan - I thought I was buying Ninjato. This is not Ninjato.....
Battlelore 1st Edition - Grabbed this because it was little miniatures battle game and we enjoyed it for a bit. Then it became frustrating when you absolutely had to do something in a column and had no cards to do so. I did however get the best card holders ever and would totally buy another copy just to get another set of those.
I am going to try and make 2020 the last year I buy new board games for a long time outside of expansions for games we already own. We feel really comfortable with the range we have and want to spend the next decade digging deep into the strategies of the games in our library. I never really followed the hobby too in depth until the past couple of years so I am sure there are alot of games that have simply never hit our radar. A perfect example is It's Alive!. A buddy introduced this too us that had been in the hobby for awhile and it is one of our go to games for introducing someone to the hobby. Is there anything you would suggest that I go look into based on this collection? We don't mind having games that fit similar roles as we could just as easily play two games of Stone Age and then turn around and play some Lords of Waterdeep. We could definitely use some more games that play at 6 and above. Oh, and we absolutely hate Betrayal at House on the Hill. I would also be interested in any great 2 player games you could think of we may have missed. Not necessarily 2 players only but something that plays really well at that count.
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2019.11.28 22:02 shorelined Tinnitus

It is the silence that I remember the most. When we were children our paternal grandparents would look after us while my parents worked during the school holidays. My grandma would knit and hum ancient Glen Miller standards and grandad would read the newspaper then tend to the damsons and tomatoes about his greenhouse. We would arrive armed with a football and atlases and encyclopaedias that my mum ordered from catalogues, cementing my lethal pub quiz knowledge of world flags and capital cities. Books by Collins or Dorling Kindersley with grand titles like The Complete Encyclopedia of World Geography or the Cambridge Guide to Astronomy, full of statistics and charts on the topography of Sudan or the largest football grounds in Scotland. I would spend hours designing football kits, writing down every country in the world or designing trucks and trains; anything to be somebody, something or somewhere else. All of this was achieved with minimum noise, with the eternal presence of snooker on afternoon television often the only interruption.
My family has never been a family of communicators who reminisce or contextualise, so I know little of my grandparents’ lives outside of or before they assumed that title. They obviously loved us deeply, but they were stern and serious Lancashire people who had lived through total war and rationing. There was scarce patience for mucking about or wasting time, a forgivable defence mechanism when the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine have turned your island into a pressure-cooker. For a seven-year-old boy, silence meant dividing energy equally between perfecting Wimbledon’s regal navy-and-gold home jersey, working out which African nation was the leading cobalt exporter and pretending to be Andrei Kanchelskis.
My grandparents’ home was one of forty in a hamlet book-ended by a canal and a railway station, not an unusual distinction in Lancashire. The canal had long been exclusively a leisure device, while the railway station was only visited by the slowest services stopping at every single station. Network Rail recently released the annual passenger figures and the station has yet to breach fifteen per day. The village had remained unchanged since my dad's childhood, with little traffic on either road or rail there was a calm that always reminded me of Christmas day, when the passing traffic anywhere is so low that every car is greeted with curiosity. The absence of mechanical noise was filled by the shaking of trees and the occasional migratory bird; broken windows and football celebrations were as rocks through frozen ponds. Life moves at a glacial pace here, a breeding ground for curtain-twitchers who pour scorn on the slightest breach of the peace and parish councillors rule with an iron fist.
The house was one of the central units in a terrace of four, with tall, slender trees dulling the rattle and hum of the trains beyond. Grandma was a meticulous cleaner, regularly marshaling us to polish the brass and dust the sides. My mum would privately mock her for keeping an extensive brass, glass and china collection, and there were plenty of plates that commemorated some past holiday or royal wedding. The living room was south-facing and the windows filled with ornate silver and glassware, which combined during the afternoon to create an underwhelming slow-motion light-show. If Isaac Newton had spent a week in that room he would have determined that white light is a mixture of colours before Monday’s Countdown had started.
Next door was the only child that lived in the village, who mostly spent the weekends sea-fishing or shooting pheasant with his dad. The bath was often full to the brim with ice and huge fish that they had brought back to eat, while the outhouse toilet option was also out-of-bounds as this was where the pheasants were drained. In contrast to our meticulously clean home, theirs was a riot, always something break down or repair, and the feeling that they had more things than they could store away.
We would play football for hours on end if the weather didn't confine us indoors, where we would wear out Mega Drive cartridges, play Warhammer or gorge on taped wrestling shows. Like most boys growing up in the 90s, wrestling was an enormous part of my childhood, and with my friend being older I had to learn how to get the upper hand against someone who was physically much stronger than myself. His parents’ bed was our ring and the corridor outside was the ramp where we play our entrance music. A quick half lap of the bed and you'd dive low as if under the bottom rope and then my friend would make the sound of a bell ringing.
The major irony of being a veteran of a thousand of these child wrestling matches is that you are almost always telling each other in advance which moves you will make next, completely unaware that this is exactly the same as the professionals we were emulating. Being alone in the village, my friend had lots of time to dwell on each performance; one week he'd play music on the hi-fi, the next he had fashioned a championship belt and then he used his mother's bathrobe to be Ric Flair. Going back to my own village, I had a large group of friends who weren't as concerned with these theatrics as they were with having twenty-man brawls.
Being much taller, he eventually settled on the Undertaker as his chosen icon, turning out the lights and drawing the curtains to make his entrance. I would often be Bret Hart or anyone who gave me an excuse to climb on top of the wardrobe for a moonsault or flying elbow. We would take turns to do each move, and he would get rougher and more physical as the match went on. After three or four moves the squeezes would begin, then scratches and an occasional bite. Once during an ankle lock my toes were pulled apart to the point that it felt like there was a burning lighter held to the web of skin between them. I never shouted or screamed, fearing more than anything the breaking of the sacred silence.
The memory that I fear the most, the first thought when I wake in the small hours or when I jolt myself from a daydream is one in which he demanded that we strip to our underwear to look like the bodybuilders who wrestle only in boots and trunks. He ran the bathroom tap and once the sink was full he began washing the freezing water across my chest and arms. He laughed at the goosebumps and twisted my nipples as they hardened from the cold. He gave my Chinese burns along my arms and then washed himself so we would look like the oiled wrestlers on the television.
Watching somebody passively over-power you feels like an out-of-body experience. I knew that this was not going to end because he was aware of his superior strength. I don't know if he was aware of my fear of noise but it certainly helped prolong the process. We began wrestling and I just hoped for the routine to take over. After a couple of moves we stood toe-to-toe and he squeezed my penis. He told me to do the same to his, which was clearly hard. I was mystified as to why it was hard and afterwards remember thinking it must have been because of the cold water, just like the goosebumps.
He began tightening his grip and pulling up and down, making mine hard, then he held both of our penises together, twisting mine to wrap around his. There's a common condition where a foreskin can tighten over the head, which can make pulling it back quite painful. It was only years later that I discovered this was an abnormality and I had gotten used to the idea that sex was supposed to hurt. He pulled my foreskin as far back as it could go, and I cried with pain. He sat cross-legged on the bed and made me lie down in front of him. The exposed head was very tender and he pinched it, then he squeezed my testicles until they ached; I stubbed my toe on a bedpost after I kicked out in pain.
My foreskin was now rolled back underneath the head and I could feel the pressure of it tightening. I was still holding his penis and remember wondering whether he was trying to replicate wrestling moves; the twisting of my penis was a leglock, the rolling back of the foreskin a headlock, the squeezing a chokehold. I had no control of understanding of what was going on and was interpreting it the only way a naïve child's mind could.
I don't remember how long this went on for, all time and control disappeared, I gasped for air a few times as if panic. He kept squeezing away until he came on his stomach and my own hand. I thought he had wet himself and let go in panic but he punched me in the stomach and winded me. I got up and instinctively started getting changed, but he grabbed my penis again and kept the foreskin pulled back.
Perhaps it was a combination of shock and total lack of understanding but I can't remember dwelling too much on it other than the profound feeling of a lack of control and wounded pride. I was an intelligent child and specialised in retaining facts and figures, but no knowledge or information about what this event meant was available to me. The same process repeated itself a number of times, always in the same circumstances. Even during a mandatory sex education lesson at the end of primary school I cannot recall squaring that knowledge with what happened to me. Indeed I was so immature that I was annoyed that the girls got free tampons and we didn't get free condoms. I had a total inability even at 11 in understanding the different reasons and uses for those two products.
I never spoke of this event to another person until this year when I told my partner of three years. She is the first person I felt comfortable enough around to share something like that with. To this day I struggle to comprehend the need for people to touch each other and if I feel a stranger's hands on me I tense my entire body and have to control my breathing.
I continued to visit my grandparents until my granddad died around the year 2000. I remained friends with the neighbour but once I got to the age of nine or ten my mum believed that we were old enough to look after ourselves at home while she worked for a few hours close by. Shortly after my granddad’s death, my grandma developed senile dementia and lost all knowledge of who her grandchildren were, her memories receding back to the point at which she was a young mother. She became visibly distressed one Christmas when we visited and she didn't know who was in her living room, and after she allowed a con man trying to sell her new windows into the house she was moved to a care home. The care home described her as a quiet, pleasant woman who was happy enough believing that she worked in a nearby hospital with a young child at home. My dad visited her every week until she died, every time having to remind her that he was the son she could not find in her room. I will never know how painful that must have been for him. She died last April after a fall weakened her body and allowed infections to do what they must. I hadn't seen her for fifteen years.
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2019.10.29 05:19 MarleyEngvall oxonian has been created

By Washington Irving Comment, H. A. Davidson, M.A. CHRISTMAS EVE Saint Francis and Saint Benedight Blessed this house from wicked wight; From the night-mare and the goblin, That is hight good fellow Robin; Keep it from all evil spirits, Fairies, weezels, rats, and ferrets; From curfew time To the next prime.——CARTWRIGHT. 1. It was a brilliant moonlight night, but extremely cold; our chaise whirled rapidly over the frozen ground; the post- boy smacked his whip incessantly, and a part of the time his horses were on a gallop. "He knows where he is going," said my companion laughing, "and is eager to arrive in time for some of the merriment and good cheer of the servants' hall. My father, you must know, is a bigoted devotee of the old school, and prides himself upon keeping up something of old English hospitality. He is a tolerable specimen of what you will rarely meet with nowadays in its purity, the old English country gentleman; for our men of fortune spend so much of their time in town, and fashion is carried so much into the country, that the strong rich peculiarities of ancient rural life are almost polished away. My father, however from early years took honest Peacham° for his text-book, instead of Chesterfield; he determined in his own mind that there was no condition more truly honorable and enviable than that of a country gentleman on his paternal lands, and therefore passes the whole of his time on his estate. He is a strenuous advocate for the revival of the old rural games and holiday observances, and is deeply read in the writers, ancient and modern, who have treated on the subject. Indeed his favorite range of reading is among the authors who flourished at least two centuries since; who, he insists, wrote and thought more like true Englishmen than any of their successors. He even regrets sometimes that he had not been born a few centuries earlier, when England was itself, and had its peculiar manners and customs. As he lived at some distance from the main road, in rather a lonely part of the country, without any rival gentry near him, he has that most enviable of all blessings to an Englishman, an opportunity of indulging the bent of his own humor without molestation. Being representative of the oldest family in the neighborhood, and a great part of the peasantry being his tenants, he is much looked up to, and, in general, is known simply by the appellation of 'The Squire'; a title which has been accorded to the head of the family since time immemorial. I think it best to give you these hints about my worthy old father, to prepare you for any eccen- tricities that might otherwise appear absurd." ° Peacham's Complete Gentleman, 1622. 2. We had passed for some time along the wall of a park, and at length the chaise stopped at the gate. It was in a heavy magnificent old style, of iron bars, fancifully wrought at top into flourishes and flowers. The huge square columns that supported the gate were surmounted by the family crest. Close adjoining was the porter's lodge, sheltered under dark fir-trees, and almost buried in shrubbery. 3. The post-boy rang a large porter's bell, which resounded through the still frosty air, and was answered by the distant barking of dogs, with which the mansion-house seemed gar- risoned. An old woman immediately appeared at the gate. As the moonlight fell strongly upon her, I had a full view of a little primitive dame, dressed very much in the antique taste, with a neat kerchief and stomacher, and her silver hair peep- ing from under a cap of snowy whiteness. She came cour- tesying forth, with many expressions of simple joy at seeing her young master. Her husband, it seemed, was up at the house keeping Christmas eve in the servants' hall; they could not do without him, as he was the best hand at a song and story in the household. 4. My friend proposed that we should alight and walk through the park to the hall, which was at no great distance, while the chaise should follow on. Our road wound through a noble avenue of trees, among the naked branches of which the moon glittered, as she rolled through the deep vault of a cloudless sky. The lawn beyond was sheeted with a slight covering of snow, which here and there sparkled as the moonbeams caught a frosty crystal; and at a distance might be seen a thin transparent vapor, stealing up from the low grounds, and threatening gradually to shroud the landscape. 5. My companion looked around him with transport: "How often," said he, "have I scampered up this avenue, on returning home on school vacations! How often have I played under these trees when a boy! I feel a degree of filial reverence for them, as we look up to those who have cherished us in childhood. My father was always scrupulous in exacting our holidays, and having us around him on family festivals. He used to direct and superintend our games with the strict- ness that some parents do the studies of their children. He was very particular that we should play the old English games according to their original form; and consulted old books for precedent and authority for every 'merrie disport'; yet I assure you there never was pedantry so delightful. It was the policy of the good old gentleman to make his children feel that home was the happiest place in the world; and I value this delicious home-feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent could bestow." 6. We were interrupted by the clamor of a troop of dogs of all sorts and sizes, "mongrel, puppy, whelp, and hound, and curs of low degree," that, disturbed by the ring of the porter's bell and the rattling of the chaise, came bounding open-mouthed, across the lawn. "'———The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart, see, they bark at me!'" cried Bracebridge, laughing. At the sound of his voice, the bark was changed into a yelp of delight, and in a moment he was surrounded and almost overpowered by the caresses of the faithful animals. 7. We had now come in full view of the old family mansion, partly thrown in deep shadow, and partly lit up by the cool moonshine. It was an irregular building, of some magnitude, and seemed to be of the architecture of different periods.—— One wing was evidently very ancient, with heavy stone- shafted bow-windows jutting out and overrun with ivy, from among the foliage of which the small diamond-shaped panes of glass glittered in the moonbeams. The rest of the house was in the French taste of Charles the Second's time, having been repaired and altered, as my friend told me, by one of his ancestors, who returned with that monarch at the Restoration. The grounds about the house were laid out in the old formal manner of artificial flower-beds, clipped shrubberies, raised terraces, and heavy stone balustrades, ornamented wit urns, a leaden statue or two, and a jet of water. The old gentleman, I was told, was extremely careful to preserve the obsolete finery in all its original state. He admired this fashion in gardening; it had an air of magnificence, was courtly and noble, and befitting good old family style. The boasted imi- tation of nature in modern gardening had sprung up with modern republican notions, but did not suit a monarchical government; it smacked of the levelling system. I could not help smiling at the introduction of politics into gardening, though I expressed some apprehension that I should find the old gentleman rather intolerant in his creed. Frank assured me, however, that it was almost the only instance in which he had ever heard his father meddle with politics; and he be- lieved that he had got this notion from a member of parlia- ment who once passed a few weeks with him. The Squire was glad of any argument to defend his clipped yew-trees and formal terraces, which had been occasionally attacked by modern landscape gardeners. 8. As we approach the house, we heard the sound of music, and now and then a burst of laughter, from one end of the building. This, Bracebridge said, must proceed from the servants' hall, where a great deal of revelry was permitted, and even encouraged by the Squire, throughout the twelve days of Christmas, provided everything was done conformably to ancient usage. Here were kept up old games of hood- man blind, shoe the wild mare, hot cookies, steal the white loaf, bob apple, and snap-dragon; the Yule clog and Christ- mas candle were regularly burnt, and the mistletoe, with its white berries, hung up, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids.° ° The mistletoe is still hung up in farm-houses and kitchens at Christmas; and the young men have the privilege of kissing the girls under it, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When the berries are all plucked, the privilege ceases. 9. So intent were the servants upon their sports that we had to ring repeatedly before we could make ourselves heard. On our arrival being announced, the Squire came out to receive us, accompanied by his two other sons: one a young officer in the army, home o leave of absence; the other an Oxonian, just from the university. The Squire was a fine healthy-looking old gentleman, with silver hair curling lightly round an open florid countenance; in which the physiogno- mist, with the advantage, like myself, of a previous hint or two, might discover a singular mixture of whim and benevo- lence. 10. The family meeting was warm and affectionate: as the evening was far advanced, the Squire would not permit us to change our travelling dresses, but ushered us at once to the company, which was assembled in a large old-fashioned hall. It was composed of different branches of a numerous family connection, where there were the usual proportion of old uncles and aunts, comfortable married dames, superan- nuated spinsters, blooming country cousins, half-fledged striplings, and bright-eyed boarding-school hoydens. They were variously occupied: some at a round game of cards; others conversing around the fireplace; at one end of the hall was a group of young folks, some nearly grown up, others of a more tender and budding age, fully engrossed in a merry game; and a profusion of wooden horses, penny trumpets, and tattered dolls, about the floor, showing traces of a troop of little fairy beings who, having frolicked through a happy day had been carried off to slumber through a peaceful night. 11. While the mutual greetings were going on between young Bracebridge and his relatives, I had time to scan the apartment. I have called it a hall, for so it had certainly been in old times, and the Squire had evidently endeavored to re- store it to something of its primitive state. Over the heavy projecting fireplace was suspended a picture of a warrior in armor, standing on a white horse, and on the opposite wall hung a helmet, buckler, and lance. At one end an enormous pair of antlers were inserted in the wall, the branches serving as hooks on which to suspend hats, whips, and spurs; and in the corners of the apartment were fowling-pieces, fishing-rods, and other sporting implements. The furniture was of the cumbrous workmanship of former days, though some articles of modern convenience had been added, and the oaken floor had been carpeted; so that the whole presented an odd mix- ture of parlor and hall. 12. The grate had been removed from the wide overwhelm- ing fireplace, to make way for a fire of wood, in the midst of which was an enormous log glowing and blazing, and sending forth a vast volume of light and heat: this I understood was the Yule clog, which the Squire was particular in having brought in and illumined on a Christmas eve, according to ancient custom.° ° The Yule clog is a great log of wood, sometimes the root of a tree, brought into the house with great ceremony, on Christmas eve, laid in the fireplace, and lighted with the brand of last year's clog. While it lasted, there was great drinking, singing, and telling of tales. Some- times it was accompanied by Christmas candles; but in the cottages the only light was from the ruddy blaze of the great wood- fire. The Yule clog was to burn all night; if it went out, it was con- sidered a sign of ill-luck. Herrick mentions it in one of his songs:—— "Come, bring with a noise, My merrie, merrie boyes, The Christmas log to the firing: While my good dame, she Bids ye all be free, And drink to your hearts' desiring." The Yule clog is still burnt in many farm-houses and kitchens in England, particularly in the north, and there are several supersti- tions connected with it among the peasantry. If a squinting person come to the house while it is burning, or a person barefooted, it is con- sidered an ill omen. The brand remaining from the Yule clog is carefully put away to light the next year's Christmas fire. 13. It was really delightful to see the old Squire seated in his hereditary elbow-chair, by the hospitable fireside of his ancestors, and looking around him like the sun of a system, beaming warmth and gladness to every heart. Even the very dog that lay stretched at his feet, as he lazily shifted his posi- tion and yawned, would look fondly up in his master's face, wag his tail against the floor, and stretch himself again to sleep, confident of kindness and protection. There is an ema- nation from the hearth of the worthy old cavalier, before I found myself as much at home as if I had been one of the family. 14. Supper was announced shortly after our arrival. It was served up in a spacious oaken chamber, the panels of which shone with wax, and around which were several family portraits decorated with holly and ivy. Besides the accus- tomed lights, two great wax tapers, called Christmas candles, wreathed with greens, were placed on a highly-polished beaufet among the family plate. The table was abundantly spread with substantial fare; but the Squire made his supper of frumenty, a dish made of wheat-cakes boiled in milk, with rich spices, being a standing dish in old times for Christmas eve. 15. I was happy to find my old friend, minced-pie, in the retinue of the feast; and finding him to be perfectly orthodox, and that I need not be ashamed of my predictions, I greeted him with all the warmth wherewith we usually greet an old and very genteel acquaintance. 16. The mirth of the company was greatly promoted by the humors of an eccentric personage whom Mr. Bracebridge always addressed with the quaint appellation of Master Simon. He was a tight brisk little man, with the air of an arrant old bachelor. His nose was shaped like the bill of a parrot; his face slightly pitted with the small-pox, with a dry perpetual bloom on it, like a frostbitten leaf in autumn. He had an eye of great quickness and vivacity, with a drollery and lurking waggery of expression that was irresistible. He was evidently the wit of the family, dealing very much in the sly jokes and in- nuendoes with the ladies, and making infinite merriment by harping upon old themes; which, unfortunately, my ignorance of the family chronicles did not permit me to enjoy. It seemed to be his great delight during supper to keep a young girl next to him in a continual agony of stifled laughter, in spite of her awe of the reproving looks of her mother, who sat op- posite. Indeed, he was the idol of the younger part of the company, who laughed at everything he said or did, and at every turn of his countenance; I could not wonder at it; for he must have been a miracle of accomplishments in their eyes. He could imitate Punch and Judy; make an old woman of his hand, with the assistance of a burnt cork and pocket-hander- chief; and cut an orange into such a ludicrous caricature, that the young folks were ready to die with laughing. 17. I was let briefly into this history by Frank Bracebridge. He was an old bachelor, of a small independent income, which, by careful management, was sufficient for all his wants. He revolved through the family system like a vagrant comet in its orbit; sometimes visiting one branch, and sometimes another quite remote; as is often the case with gentlemen of extensive connections and small fortunes in England. He had a chirping buoyant disposition, always enjoying the pres- ent moment; and his frequent change of scene and company prevented his acquiring those rusty unaccommodating habits, with which old bachelors are so uncharitably charged. He was a complete family chronicle, being versed in the geneal- ogy, history, and intermarriages of the whole house of Brace- bridge, which made him a great favorite with the old folks; he was a beau of all the elder ladies and superannuated spin- sters, among whom he was habitually considered rather a young fellow, and he was master of the revels among the children; so that there was not a more popular being in the sphere in which he moved than Mr. Simon Bracebridge. Of late years, he had resided almost entirely with the Squire, to whom he had become a factotum, and whom he particularly delighted by jumping with his humor in respect to old times, and by having a scrap of an old song to suit every occasion. We had presently a specimen of his last-mentioned talent; for no sooner was supper removed, and spiced wines and other beverages peculiar to the season introduced, than Master Simon was called on for a good old Christmas song. He bethought himself for a moment, and then, with a sparkle of the eye, and a voice that was by no means bad, excepting that it ran occasionally into a falsetto, like the notes of a split reed, he quavered forth a quaint old ditty. "Now Christmas is come, Let us beat up the drum, And call all our neighbors together, And when they appear, Let us make them such cheer, As will keep out the wind and the weather," etc. 18. The supper had disposed every one to gayety and an old harper was summoned from the servants' hall, where he had been strumming all the evening, and to all appearance comforting himself with some of the Squire's home-brewed. he was a kind of hanger-on, I was told, of the establishment, and, though ostensibly a resident of the village, was oftener to be found in the Squire's kitchen than his own home, the old gentleman being fond of the sound of "harp in hall." 19. The dance, like most dances after supper, was a merry one; some of the older folks joined in it, and the Squire him- self figured down several couple with a partner, with whom he affirmed he had danced at every Christmas for nearly half a century. Master Simon, who seemed to be a kind of con- necting link between the old times and the new, and to be withal a little antiquated in the taste of his accomplishments, evidently piqued himself on his dancing, and was endeavoring to gain credit by the heel and toe, rigadoon, and other graces to the ancient school; but he had unluckily assorted himself with a little romping girl from boarding-school, who, by her wild vivacity, kept him continually on the stretch, and defeated all his sober attempts at elegance:——such are the illassorted matches to which antique gentlemen are unfortunately prone! 20. The young Oxonian, on the contrary, had led out one of his maiden aunts, on whom the rogue played a thousand little knaveries with impunity: he was full of practical jokes, and his delight was to tease his aunts and cousins; yet, like all mad-cap youngsters, he was a universal favorite among the women. The most interesting couple in the dance was the young officer and a ward of the Squire's, a beautiful blushing girl of seventeen. From several shy glances which I had noticed in the course of the evening, I suspected there was a little kindness growing up between them, and, indeed, the young soldier was just the hero to captivate a romantic girl. He was tall, slender, and handsome, and, like most young British officers of late years, had picked up various small accomplishments on the continent;——he could talk French and Italian——draw landscapes——sing very tolerably——dance divinely; but, above all, he had been wounded at Waterloo: ——what girl of seventeen, well read in poetry and romance, could resist such a mirror of chivalry and perfection! 21. The moment the dance was over, he caught up a guitar and, lolling against the old marble fireplace, in an attitude which I am half inclined to suspect was studied, began the little French air of the Troubadour. The Squire, however, exclaimed against having anything on Christmas eve but good old English; upon which the young minstrel, casting up his eye for a moment, as if in an effort of memory, struck into another strain, and, with a charming air of gallantry, gave Herrick's "Night-Piece to Julia." Her eyes the glow-worm lend thee; The shooting stars attend thee, And the elves also, Whose little eyes glow Like the sparks of fire, befriend thee. No Will-o'-the-Wisp mislight thee; Nor snake nor slow-worm bite thee; But on, on thy way, Not making a stay, Since ghost there is none to affright thee. Then let not the dark thee comber; What though the moon does slumber, The stars of the night Will lend thee their light, Like tapers clear without number. Then, Julia, let me woo thee, Thus, thus to come unto me, And when I shall meet Thy silvery feet, My soul I'll pour into thee. 22. The song might or might not have been intended in compliment to the fair Julia, for so I found his partner was called; she, however, was certainly unconscious of any such application, for she never looked at the singer, but kept her eyes cast upon the floor. Her face was suffused, it is true, with a beautiful blush, and there was a gentle heaving of the bosom, but all that was doubtless caused by the exercise of the dance; indeed, so great was her indifference, that she amused herself with plucking to pieces a choice bouquet of hot-house flowers, and by the time the son was concluded the nosegay lay in ruins on the floor. 23. The party now broke up for the night with the kind- hearted old custom of shaking hands. As I passed through the hall, on my way to my chamber, the dying embers of the Yule clog still sent forth a dusky glow, and had it not been the season when "no spirit dares stir abroad," I should have been half tempted to steal from my room at midnight, and peep whether the fairies might not be at their revels about the hearth. 24. My chamber was in the old part of the mansion, the ponderous furniture of which might have been fabricated in the days of the giants. The room was panelled with cornices of heavy carved work, in which flowers and grotesque faces were strangely intermingled; and a row of black-looking portraits stared mournfully at me from the walls. The bed was a rich, though faded damask, with a lofty tester, and stood in a niche opposite a bow-window. I had scarcely got into bed when a strain of music seemed to break forth in the air just below the window. I listened, and found it proceeded from a band, which I concluded to be the waits from some neigh- boring village. They went round the house, playing under the windows. I drew aside the curtains to hear them more distinctly. The moonbeams fell through the upper part of the casement, partially lighting up the antiquated apartment. The sounds, as they receded, became more soft and aërial, and seemed to accord with the quiet and moonlight. I listened and listened,——they became more and more tender and remote, and, as they gradually died away, my head sunk upon the pillow, and I fell asleep. 
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2019.09.26 12:49 jenniferdouglass Jennifer Douglas Abubakar Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar - The Assistant Professor (America University –Sharjah)

Jennifer Douglas Abubakar Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar - The Assistant Professor (America University –Sharjah)
Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar is a smart businesswoman and a philanthropist. She is the managing partner for Miyetti Law firm and also the founder of the Gede Foundation. But, before all this, she served as an Assistant Professor at American University in Sharjah (UAE) where she taught students on public international law. She was also advising senior thesis students and guiding the independent study.Jennifer Douglas Abubakar was selected as a postdoctoral fellow in her class and she owned MA/Ph.D. degrees from American University Washington DC. She has also done LLB and LLM (in oil and gas law) with first-class honors from the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar, Jennifer Douglas Abubakar
She is a self-motivated African woman whose aim is to help others in all possible ways. She encourages, improves, and puts her efforts to develop lives across Nigeria. On the same hand, Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar is a dedicated family member and loves her family. She enjoys reading which helps her to improve her skills and presentation talent. Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar can handle many tasks at the same time and plans her schedule in a way that she accomplishes success in whatever she does.
Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar was not only responsible for her family welfare, but she also wanted to raise her country people and save them from bad health. Thus, she founded a non-governmental organization named Gede Foundation, where she helps underprivileged people by devoting her time and advocating them for a good cause.
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2019.09.05 21:30 archibalduk [Request] UK - Birthday cards to a child with epidermolysis bullosa

Apologies if this is the wrong sub. I saw this article on the Metro HERE that a mother of a boy with epidermolysis bullosa is looking for people to send birthday cards to him in order to cheer him up. His birthday is on 14 September.
The news article states:
The 13-year-old uses a wheelchair due to severe epidermolysis bullosa, a condition which results in painful skin blisters, sores and has caused his fingers to fuse together. When Rhys was born Tanya and her partner Mark had no idea whether he would ever reach his teenage years.
Rhys, from Bolton, Lancashire, says he wishes ‘a butterfly would come and take him away’ and his devastated mum is desperate to show him he has something to fight for. Tanya said: ‘He just wants to give up, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?’
With his birthday coming up on 14 September, Tanya, 36, wants Rhys to see that people care and are thinking about him.
Tanya had the idea to ask strangers for birthday cards after she noticed how happy Rhys was when he received Christmas cards last year. He opened the hundreds of letters sent to him, and Tanya wants to give him the same happiness once again. She hopes he can find something to look forward to once again.
At the moment his pain is so severe that he has to take morphine to try to control it. His family are unable to hug him, he is unable to play outside with friends, go on holidays, attend birthday parties and even go shopping.
I have absolutely no relation to the family above or the newspaper. I just saw the article and thought this is something that Reddit folk have been enthusiastic about in the past. Maybe there have been too many of these requests before (I just don't know) but thought I'd mention it in case there is any interest.
I haven't repeated the name and address of Rhys (I'm not sure I should post the address here) but you will find his surname at the top of the article and his address at the end of the news article, just above the box entitled "What is epidermolysis bullosa". Or just do a text search for "Bolton" and it is the second result.
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Woman beater who bit his ex-partner's nose jailed ...

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Dr Santosh Davis, GP Partner at Burnley Wood Medical Centre and Clinical Lead for Integrated Care East Lancashire CCG talks about the work that has been happening in the Burnley East Primary Care ... Jordan Gaskell proposed to his partner Shauna Horrobin, from Wigan in Lancashire, after their daughter Lottie Melissa was born last week. The clip captured the moment Mr Gaskell dropped to one ... Bispham JFF 4-0 Ribbleton: Partners Foundation U13 County Youth Cup final Lancashire FA. Loading... Unsubscribe from Lancashire FA? ... Lancashire FA 1,997 views. 5:38. World Cup Final and UEFA Champions League Final Referee Howard Webb makes the draw for the 2nd round of The Lancashire FA Partners Foundation Challenge Trophy, ties to be played week commencing ... Where can you find a Ballroom dance partner? Here are 3 places and 2 websites you can find a dance partner. Visit us here: Port Manager Liam Watson sits down to look ahead to the Lancashire FA Partners Foundation Challenge Trophy Final, reflecting on this season's progress and success in 2006 and 2010. Southport play ... CARES Charity is the official fund raising partner of ELHT&Me for a new Endoscopy Suite at Burnley General Teaching Hospital in East Lancashire. ELHT&Me is the charity of East Lancashire Hospital ... உங்கள் வாழ்க்கைத்துணை சந்திப்பு/meeting future life partner/tamil astrology 2019 (check yourself) - Duration ... Lancashire Franchise Partner, Emma Fenlon explains why she joined Minster and how she has grown the business to turnover £1.4 Million. It's a birthday night out and so I use this as an opportunity to serve all of you a lovely male-to-female, boy to girl transformation tutorial video. It's al...