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Serj Tankian and Jimmy Urine Releasing ‘Fuktronic’ On May 8 - May 1, 2020 Female Focused Music Non-Profit Nvak Releases Komitas Album - April 21, 2020 View all Serj Tankian has had no other relationships that we know of. About. Serj Tankian is a 52 year old American Musician. Born on 21st August, 1967 in Beirut, Lebanon, he is famous for Frontman of System of a Down. His zodiac sign is Leo. Serj Tankian is a member of the following lists: Grammy Award winners, 1967 births and American male singers. Serj Tankian Teetering on The Edge Meet the Artist: 17 Mar 2019: 1pm – 3pm. Frontman of global hard-rock sensations System Of A Down, Serj Tankian’s art is as powerful and edgy as his music. This selection of recent work includes a series of editioned and hand-finished unique signed prints. Bring your earphones and download the app for the ... Serj Tankian was born on August 21, 1967. ... Is Randy Fenoli married to Liza Menelli or is Michael Landry his partner? Are the friction losses of an induction machine linear? Serj Tankian is 51 years old and a well known Metal Singer. Born on August 21, 1967, in Beirut, Lebanon.. In this article, you’ll learn more about Serj Tankian’s Estimated Net Worth,Career, Height, Weight, Family, Age, Biography,Cars, House,Wiki & Nationality. Both Serj Tankian, singer and keyboard player, and John Dolmayan, the band's drummer, were born in Lebanon to Armenian families, and came to California as children as well. Tankian also attended the Armenian-American school, but was born in 1967, making him the oldest member of the band. Serj Tankian @serjtankian Singer, poet, songwriter, visual artist, activist, film producer, composer and entrepreneur. Welcome to Serj Tankian's Crowdcast profile. Serj Tankian is a celebrated American rock star with a huge fan base. Let’s discover his Biography, Net Worth, Age, wife/partner, Family, Affairs, Measurements, Achievements & Much More! Biography American star Serj Tankian is the most outstanding musician in music history, and that success has made the superstar a wealthy musician. He was born on […] On the other hand, his partner is secretive and has kept her social account private. Shares A Son With His Spouse. Serj Tankian and his wife Angela Madatyan are in a conjugal relationship for over seven years. They are proud parents of a child. Two years later, their wedlock, the duo welcomed their baby, son Rumi Tankian on 24th October 2014. Serj Tankian 2020 - Biography at Wikipedia (Wiki, Age, Birthday) Serj Tankian - singer of the band System of a Down, poet Serj Tankian was born on August 21, 1967 in Beirut

Apr/27/2020 -- News Summary -- Armenian mafia in US / App to find street parking, CCTVs / Aid for startups / Officials busted with bribery / Foreign aid to ARM and Artsakh / Neighborhood news / Wages up / Trade & Services down / Prosecutors investigate report against Yerevan mayor / 15% had COVID

2020.04.27 22:30 ar_david_hh Apr/27/2020 -- News Summary -- Armenian mafia in US / App to find street parking, CCTVs / Aid for startups / Officials busted with bribery / Foreign aid to ARM and Artsakh / Neighborhood news / Wages up / Trade & Services down / Prosecutors investigate report against Yerevan mayor / 15% had COVID

Armenian mafia / Former FBI agent arrested

US prosecutors and a report says:
Babak Broumand, now a retired FBI agent, took a $200,000 bribe to provide classified information to a lawyer representing Armenian mafia, one of whose infamous members was the former Glendale police chief John Balian, who got sentenced to 21 months in prison earlier.
Babak used his FBI database access to get insider info on the mafia's prospective partners to see if they are under FBI watchlist, to let the mafia know how safe it is to do business with them.
One such prospective partner was Levon Termendzhyan, from LA, who got convicted later with $1bln biodiesel tax fraud.
Gucci, cars, and cigars (I made it rhyme). Read the articles for full story:

App to find available street parking in Yerevan Center / Parking restrictions / CCTVs

QP MPs are working on a bill to modify paid street parking in Yerevan. Some districts have special Red Lines on the streets that mark the area where you park.
Under the proposed rules:
1) Red parking areas will be required to have CCTV cameras to detesolve crime.
2) The CCTV will also catch nearby businesses that illegally block parking areas with bootleg "no parking" signs.
3) The CCTV will be attached to an app that will find where the unused parking spots are. The driver could log in and find parking in the Center district.
4) When a cop gives a parking ticket, he will be required to record the illegally parked car for 15 minutes as proof, instead of taking a single picture. This is because parking for less than 15 minutes is free, and drivers often go to court to challenge their tickets by claiming they parked for less than 15 minutes.
5) Parked cars will be required to have visible license plates.
6) Drivers complain that they can't park in Center because people pay a small fee and park for an entire year. Yerevan municipality will be given more powers to further regulate this.
7) If a parked car does commercial activities, they'll pay more.
8) Parking fees won't increase until Yerevan reforms the public transport system.
9) Yerevan may prohibit "For Sale" car parking on the busiest streets.
10) "For Sale" cars won't be allowed to park long-term.
11) They're discussing whether to change the demarkation color red to yellow because internationally red is associated with prohibited parking (sigh...)
12) In the beginning, these Red parking areas will be removed except in the busy Center and Arabkir districts.
The draft bill will be discussed in Parliament this summer.
Tag: #YerevanParking #ParkingRestriction

Armenian startups to get 10mln loans from govt

"Successful Startup" program launches soon. You can apply for a loan if you're just starting now or have been operating for <3 years.
Applicants undergo month-long training. The graduates develop a business plan. Some of them get picked and funded by the Ministry of Economy.
Loan terms are being tweaked. It's 10mln with TBD interest rate but it'll be <10%.

National Institute of Standards and Metrology...

...employees are busted by NSS for alleged bribery. "High ranking officials colluded and took bribes, in exchange for closing the eye on the fact that some companies broke the law while measuring some things in 2019-2020. Officials got caught while delivering the bribe to the boss," says NSS.
The officials are arrested. They confessed. A felony case is launched.

Foreign aid from EU / HHK's record

EU has a "Team Europe" initiative to give money to EU partners. It's done as Macro Economic Aid (MFA), COVID aid, etc.
HHK MP Ashotyan accused Pashinyan administration of failing foreign policy for not being able to secure MFA aid from EU.
10 Team Europe partners will receive MFA aid. Georgia gets $150mln.
Ashotyan: "In 2011, HHK secured $100mln MFA aid from Team Europe after the 2008 economic crisis."
FIP outlet tried to find out details:
In 2011 Armenia got Team Europe's MFA aid. At the time, HHK was negotiating with the EU about the tight economic cooperation with the EU (DCFTA).
In 2013, however, HHK suddenly rejected the EU and joined Russia's EAEU trade bloc. FIP writes that the EU's later 2013 document, about MFA aid assessment, mentions this sudden political shift.
As it turns out, the EU plans to give Armenia $100mln in COVID aid now, as part of the same Team Europe initiative.
EU aid:

US Congress & Artsakh aid

30 US Senators and 75 Representatives joined an initiative to provide $1.5mln de-mining and disability aid to the Artsakh Republic in 2021. (Update: this is an ongoing negotiation. It's not a done deal yet.)
De-mining aid was suspended recently, party due to the US concluding that the mission was successful, citing no recent mine-related deaths at the time of suspension.

HHK criticizes Justice Minister's hiring

Team-Serj accused Justice Minister Badasyan of hiring his godfather and a friend as high ranking officials in the Ministry.
Justice Ministry responded: >5 people applied at random times for two of the aforementioned jobs. They went through job interviews and competitions as regulated by law, observed by special committees, without a conflict of interest.

2016 Artsakh Defense Minister testifies about battles

The Parliamentary Committee continues its investigation to see if officials and army did their job properly during the April 2016 battles.
Artsakh's 2016 Defense Minister Levon Mnatsakanyan testified. He repeated Serj's claim that the Armenian land losses were twice smaller than initially believed. "Obviously, there were problems and I had my share in it, but the army did its job at preventing enemy's advancements, and won."
The chief investigator was satisfied with the Q&A. It lasted for 4 hours. The story will conclude this summer, after a few more interviews.

COVID hit economy hard, but wages are up

Economic Activity Index in March 2020 vs March 2019 was -4.9%. (or +4% if we compare Q1 YoY instead of just the COVID period)
Construction -26%, Trade -10%, Foreign trade -16%, Export -17%, Imports -15%, Services volume -5%, Industrial output -2%, Electricity production -1%, Consumer prices -0.1%, Industrial product prices -2%.
Average monthly nominal salary + 8.6% (192.5k or $401)
This was March vs March.

border tensions escalated...

...last week after Azeris fired 3,500 times. "I don't remember the last time I saw so many peace violations," said Artsakh official.
Artsakh army shot down an Azeri drone last week, around the time when AM and AZ Foreign Ministries were holding talks. Azeris have been flying drones more frequently.
Reminder: Armenia occupies 100% of Artsakh lands since 1993 war.

Azeri banks collapse / Oil situation

Central Bank of Azerbaijan had to take control of 4 major commercial banks (all on the Top-15 list). The banks are facing liquidity and financial sustainability problems.
Azer oil is $19. It probably won't reach $40 in 2020. Yet Azerbaijan needs $55 oil to balance its budget because 40% of its GDP comes from oil.
Since the oil won't reach $55 this year, experts predict another Manat currency devaluation soon. Last time it resulted in massive savings losses and protests.
Azeri govt has been spending $90mln/day to deal with COVID impact.

RIP all-inclusive hotels

Turkish tourism is hit hard by COVID. Turkish govt says the big hotels will no longer offer all-inclusive packages and Swedish Table, and the overall prices will rise.

Famous lawyer Seda Safaryan's family beaten

Safaryan says 6 men were making loud noises on Saturday night. Safaryan's son-in-law asked them not to disturb the peace. An argument ensued. Son-in-law's family member and Safaryan's daughter were also beaten.
"They attacked for nothing, and even beat the women who weren't doing anything other than trying to broke up the fight. Neighbors intervened. Neighbors were also assaulted," said Safaryan.
The police found 2 suspects. They appeared at a police station and testified, before being released. 1 is still wanted.
Prosecutors will press hooliganism charges.
Safaryan represents March 1st victims who are suing Kocharyan & Co.
Human Rights Ombudsman: since Seda Safaryan believes the attack on her family could be related to the work she does, it needs to be examined.
Safaryan and several NGOs believe it's related to her legal activities against the Kocharyan & Co. Safaryan's brother Styopa was mugged several months ago under suspicious circumstances. At the time, Styopa said he hired private investigators who tracked down the muggers and found that Kocharyan's son visited the home belonging to one of the muggers.

Human Rights Ombudsman went to Parliament... discuss a few problems related to police brutality, inappropriate arrests or handling of the situation, domestic violence against men and women, rampant toxic environment and hate speech on social media, ways the journalists can post content that doesn't incite extra hate. Some suggestions were made.

Felony case around Old Yerevan construction

Yerevan council's Luys opposition suggested arresting Yerevan mayor Marutyan for allowing "Old Yerevan" project to do "illegal construction for a duration of a year".
Prosecutors launched an examination and said:
In 2013, the govt declared several pieces of land as of special public importance and authorized "Old Yerevan"'s construction on them.
From 2015-2019, several firms were authorized to do the design and construction work, after consulting with legal agencies.
One of the construction firms, however, broke the agreement and build an illegal floor. Yerevan municipality issued a penalty twice.
The firm ignored the penalties and continued its work. Yerevan mayor asked the prosecutors to intervene, aka the mayor didn't ignore and let it slide, therefor the mayor didn't break the law.
A felony case is launched to investigate the construction firm.

COVID situation

18.5k tested. 1746 infected. 848 healed. 29 dead.

3rd aid package expands / relaxed requirements

3rd COVID aid package passed by govt gave the small and medium businesses loan aid. 5.2bln paid so far.
Today they decided to expand the types of businesses that'll qualify for this aid: education field, sports, construction, etc.
Further tweaks were made to allow more tourist agencies to qualify.
Under old rules, a business was disqualified from a loan if it had a bad credit incident in 2019. Under new rules, the late payments are ignored as long as the business paid back the debt by the end of 2019.

15% of arrivals have COVID / Hospitals / Conspiracies

Minister Torosyan said:
Some doctors in Maralik and Vardenis (cities) hospitals didn't follow safety so the staff got infected. The buildings are closed. A group of experts will travel around and train doctors on how to use PPE.
~15% of Armenians who returned from abroad and went to quarantine had COVID. We made a mistake by initially allowing people to leave quarantine and attend a family member's funeral. One COVID incident happened like this. We stopped allowing funeral attendance.
Every mandatory quarantine building is guarded by 10 cops. 2200 are quarantined, 3000 self-quarantined, 2000 left quarantine.
The infamous Ejmiatsin wedding spread is officially contained due to identify & isolate. No new cases. One day, however, one of the other active hotspots could get out of hand.
1-in-11.4 tests come positive. Same as in Japan. Tests must be done only if necessary.
Recovered patients could possibly develop a temporary immunity against COVID for 1-2 years, just because they recently fought it off, but we don't know yet what exactly will happen.
Some people don't believe COVID is real. They believe in conspiracy theories about world leaders lying about it to control the world. Vaccinations face the same issue. The best way to combat this is through education.
Some still believe that HIV is also fake. If I didn't have a sense of responsibility, I'd tell those people to get infected and see for themselves if it's real (bruh lol). Come, I'll give you a tour through a hospital so you'll see if it's real.

Church candle seller got COVID

His 26 fellows at Holy Seven Wounds church in Gyumri tested negative. They had to take a day off and were unable the ring the bells on April 23rd. They're back to work now.

This church is straight out of Blade Runner 2049

A new St. Sarkis Church is being built near Dallas, Texas.
Aerial view:
Inside pics:
Church website:

Armenia is the number-one EAEU state...

... with developing democratic values, per Freedom House 2020 report. The only other "partly free" state in the CSTO/EAEU bloc is Kyrgyzstan.
Armenian internet is freer than Italian and Japan. Equal to France.
Armenia is the only EAEU/CSTO state where the internet got freer.

Education Minister gives you the latest

No final exams in schools and colleges. The daily grades as of March 13th will be used to substitute an exam score.
Graduating students will be able to use their last semester's exam scores. If it's too low, they can use the avg of pre-March 13th grades.
As for universities, the university admins will decide each for their own how the final exams are handled.
No prom, Last Bell, and drama this year. Celebrations will happen once the epidemic ends.

a single social media post turns into...

a big campaign to help poor families during COVID.
A group of friends decided to chip-in and "help a family who didn't qualify for govt-aid". They posted online asking for others to help. Soon, 100 volunteers joined. 1,000 families will receive aid.
Organizer Hamlet Khnkoyan says the volunteers usually come in with boxes of food and other stuff.

82-year-old grandpa Artush didn't know...

...that Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial was closed for public on April 24th. He showed up in the morning to march with flowers but was turned away. Later Pashinyan asked the police to make an exception for him and to accompany him to the Memorial.
Then it turns out Artush papi is very poor and needs help. A group of volunteers went to his home to create a plan of action to renovate his apartment.
Artush walks:
Artush home:

Genocide survivor's grandson...

... Artyom Tonoyan is a researcher at the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Center of the University of Minnesota.
Tonoyan says:
Grandpa Grigor was born in 1909 in Marza, Kars, Western Armenia. He never liked talking about Genocide because he saw his sister and parents murdered in the barn. His aunt told us everything.
He escaped and ended up in an Alexandrapol (Gyumri) orphanage, where he grew up with his future wife (grandma) who escaped from Erzrum.
He took nothing with him while escaping. No personal items. Last year we teamed up to find other families of survivors in Minnesota. They showed us personal items their grandparents managed to take with them. Those photos are now in museums.
Because of our efforts, many Minnesota University graduates are aware of the Genocide, but knowledge varies from state to state.
Photos and story:Ցեղասպանությունից-վերապրած-պապի-թոռն-այսօր-Մինեսոտա-համալսարանում-«Հայոց-ցեղասպանություն»-է-դասավանդ/230950

SOAD's Serj Tankian performed a song "Hayastane"...

...based on a poem written by Pashinyan in 2019.
The proceeds from the song will be donated to the 1st lady's My Step and City of Smile charity foundations to help kids with illnesses.

UAE sends aid

President Armen Sarkissian called his sheikh bros in UAE and asked for medical supplies. Today a plane arrived with aid.

Armen Sarkissian: Il est fondamental d’avoir la mémoire des épreuves passées

French Le Monde outlet published an article by President Armen Sarkissian. It's about the Genocide.
French (paywall): https://www.lemonde.fidees/article/2020/04/24/armen-sarkissian-il-est-fondamental-d-avoir-la-memoire-des-epreuves-passees_6037685_3232.html

Friday News

In case you missed it:


1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise. NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party.
3) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2019.11.26 20:31 dbo259 **EVERYTHING INFJ** [Note: VERY Long Post]

Click here to view Part 2 [1/2]:;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;utm_medium=ios_app&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;utm_name=iossmf
Click here to view Part 2 [2/2]:;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;utm_medium=ios_app&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;utm_name=iossmf
Everything You Wanted To Know About The INFJ Type (In Detail):
- Note: I basically just put the entire internet of information regarding the INFJ type into this post. This took a ridiculous amount of time. I hope everyone can at the very least become a little bit more acquainted with the INFJ type after skimming around through this long enough. I hope my effort wasn't wasted in vain XD
- Most of the information found in this post comes from the following sites, I kind of just aggregated them all into one cohesive, comprehensive post was all:
- Other INFJs reading this, if there's anything you can think of that I didn't post in this that you'd like to share, comment, or post down below, feel free to do so:
The INFJ Personality Type- The Counselor / Sage / Confidant Introvert iNutition Feeling Judging
Idealist Temperament (NF): - Future-Focused - Abstract - People-Oriented - Vision-Seeking - Idealistic - Diplomatic
Among the rarest of types within the MBTI Community, roughly equated to about 1%-2% of the Adult Population overall Female INFJs: 1%-2% Male INFJs: 0.5%-1%
INFJs At A Glance:
Function Stack of the INFJ:
Ego / Conscious Mind- INFJ:
  1. Dominant/Hero- Ni Introverted Intuition
  2. Auxiliary/Parent- Fe Extroverted Feeling
  3. Tertiary/Child- Ti Introverted Thinking
  4. InferioAspirational- Se Extroverted Sensing Shadow / Unconscious Mind- ENFP
  5. Nemesis- Ne Extroverted Intuition
  6. Critic- Fi Introverted Feeling
  7. Trickster- Te Extroverted Thinking
  8. Demon- Si Introverted Sensing
One-Word Nicknames / Snapshot of the 8 INFJ Functions:
  1. Ni- "Perspectives": Generates convergent insights and impressions; discerns deep laws, causes, and patterns.
  2. Fe- "Harmony": Aims to emotionally connect with and work / live well with others; facilitates morale, consensus and communication.
  3. Ti- "Accuracy": Seeks logical foundations and consistency in thought, as well as autonomy in methodology and decision-making.
  4. Se- "Sensation (External) / Reality”: Lives in the moment; relishes new experiences, tasks, and challenges; attunes to external details.
  5. Ne- "Possibilities": Broadly explores and ; synthesizes ideas, patterns, connections; possibilities; brainstorming; “scatterbrain”.
  6. Fi- "Authenticity": Surveys, manages, and protects personal feelings and values; deeply sympathizes with the needy and disadvantaged.
  7. Te- "Effectiveness": Orchestrates external order, efficiency and effectiveness; consults objective data and evidence in decision-making.
  8. Si- "Memory": Preserves references the past to inform beliefs, decisions and behavior; perceives inner bodily sensations.
The 4 Sides of the INFJ Mind and Their Positive / Negative Components:
Note: Think of the 4 sides consisting of 4 different quadrants: Quadrant I: Top Left Corner —> Ego Quadrant II: Top Right Corner —> Subconscious Quadrant III: Bottom Left Corner —> Shadow Quadrant IV: Bottom Right Corner —> Superego
Q1. Ego Q2. Subconscious —————————————————— Q3. Shadow Q4. Superego
Ego: INFJ Indicative of [+]Responsibility or [-]Irresponsibility - Ni - Fe - Ti - Se
Subconscious: ESTP Indicative of [+]Happiness or [-]High Stress - Se - Ti - Fe - Ni
Unconscious / Shadow: ENFP Indicative of [+]Maturity or [-]Personal Instability - Ne - Fi - Te - Si
Superego: ISTJ Indicative of [+]Enlightenment or [-]Self-Destruction - Si - Te - Fi - Ne
INFJs in the Workplace: - - - Related: Job Compatibility For Each of the 16 Types (Charts Included)
In the workplace, INFJs often appear to be quiet, caring and sensitive. While not immediately motivated to meet new employees, INFJs are dedicated team players and problem solvers. INFJs, therefore, excel in individual conflict resolution. They have strong interpersonal skills and are skilled at both understanding and dissecting others’ thoughts and feelings in relation to the conflict.
INFJs are quiet and gentle people who have very specific needs and tendencies when it comes to their workplaces and their workmates. This type is the rarest of the personality types, which means they often have trouble finding what they need from their workplace and its environment and can end up suffering because of the lack.
General Overview INFJs usually become everyone’s favorite confidant. This applies in the workplace as much as it does out on the street. INFJs are naturally warm and something about them encourages others to trust them, so in the workplace they’re usually everyone’s first choice when they need someone to talk to. Their easy empathy and kindness can also benefit the workplace a lot. INFJs work hard to understand other people and make their workspaces a better place to be, and everyone who works with them will be the beneficiary of their skills in this area.
The INFJs need for a calm and peaceful workplace is probably one of the most important qualities that INFJs look for in their work, and if they can’t find it they will start making plans to move on as soon as possible.
INFJs need quiet, calm, and kind workplaces. They don’t enjoy the high pressure of some corporate jobs and will find themselves burning out fast if they’re put into these kinds of environments. INFJs also don’t like a lot of conflict, so if people in their workplace fight or argue a lot, it will wear on them. Their need for a calm and peaceful workplace is probably one of the most important qualities that INFJs look for in their work, and if they can’t find it they will start making plans to move on as soon as possible.
Company and Society INFJs don’t enjoy working in traditional workplaces. The rigid rules, schedules, expectations and structures of these types of workplaces run counter to the INFJ sense of what’s right. It also usually gets in the way of what the INFJ wants to achieve. INFJs want to be creative. They want to feel free to follow their muse and produce the work that their heart wants to create. They want to grow at their own pace and in their own time. And the idea of restricting those qualities, of fitting to the molds set by people in the past, usually seems completely foolish to them. Which is why INFJs often do better when they work on their own or when their boss and workmates share similar values of creativity and self-development. When an INFJ finds this combination in their workplace, they’ll be happy to stay and do their absolute best work in response.
Abuse in the Workplace INFJs can sometimes find themselves the target of bullies or unscrupulous people in the workplace. They like to see the best in people, often long after they’ve been proven otherwise, and this often leads to them giving people more chances than others would. They also try to avoid conflict for as long as possible, which means that most INFJs are hesitant about confronting people who are treating them badly. This can lead to workplace bullying that goes on for far too long, doing damage to this sensitive type and resulting in them feeling and acting very bitter about the entire situation. This type, more than any other, needs to learn to protect themselves against these kinds of attacks.
INFJs are unlikely to ever bully anyone in the workplace. This type is famously sensitive, too much so sometimes, and the idea of hurting other people goes against everything they stand for. They do sometimes turn to manipulation to get what they want however, they have such a good understanding of emotions that they can easily manipulate others. But this only occurs when the INFJ is very unhealthy and needs to do some personal development work to learn to cope with past hurts and disappointments.
Workplace Strengths INFJs have a great deal of emotional intelligence. This comes primarily from the combined wisdom of their dominant and auxiliary function. Introverted intuition, their dominant, takes in information from the external world and uses it to understand the patterns that underlie all of life and human behavior. And because INFJs use extraverted feeling as their auxiliary, this information is mostly about the emotional states of the people around them. INFJs see the patterns in all this emotional information and use this understanding to predict people’s future behavior and choices. This kind of intelligence means they’re extremely good with people. They naturally help others to overcome issues, encourage them to choose healthy behaviors, and encourage better relationships in the workplace. And these benefits can make for a very happy workplace and happy client relationships as well.
Workplace Weaknesses INFJs have very high standards when it comes to their working environment and this can be a problem. People of this type usually have very sensitive nervous systems, which means that a working environment that runs counter to their instincts and tendencies will be acutely painful for them. But an INFJ has such high standards that they don’t often find a workplace that can satisfy them. This is why INFJs often end up working in environments that are ill suited to them, or just outright jarring on their nerves and their emotional centers.
INFJs should completely avoid workplaces where they’re expected to be cutthroat in the pursuit of their own success or the success of their business. INFJs should completely avoid workplaces where they’re expected to be cutthroat in the pursuit of their own success or the success of their business. This type always sees the bigger picture, it’s an unavoidable side effect of their introverted intuition dominant, and so they can’t make themselves blind to the consequences of their actions. Any business or working environment that prioritizes the business against people’s lives, happiness, or wellbeing in any way is completely unsuited to this type and they would quickly become very unhappy and bitter if they’re forced into these kinds of workplaces.
INFJ Career Advice
INFJs should pursue the types of careers that make the most of their strengths. This could be researching in a quiet lab environment, writing in the privacy of their homes, or meeting patients in a private office. The best INFJ careers put intuition, empathy, and altruism to good use. INFJs should avoid competitive fields that are results-driven with little concern for the wider world. Jobs in marketing, advertising, sales, IT, and customer service might be poor career choices for INFJs. Here are some of the best jobs for INFJs.
Top Jobs / Careers for INFJs:
Virtue and Vice of the INFJ: - Virtue: The Virtue of the INFJ is Integrity - Vice: The Vice of the INFJ is Corruption
Getting To Know The INFJ Type More In-Depth:
What Do INFJs Typically Want To Achieve From Life? * To deeply understand, analyze, develop and positively contribute to the Human Condition for the sake of positive social change among humanity * Harness and Utilize their intense, deep, and introspective insights, conceptualizations, ideas, and values to ultimately help, guide, develop, and inspire other people to reach their highest / fullest potential in life; if not for humanity in general * Fulfill whatever their personal ambitions, desires, goals and/or potential they seek for themselves * Understand themselves fully and holistically
What Do INFJs Typically Like? * Deep, meaningful, insightful, sincere conversations with other people, especially those they are close with, and oftentimes those that are theoretical, abstract, and/or philosophical as they relate to people, humanity, values and ethics, social philosophy, science, etc. * Anything that allows them to let their creativity flourish and express themselves personally: Philosophy, Art, Music, Photography, Literature / Reading / Film, Poetry, Writing, Vlogging, Blogging, Cooking, Bettering others, Solving complex interpersonal problems, etc. * Spending time with the people who mean the most to them * Spending alone time reflecting, analyzing, ruminating, pondering, wondering, contemplating, and thinking over their deeply held, intuitive subjective insights and musings about the life and the world in general * Quiet spaces and environments * Feeling connected to the world and people around them
What Do INFJs Typically Dislike? - Over-Stimulating situations and environments -Arrogance - Insincerity - Corruption - Micromanagement - Obliviousness - Illogical people - Inefficiency - Shallow / Meaningless Conversations - One-Sided Relationships - Chronic Loneliness - Feeling like an alien in the world - Nobody taking them or their insights / advice seriously - Strenuous conflict with others - Being misunderstood near constantly - Always feeling like they have to explain themselves to everyone over every little thing they do because people will find a way to misconstrue their words, actions, or decisions - Having to focus too much on details and specifics for an extended period of time - Extroverting too much / Not enough alone time to themselves - Stagnation / Underachieving when it comes to important or meaningful goals / personal vision for self - Being perfectionistic to a fault - Being constantly overly self-critical / harsh towards themselves - Self-awareness in their own flaws, mistakes, insecurities, and vulnerabilities - Performing poorly in front of others / Giving other people bad experiences - Overthinking EVERYTHING
What Do INFJs Do When They Are Angry? * Ignore you completely (if towards the person) * Become over-critical of everything and everyone around them * Lash out in a furious violent, verbally-annihilating, emotionally-scarring rage if provoked far enough (although this is extremely rare) * Bottle up their feelings and/or vent them out to someone they trust
How Do You Know If An INFJ Likes You? * They will find out everything that they can about you and take an interest in what you like.
How Does The INFJ Type Typically Fall In Love? * INFJs have standards and internal beliefs that represent what love means to them personally. They aren’t ones to jump head first into romance, they are more cautious and analytical when it comes to their feelings. They know how to see the good within someone's heart, which can get them into trouble sometimes. The INFJ takes time to truly fall in love, although they may fall into “crush” rather quickly. Love is entirely different for them and takes much more patience to develop. When the INFJ finally does fall in love, they fall hard and sincerely. They take their feelings very seriously and develop a bond with their romantic partner that they do not intend to sever. It takes a lot to push the INFJ away once they have truly fallen for someone. The INFJ may take time to allow themselves to fall, but once they do, it quickly becomes serious.
What Do INFJs During a Post-Breakup? * Acts impulsively and then retreats into their own world.
What Turns On INFJs The Most? (Generally) * Wit- INFJs are drawn to intelligence and they want their partners to favor intelligence as well. To an INFJ someone with an intricate and thoughtful mind, is extremely attractive. The combination of intelligence and a great sense of humor is kind of like catnip to an INFJ. They find themselves extremely turned on by someone who is witty and well-spoken. Everyone is attracted to different physical traits, but INFJs are often more drawn to the internal aspects of a person. They may find themselves very turned on by someone who knows how to make them laugh and impress them with their rhetoric.
What Turns INFJs Off The Most? (Generally) * Arrogance- Arrogance and insensitivity are the biggest turn offs for an INFJ. When someone treats others poorly and acts as though they are better than them, the INFJ will become disinterested and even disgusted by that person. Few things will anger an INFJ more than seeing someone be mistreated by an individual who acts superior to them. This is an instant personality turn off, and will definitely cause the INFJ to lose interest in a person.
What Scares INFJs? * Darkness (Including their dark side) * Not Fulfilling Their Higher Purpose * Phone Calls * Crowds * Lack of Belonging / Meaning * Insanity * Abandonment * Their Own Minds * Humanity's Potential for Evil / Corruption * Nihilism
What Do INFJs Find Annoying? * Noise and Interruptions * Facades &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; Attention Seeking Behavior * Small Talk * Condescension * Having To Focus Solely on Concrete Reality * Insincerity in Others
How Do You Cheer Up INFJs? * Although they are some of the deepest people you will meet, cheering up an INFJ is actually rather simple. Of course, there are times when the INFJ simply needs their alone time, other times they may need some encouragement because they are feeling down. When this happens simply taking notice of them and showing them that they matter to you, is going to go a long way. Show them a funny picture or video, or share with them an inspiring and uplifting quote. Find a way to bring out their light side and be there to make them smile.
Which Types Typically Get Along Well With INFJs? * INTJs, INFJs, ENFJs, ISFJs, INFPs &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; ENTPs (most typically)
Which Types Do INFJs Typically Struggle To Get Along Well With? * ISTPs, ISTJs, ESTJs, Immature ESTPs &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; ESFPs
Which Type(s) is/are Typically Ideal Romantic Partners for INFJs? * INFJs, ENFPs, INFPs &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; ENTPs
Why Do Other Types Develop Crushes For INFJs? * Their Depth of Insight / Intuition, Mysterious Aura, and Empathy: INFJs are mysterious and intuitive people, with deep and complex souls. People are drawn to their unique way of thinking and their unbelievable compassion. INFJs are very supportive people, who know just the right words to give comfort and advice. This ability to help guide people in the right direction, makes them irresistible. They are captivating people, which definitely makes them easy to become infatuated with. The people who develop crushes on INFJs, are often caught up in their dreamy and intuitive personalities.
What Do INFJs Consider To Be Extremely Insulting? * Being Told They're Uncaring or Selfish: INFJs are caring people who spend a lot of their energy giving to those around them. Their compassion and consideration makes it easy for their loved ones to hurt them. While they can often be hurt by the people they care for, INFJs are not easily hurt by strangers and can often let their words bounce off of them. For the INFJ being told they aren’t caring or that they are selfish, is both insulting and frustrating. They give so much to others, so being told they are being selfish hurts them and makes them feel completely used by those around them.
How Well Do INFJs Notice / Respond To Body Language? * INFJs are responsive people, who pay attention to their surroundings. They pay attention to the details and behaviors of people, which is why they can often read them so well. INFJs can certainly recognize certain body language behaviors and will use them to better understand someone and what they are feeling. INFJs are in tune with the emotions of others, and while verbal responses are a bit part of how they understand others, their body language is an even bigger part. INFJs are not the most verbal people sometimes, which is why others being able to pick up on body language is important for them.
Are INFJs Able To Recognize Subtlety? * INFJs can definitely recognize subtlety and are good at picking up on things. They pay attention to what people mean when they are expressing themselves, and look deeper than just the words they are speaking. INFJs naturally pick up on what is going on underneath the surface, and don’t need things to be obvious in order to understand them. They are definitely good at reading subtlety, as this is something they pick up on rather naturally. Their intuitive abilities help them read between the lines and grasp a deeper meaning of what they see.
Are INFJs Easy To Please? * While INFJs can struggle to feel pleased by the state of the world and the general behavior of humanity, they are different when it comes to their loved ones. When the INFJ cares for someone they can actually be rather easy to please. As long as that person shows that they care for the INFJ and puts forth effort to show this, it will mean very much to them. They are happiest when they can be around the ones they love, and will bask in their presence and affection. INFJs are oddly easy to please in some ways, since they take pleasure in being appreciated, but can be hard to please when it comes to larger scale issues.
What's An INFJs Sense of Purpose Like? * INFJs have a strong sense of inner purpose and often believe they are meant to do something great with their lives. They want to make a difference in the world around them, and truly find a way to positively affect people. INFJs are compassionate people who believe in doing what is right, and who strive for a sense of goodness. They do believe in serving this larger purpose, but often struggle when it comes to figuring out their path towards accomplishing this. It can be hard to balance the thoughts inside of their minds, and actually taking action to fulfill their sense of purpose.
Why Others Depend on INFJs: * People often rely on the INFJ for their helpful advice and their compassion. They are always there to listen and will offer their intuitive abilities as a way to help assist their loved ones. INFJs are warm people who know how to be sensitive to the needs of others. People rely on them for many things, but most of all it is their nonjudgmental demeanor. INFJs know how to make people feel safe and give them a welcoming place to share their thoughts and feelings.
Are INFJs Good At Making Excuses? * INFJs don’t often make excuses and can actually blame themselves for more things than they should. While some people have a hard time accepting their mistakes, INFJs are often acutely aware of them. They can be rather hard on themselves even when they should be cut some slack. INFJs try to avoid being the type of people who will constantly make excuses for their actions, and instead will apologize for their mistakes. While INFJs might not make excuses for themselves, they are excellent at making excuses for their loved ones.
How Accommodating INFJs Are: * INFJs are very accommodating people, and will often do what they can to make others comfortable. They have a naturally calming demeanor, especially around the people they truly like. If they are in a situation where someone needs assistance or certain things to make them more at ease, INFJs are excellent at finds ways to accommodate this. INFJs often make great hosts because of their ability to comfort others and make sure they are at ease in their environment. Its best when they are with their loved ones though, since they will know exactly how to accommodate their needs.
Are INFJs 'Old-Souls'? * INFJs are definitely old souls, which can cause them to feel a bit disconnected to the current times. They might feel like there are many interactions and aspects to the world that they just don’t fit into. INFJs experience everything on such a deep and complex level that sometimes they feel misunderstood by those around them. While they do have a playful and silly side, the INFJ also has some very serious parts to who they are. They are definitely old souls, with a desire to connect with things that are meaningful and classy.
How Taboo Is The INFJ? * INFJs can actually find themselves being drawn to the things that are a bit taboo. They often don’t find themselves interested in following the norm, and can sometimes find themselves intrigued by what lays outside of the boundaries. INFJs are mysterious and unbelievably paradoxical people, which definitely makes them a little bit taboo. Their light side is beautiful and filled with warmth and love, but they do possess a somewhat dark side to their personality which they often keep hidden from their loved ones.
Why INFJs Can Be Too Much To Handle At Times: * INFJs can be a handful because they are extremely complex and sometimes confusing people. While they strive to be sincere and upfront, the INFJ possesses many layers to their personality which take time to unfold. They are naturally skilled at peering into the souls of others, but don’t leave themselves open very often. It can be difficult to truly understand them or get to know the depths of the INFJ. This is something that takes trust and time to uncover, which can definitely make a relationship with an INFJ complicated and a bit of a handful.
Do INFJs Typically Like To Question Things? * INFJs definitely like to question things and don’t believe in just accepting what they hear. They enjoy doing research and processing information through their intuitive abilities. INFJs dislike having to just take people’s word for something, and become frustrated when they aren’t allowed to question things. INFJs can become rather drained when they are in a situation that does not allow them to question what they are told. While they care deeply about the emotions of others, INFJs enjoy being able to analyze information and use logic to reach an understanding.
Are INFJs Convincing People? * INFJs can be very convincing people when they want to be, since they are naturally in tune with the emotions of others. They can often find ways to coerce a situation so that they can convince someone of just about anything. While INFJs do possess this ability in abundance, they don’t always seek to act on it. Oftentimes their ability to convince others is something they use to help them in some ways, sometimes just to convince them of how special they truly are. INFJs are also skilled at convincing people of certain facts, but in most situations they try to do this in a helpful way.
How Well Do INFJs Handle Being Chastised By Others? * INFJs certainly don’t enjoy being chastised for their behavior, and might become frustrated by this. They want to feel comfortable to be themselves and sometimes that includes making a few mistakes. INFJs will take being reprimanded rather harshly when it comes from someone they love and care for. INFJs don’t enjoy constantly being reprimanded, especially since they can already be rather hard on themselves. They need support and understanding, and really don’t enjoy someone who seeks to chastise them constantly.
How Do INFJs Handle Being Wrong? * INFJs don’t mind being wrong, as long as it isn’t delivered in an accusing and harsh manner. They understand that they cannot always be right, and aren’t so full of themselves that they cannot handle being corrected. For INFJs it can be upsetting if someone tries to insult them by saying they were wrong, and will want to avoid people like that entirely. They actually accept being wrong much better when it comes from their loved ones, and will be more open to hearing the truth from those people.
Do INFJs Suppress Their Emotions? * INFJs can sometimes suppress their emotions, since they don’t want to burden anyone with their feelings. When they do hold things back for a long time it can leave them feeling both stagnant and unhappy. INFJs need someone in their lives who they can express their feelings to, in order to get them out and actually feel heard. They don’t necessarily need those emotions to be solved in some way, but really just need to know that someone is listening and actually understands where they are coming from.
How Do Others Tend To Misunderstand INFJs Intentions? * INFJs are strongly intuitive people, which can easily be misunderstood by others. Their ability to pick up on cues and figure out the right path for people, can cause them to appear a bit out there to others. INFJs can be somewhat internal and reserved people, who have a hard time completely opening up. While they are somewhat hard to read, they work hard to take care of their loved ones and try and help them make good decisions. This can easily be misunderstood as being controlling or manipulative, which is definitely not the intention of the INFJ.
How INFJs Handle Being Underestimated By Others: * INFJs really don’t appreciate being underestimated, but this is something that happens often. Many people look past their intuitive abilities and assume they are less aware than they actually are. This is often because INFJs are often reserved people who don’t openly express themselves. It is easy for people who underestimate their intuition, their strength and their capacity for taking charge when it is needed. When the INFJ is underestimated they can take offense when it is their loved ones, but will certainly take advantage of it when it is outsiders.
How Do INFJs Respond To Hostility? * INFJs are not impressed by hostility and can become rather uneasy around people who are overly angry. If this anger is towards them INFJs can become anxious and upset. They become especially hurt if the person is someone the INFJ deeply cares for. They don’t enjoy hostility at all and prefer to approach things from a more reasonable point of view. If someone is being hostile towards the INFJs loved one, they will become extremely protective of that person. They don’t accept someone mistreating the people they love, and aren’t afraid to stand up for them.
How Do INFJs Flirt / Handle Flirting With Others? * Convinces themselves they don’t know how to flirt. Acts awkward around their crush. Finally gets comfortable, relaxes, and actually flirts with their crush. Realizes this, and becomes self-conscious. Repeat. * INFJs are naturally skilled at understanding others, and because of this have a natural appeal to others. Although they are likable and alluring individuals, they often feel awkward when it comes to flirting with someone that they have true feelings for. When the INFJ is natural and relaxed they may find that people believe they are flirting with them, when in fact they are just being gracious. If the INFJ finds themselves developing feelings for someone, they may become awkward and feel like they do not know how to flirt. The second they begin to think about their flirting, it might cause them to freeze up and doubt themselves. If the INFJ is natural and doesn’t think about their actions, they will be naturally skilled at flirting. INFJ attempt to take interest in the person that they like and will learn as much about them as possible.
How Do INFJs Deal With Heartbreak? * INFJs definitely struggle when it comes to having a broken heart, since they feel things so deeply. They care about their loved ones and have a hard time moving on once they have let someone in. INFJs can be somewhat closed off and hesitate to trust others, so when they do it can be very harmful when that person disappoints them. INFJs can hold onto their heartbreak for a long time, and might need plenty of time to themselves to work through these feelings. INFJs might not show their feelings to others, unless they have someone close who they can sincerely trust with their emotions and thoughts.
How Do INFJs Handle Chaos? * INFJs definitely don’t like extreme chaos, but that doesn’t mean they cannot cope with it. They like attempt to find ways to solve the problem in the moment, and allow themselves to panic when it is all over. They can keep themselves feeling stern and focused during most challenges, so that they can ensure the well-being of their loved ones. INFJs do prefer having things planned so that they can maintain a sense of harmony in their environment, but they can certainly handle a bit of chaos. They likely try to utilize their intuition in order to navigate these difficult experiences.
How Do INFJs Deal With Incompetence In Others? * INFJs try to be patient with others, and can certainly empathize when someone is struggling at their job. INFJs try not to place judgement, especially when they can tell that person has a kind heart. While they do try to be as understanding as possible, there are times when incompetence can certainly get on their nerves. If someone is ordering others around and acting domineering, yet they cannot seem to handle their position, the incompetence will leave the INFJ feeling angry and extremely frustrated with this individual and their behavior.
How Well Do INFJs Think Outside The Box? * INFJs are definitely capable of looking outside of the box, and don’t need to always follow the rules. INFJs enjoy being able look at things in different ways and don’t always want to approach life from a strict pattern. They can be somewhat organized and appropriate people, but at the same time they know how to look at things from different angles. INFJs are introspective people, who use their intuition to approach things from their own unique perspective.
What Is Mesmerizing About The INFJ? * INFJs have many mesmerizing qualities and often possess an intense magnetism. One of the most mesmerizing qualities of the INFJ is their compassion and ability to understand others naturally. They easily put themselves in people’s shoes and seem to be capable of seeing through their walls and guises. INFJs are excellent at peering into the souls of those around them, which is something that is both admirable and mesmerizing. INFJs also have a powerful intuition which causes them to navigate situations with an understanding and perspective which can be rather astonishing
How Much Willpower Do INFJs Have? * INFJs often have more willpower than people realize, and always seem to push through somehow. Even when they are faced with overwhelming difficulties, they simply find a way to overcome. INFJs can sometimes retreat inward though, as a way of healing and building their own strength. Their sense of fortitude comes from within, but it can be brought to light by the people they love. For INFJs knowing that they have a reason to fight and be strong, helps them realize that there is more out there than just themselves and that they need to continue to make things better.
List of Famous INFJs
EDIT: Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to whomever gave me my very 1st platinum award for a post like this! I can’t say thanks enough. I’m glad this post has gotten such positive reception too. I’m still kinda in shock about it really. I will continue to keep up the good work everyone!
EDIT: Due to some of the nature of the comments here wondering why I only tended to focused on the more positive / neutral based aspects / characteristics of INFJs and not necessarily their negatives ones / flaws / etc:
Thanks again for all the support everyone. It means a lot.
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2019.11.26 18:21 dbo259 **EVERYTHING INFJ** [Note: VERY Long Post]

**Everything You Wanted To Know About The INFJ Type (In Detail)**:
- Note: I basically just put the entire internet of information regarding the INFJ type into this post. This took a ridiculous amount of time. I hope everyone can at the very least become a little bit more acquainted with the INFJ type after skimming around through this long enough. I hope my effort wasn't wasted in vain XD
- Most of the information found in this post comes from the following sites, I kind of just aggregated them all into one cohesive, comprehensive post was all:

- Other INFJs reading this, if there's anything you can think of that I didn't post in this that you'd like to share, comment, or post down below, feel free to do so:

** The INFJ Personality Type- The Counselor / Sage / Confidant Introvert iNutition Feeling Judging
- Idealist Temperament (NF): Future-Focused, Abstract, People-Oriented, Vision-Seeking, Idealistic, Diplomatic
- Among the rarest of types within the MBTI Community, roughly equated to about 1%-2% of the Adult Population overall Female INFJs: 1%-2% Male INFJs: 0.5%-1%

- INFJs At A Glance:

- Cognitive Functions of the INFJ: Ego / Conscious Mind
  1. Dominant: Introverted Intuition- Ni
  2. Auxiliary: Extroverted Feeling- Fe
  3. Tertiary/Relief: Introverted Thinking- Ti
  4. InferioAspirational: Extroverted Sensing- Se Shadow / Unconscious Mind- ENFP
  5. Opposing Role: Extroverted Intuition- Ne
  6. Critical Parent: Introverted Feeling- Fi
  7. Trickster: Extroverted Thinking- Te
  8. Demon: Introverted Sensing- Si

- One-Word Nicknames / Snapshot of the 8 INFJ Functions:
  1. Ni- "Perspectives": Generates convergent insights and impressions; discerns deep laws, causes, and patterns.
  2. Fe- "Harmony": Aims to emotionally connect with and work / live well with others; facilitates morale, consensus and communication.
  3. Ti- "Accuracy": Seeks logical foundations and consistency in thought, as well as autonomy in methodology and decision-making.
  4. Se- "Sensation (External): Lives in the moment; relishes new experiences, tasks, and challenges; attunes to external details.
  5. Ne- "Exploration": Broadly explores & synthesizes ideas, patterns, connections & possibilities; brainstorming; “scatterbrain”.
  6. Fi- "Authenticity": Surveys, manages, and protects personal feelings and values; deeply empathizes with the needy and disadvantaged.
  7. Te- "Effectiveness": Orchestrates external order, efficiency & effectiveness; consults objective data & evidence in decision-making.
  8. Si- "Memory": Preserves & references the past to inform beliefs, decisions and behavior; perceives inner bodily sensations.

- The 4 Sides of the INFJ Mind: [9]
  1. Ego: INFJ --> 1) Ni 2) Fe 3) Ti 4) Se ---> Indicative of Responsibility or Immaturity
  2. Subconscious: ESTP --> 1) Se 2) Ti 3) Fe 4) Ni --> Indicative of Happiness or Acute/High Stress
  3. Unconscious / Shadow: ENFP --> 1) Ne 2) Fi 3) Te 4) Si --> Indicative of Maturity / Wisdom or Instability / Egotism
  4. Superego: ISTJ --> 1) Si 2) Te 3) Fi 4) Ne --> Indicative of Enlightenment or Self-Destruction

- Getting To Know The INFJ Type More In-Depth:

List of Famous INFJs:
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2019.04.03 15:16 WastingMyLifePlz Who Could the Touring Vocalist Be?

So, there is a a lot of speculation on who the man behind the mask is. Some are saying it’s one of the vocalists from their touring partners, but I I think that’s unrealistic, doing two sets a night when they have a show almost every night from June through December. I’ve been trying to think of who it might be, and I’ve come up with the thought it might be Serj Tankian from System of a Down. Based on a recent Facebook Post from the band about the situation and reasoning. Any other ideas? Please discuss.
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2017.04.20 05:20 Pikkon4Confirmed In Depth Guide To TECH N9NE's Discography

Before I even start on writing this, I want to give a shout-out to An_Insane_Stork for inspiring me to create this in the first place. His Z-Ro Guide. Also, I'm aware that there's A Beginner's Guide to Tech N9ne from about 2 years ago by hugesmurfboner , but with the amount of music he releases, I feel I should create another one. Thanks.
Hi, HHH. If you're on this post it's my job to assume you're interested in getting into the discography of Tech N9ne. Or, maybe you're not and that's cool too. Maybe you're already into his music and want to see what I have to say about him, and want to correct me if I say something stupid. Hell, maybe you even hate Tech and came here to knock on him. Either way, thanks for taking the time to check this out.
Born Aaron Dontez Yates on November 8, 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri, the 45 year old MC has been rapping for most of his life. ( Roughly 26 years active according to Wikipedia, but since he was a teenager for sure. ) He never met his father, and his mother suffered from Lupus and Epilepsy ( Her pain inspiring the album K.O.D., which released in 2009. ) until her unfortunate passing on June 1, 2014 before Tech performed at Summer Jam in Denver. Her passing inspired a handful of songs on his Special Effects album from 2014.
Now, his rap career began officially in 1991 when he joined the Group Black Mafia. He then found some slight success with the song "Let's Get Fucked Up" by the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, another group he collaborated with frequently. As a member of the group Nnutthowze, Aaron Yates signed with Perspective Records in 1993. Yates signed with Qwest Records briefly before moving to JCOR Records. The following year, he was featured on the soundtrack for the film Gang Related. Yates appeared on the song "The Anthem" by Sway & King Tech in 1999, which also featured artists RZA, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Jayo Felony, Chino XL, KRS-One, and Kool G. Rap. Later that year, he and business partner Travis O'Guin founded the record label Strange Music.
This was only the beginning of Tech's long career. He has an astonishing 18 Studio Albums under his belt ( including his Tech N9ne Collabos albums ) as well as a mixtape sponsored by XXL, called Bad Season. He also has 6 EPs. So that adds up to 25 total projects. I know, I know. It's a ton. I'm going to be covering 24 of these, since his 2nd studio album, The Worst, is in my opinion not worth a listen at all.
I'll give a small write up of each album in chronological order, and also list the 3 most notable tracks from the album with YouTube links provided. I've also created a [Spotify Playlist](Playlist Link) for you all to check out given you're interested after hearing what I have to say. A quick bit of info for the Spotifty playlist: There are 2 EPs that are not currently on spotify. ( Boiling Point and Therapy ). Also, 'Welcome To Strangeland' is only available as the clean version for whatever reason. Just a head's up. I won't be giving _/10 ratings because I truly don't want to sway whether or not you choose to give an album a look or not because I dropped like a 3 or a 4 on it.
Top 10 Essential TECH N9NE Songs ( Chronological Order )
  1. Mitchell Bade ( Ft. Bakarii )
  2. This Ring
  3. I'm A Playa
  4. Caribou Lou
  5. Come Gangsta
  6. Midwest Choppers
  7. Demons ( Ft. Three 6 Mafia )
  8. Am I A Psycho ( Ft. B.o.B. & Hopsin ) ( 'But, it has Hopsin on it! Has to be corny and.... preachy!' )
  9. Fragile ( Ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡Mayday!, Kendall Morgan )
  10. Aw Yeah? (Intervention)
Those aren't my personal favorites, but I believe they're the introductory songs to Tech that anyone who's trying to get into his music could listen to and want some more like it. Onto the albums.
Tech's Best Albums: K.O.D., Anghellic, Everready: The Religion, Misery Loves Kompany, *All 6's and 7's. ( Those are my opinion. )
1.) Calm Before The Storm - November 9, 1999
If you're into more of an old-school sounding taste, this is definitely the album you'd want to start with. There's that smooth 90s production throughout, and throughout Tech's discography, you're going to lose that sound the further in you go. Maybe if this is the only kind of hip-hop you enjoy, you'll never even move past this record. Some of the hooks on this thing haven't aged too well, and for Tech's debut studio album, his flow stays pretty damn good throughout the entirety. Not every song is amazing, but this project is the second album by Tech that I was introduced to and I've come to appreciate it more and more as Tech consistently releases albums that seem to get a little less inspired and more quantity over quality. There are of course, albums that are exceptions to this.
3 Tracks to check out: Cloudy Eyed Stroll (Remix), Now It's On (Ft. Lejo), Mitchell Bade (Ft. Bakarii)
2.) Anghellic - August 7, 2001
Tech's hardest, most gritty, most aggressive album. This album is in my personal top 10. I can't help but enjoy the beats, he comes off super passionate about the topics and there are even some more somber, depressing moments on the album ( See: Suicide Letters ). The production is also phenomenal when compared to some of his more recent material. ( The Storm, Dominion )
3 Tracks to check out: Psycho Bitch (Contains an awesome Halloween sample.), Breathe, This Ring
3.) Absolute Power - September 24, 2002
Released as a free album to the fans in 2002 as part of Tech's FTI (Fuck The Industry) campaign, this album is not one to be overlooked. It's nearly as aggressive as Anghellic and it's got some sweet features from Krizz Kaliko ( Then Big Krizz Kaliko) and D12. RUBONYX handles most of the production and doesn't disappoint. Listen to this if you enjoyed Calm Before The Storm & Anghellic
3 Tracks to check out: Slacker, T9x, I'm A Playa
4.) Everready (The Religion) - November 7, 2006
4 years after Tech released Absolute Power for free, he came back and dropped Everready (The Religion). An album full of fun, fresh songs with club-atmospheres for the first half, the second half strikes and is almost the polar opposite of the first half. Not that it's bad at all, Everready is arguably Tech's best work. The album features guest verses from Snug Brim, Skatterman, Krizz Kaliko ( Who you should know if you're going to be listening to Tech. He's a substantial part of Tech N9ne's discography as a whole ), E-40, Dalima & Sacramento horrorcore legend Brotha Lynch Hung. The production on this thing is great, I adore most of the hooks and Tech is at his best rapping on this thing. If there's one album that you absolutely should NOT sleep on, it's this.
3 Tracks to check out: No Can Do (Ft. Krizz Kaliko), Come Gangsta, The Beast ( Which went on to be featured on the Madden '06 Soundtrack. )
5.) Misery Loves Kompany - July 17, 2007
The first of the Tech N9ne Collabos series of albums, this thing is loaded with guest verses. It has some harder midwest type bangers on it, as well as tracks featuring artists just chopping it up. Again, Tech N9ne feels rejected by the black community and I guess people in general as evident on songs like Message to the Black Man & Fan or Foe (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, T-Nutty). This album absolutely screams 2007. This is also before Tech's label was packed with a giant roster of different sounding artists so most songs sound completely different from what you'll hear out of him and his label today. Krizz Kaliko murders the hooks on this album.
3 Tracks to check out: Midwest Choppers (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Dalima, D-Loc), 2 Piece (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, Vertigo), You Don't Want It (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Prozak, Mr. Reece)
6.) Killer - July 1, 2008
Okay. Now this album is a god damn long one. I personally haven't been able to sit through the entire thing in a couple years I think. It's a decent album. Not his best, nor is it his worst. It's got plenty of songs worth checking out, but it's certainly not one of his top 5. 2 Discs. Listen one per sitting, just trust me. Could have been 2 separate albums and been just fine.
3 Tracks to check out: Blackboy(Ft. Brother J, Ice Cube, Krizz Kaliko), Why You Ain't Call Me, Can't Shake It (Ft. Krizz Kaliko)
7.) Sickology 101 - April 28, 2009
This collabos album is interesting to say the least. Used to be my favorite Tech album but has definitely worn off over time. There's definitely a few tracks on here that I still bump from time to time, but overall I'd say this is the album where Tech's style kind of changed production wise. It's not bad, just stylistically comes across awkwardly, especially on some of the hooks. Notable features on this thing include Crooked I, Krayzie Bone, Krizz Kaliko, Rob Rebeck. I really, really don't like the burping on Poh Me Anotha despite it making sense to have them there.
3 Tracks to check out: Nothin' (Ft. Big Scoob, Messy Marv), Dysfunctional (Ft. Big Scoob, Krizz Kaliko), Red Nose
8.) K.O.D. - October 26, 2009
I'm really excited for this one. I can't even describe how much I love this album. Many people would say this is Tech's best album. Front to back, I could listen to it all day. The album that got me into Tech's music completely. Tech N9ne received an MTV Left-field Woodie Award from a single off of this album ( Can't recall which. ) This is without a doubt, Tech's darkest, most emotional album. It was made out of the hurt that he was going through while his mother was suffering from her Lupus and Epilepsy and the end result couldn't have been any better.
3 Tracks to check out: In The Trunk, Shadows on the Road (Ft. Krizz Kaliko), Low
9.) The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. EP - March 30, 2010
There's only 5 tracks on this thing and they're pretty good. Nothing particularly amazing but from what I can tell they're just throwaways from K.O.D., I'd say they're pretty well worth checking out if you enjoyed K.O.D. as a project.
3 Tracks to check out: Like I Died, 009NA, Pain Killer (Ft. Krizz Kaliko)
10.) The Gates Mixed Plate - July 27, 2010
This album was the 3rd collabos album and really it was just okay if we're being honest with ourselves. A few cool tracks here and there, but production-wise the album was just eh and it hasn't aged well to me in the slightest. Not much more I can say about this one. It's also pretty long with 22 tracks.
3 Tracks to check out: FU Pay Me (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Makzilla), KC Tea, Far Out (Ft. P.R.E.A.C.H., Stevie Stone, JL B.Hood)
11.) Seepage EP - October 25, 2010
This thing is alright. Tech released waaaayyyy too much music in 2010. 2 EPs, a mixtape and a collabos album. That's like.. a Future amount of music. Bit too much to handle, and even though the 2 EPs are really short, it just seems like he suffers from quantity over quality in this year. Nothing really wowed me on this one. Oh, and the song Asshole (Ft. Big Scoob, Krizz Kaliko has a really, really, really bad hook. > "Call me sphincter, little stinker"....
3 Tracks to check out: Seepage (Ft. Tonesha Sanders), Alucard, Trippin' Comin' (Ft. Krizz Kaliko)
12.) Bad Season Mixtape ( With XXL ) - December 23, 2010
I liked this mixtape a good bit. Fans of strange were introduced to new signees (or soon to be signess at that time, maybe?) Ces Cru, who I also find super super good. The change in the usual dark, edgy production that we had to hear so much of from 2009-2010 was super nice to hear. It was overall just more upbeat than anything else from around that time which was just great. DJ Whoo Kid did well on this. Most underrated Tech project.
3 Tracks to check out: No More Music By The Suckas (Ft. Oobergeek, Black Vain, Krizz Kaliko), Livin' Like I'm Dyin' (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Ubiquitous, Godemis, Kutt Calhoun), Speed of Sound (Acapella)
13.) All 6's & 7's - June 7, 2011
Tech was really shoved into the mainstream eye for this project after his feature alongside Andre 3000 on Interlude from Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV. He really brought it on this one. One of my personal favorite Tech projects, no doubt. Almost certainly his most popular as well. Features from so many notable artists ( Hopsin, B.o.B, Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Twisted Insane, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Jay Rock & Stephen Carter of Deftones ) He absolutely delivered here. Was amazing to see this after him trying to catch his buzz for so long.
3 Tracks to check out: He's a Mental Giant, Fuck Food (Ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain) Amazing hook from T-Pain on this one btw, I Love Music (Ft. Oobergeek, Kendrick Lamar)
14.) Welcome To Strangeland - November 8, 2011
The 4th of and my 2nd favorite of the Tech N9ne Collabos albums. The guest verses from his label mates on this one really shine through better than they had on Sickology 101 and The Gates Mixed Plate. He'd also made multiple new signings since the previous collabos record had dropped so this one was a very interesting listen and overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the verses from Ces Cru. They'd just been signed and had something to prove and they certainly did that.
3 Songs to check out: Unfair (Ft. Ces Cru and Krizz Kaliko), Beautiful Music, The Noose (Ft. ¡Mayday!)
15.) Klusterfuk EP - March 13, 2012
The one major thing I want to point out about this EP is the production because god damn, the producers of ¡Mayday! really outdid themselves on this one. Tech had just signed the band, and their upcoming album Believers wowed Tech with the production so they threw together this EP while on tour, and bundled it with the Believers album. The EP is fully produced by Plex Luthor, Gianni Cash, and Wrekonize, 3 members of ¡Mayday!. Great tracks on this thing. Short too, so give it a look.
3 Tracks to check out: Blur (Ft. Wrekonize), Can't Stand Me, DKNY
16.) E.B.A.H. EP - September 18, 2012
This EP really feels like some sort of prelude to the type of music we'd be getting on the 2013 album Something Else to me. Maybe it's just the album cover's similar colors that twist my mind into thinking that, I don't really know. What I do know is that this is a half-decent EP. About half-and-half really. Some good tracks.. A handful of tracks I'd likely never listen to again.
3 Tracks to check out: E.B.A.H., Earregular, A Real 1 (Ft. JL B.Hood) This song was my absolute jam in Freshman year.
17.) Boiling Point EP - October 30, 2012
Like a month and less than a half, Tech releases yet another EP. 2010 and 2012 were weird years. Just lots and lots of EPs apparently. This one is alright. Lyrics and flow were the usual. Tech was trying really hard to be dark on this one so I guess if that's what you like is horrorcore shit, than this one is for you. Wasn't really for me. Lots of "GRR" ad-lib on this one.
3 Tracks to check out: Should I Killer, URALAYA Another one of my edgy jams that I played every morning in 9th grade.., Alone (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Eric Boone)
18.) Something Else - July 30, 2013
This is one of Tech's better albums in my opinion. Another one of those albums similar to All 6's and 7's packed with some all-star features and lots of songs I still play to this day. Also, as a huge fan of System of a Down, it was super cool to see Serj Tankian and Tech collab. I think this was the last Tech album that I really really enjoyed the production on. It's been on the decline since around 2014, Tech needs to give Seven, his in-house producer a break and do something outside the box like Klusterfuk and Bad Season again. ( Sorry for the rant )
3 Tracks to check out: Straight Out The Gate (Ft. Serj Tankian), With the BS (Ft. Big Scoob, Red Cafe, Trae tha Truth), Thizzles - Bonus Track (Ft. Danny Brown)
19.) Therapy EP - November 13, 2013
This is like.. a nu metal EP. It's weird. Whole thing was produced by Ross Robinson. It's not really bad if you like that nu-metal/rap/whatever this is kind of sound. I didn't dislike it too much, a few tracks I enjoy still. It was really just Tech showing his versatility. Cool stuff.
3 Tracks to check out: Public School (Ft. Krizz Kaliko), Shame on Me, Stop the Sailor
20.) Strangeulation - May 6, 2014
I liked this project quite a bit when it came out. I still really enjoy the cyphers on it, I think everyone on Strange really brings their A-Game on those, but a lot of the album is fairly forgettable because of the hooks and beats. They don't really get in your head too well. I think the only song that I ever find getting stuck in my head from this project is American Horror Story (Ft. Ces Cru)
3 Tracks to check out: Nobody Cares: The Remix (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Bernz, Wrekonize, Ubiquitous, Godemis), Red Rags (Ft. Jay Rock, Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun), Strangeulation II (Ft. Godemis, Stevie Stone, Murs, Brotha Lynch Hung)
21.) Special Effects - May 4, 2015
I listened to this album so much when it dropped, and every once in a while I come back to it and it still holds up. Totally wasn't a let-down. Now, I have to say it now, this is the last Tech album that I've liked a lot. Strangeulation Vol. II was okay, but The Storm, eh... and Dominion.... Mm. But Special Effects is pretty great. It kind of falls off at the second half with filler, but that's the case with a lot of Tech's material unfortunately.
3 Tracks to check out: On The Bible (Ft. T.I., Zuse), No K (Ft. E-40, Krizz Kaliko), Dyin' Flyin' (Ft. Krizz Kaliko)
22.) Strangeulation Vol. II - November 20, 2015
I kinda like this album. There's really not that much to it in order for me to say whether I love or hate it. It's just another modern day Tech N9ne album that I don't really think about much now but liked a lot back when it dropped. The guest verses on this thing are really nice, especially Stevie Stone's on the 2nd cypher. The man makes music for the gym, really, but to see him come through with that emotion was super cool. The rest of the album is just kind of there, really. Nothing to write home about, or to hate on.
3 Tracks to check out: Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher II (Ft. Ces Cru, Stevie Stone), PBSA (Ft. Ces Cru), Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher IV (Ft. Rittz, Krizz Kaliko, Prozak)
23.) The Storm - December 9, 2016
This one is 32 tracks long.. It's nearly impossible for me to sit all the way through it. Sure, there's a few tracks I really like on this thing, and luckily it's split into 3 sections. (Kingdom, Clown Town, G-Zone) for every kind of Tech fan. It also helps with choosing what CHUNK you want to listen to. In my opinion, though, G-Zone is the most worthwhile. There are also a few tracks on the "Bonus Disc" that I really like, but those are already on the other artists' respective albums, or will be soon.
3 Tracks to check out: Buddha (Ft. Boyz II Men), No Gun Control (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Gary Clark Jr.), What if it Was Me (Ft. Krizz Kaliko)
24.) Dominion - April 7, 2017
Well.. I really, really don't like this thing. The most recent Tech N9ne Collabos installment.. I've listened to it 2 or 3 times to try and give it the light of day but the production and lyrics on this thing are just so uninspired to me. I can only give 1 track I think I would recommend to anyone.
That track: Morning 'Till The Nightfall (Ft. Wrekonize, Rittz, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko)
Well, HHH.. That was my long, long write up on the discography of Tech N9ne. I hope more people can give him a shot and get into his music. If not, thanks for giving me your time to try and spread some music by one of my favorite artists. Let me know what you thought in the comments of this post, I'm looking forward to getting some input.
Here's the Spotify Playlist
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2015.04.14 08:30 TrantaLocked Discovered that an ENFJ is probably a person I'd fall in love with or respect (male INFP here)

I've been reading extensively into what role each function plays, from dominant down to devilish. I thought about the people I most respect and would wish to learn from or even be like. The one artist I connect to in a way that feels most personally productive is Serj Tankian, who himself is an ENFJ and former lead vocalist for System of a Down, now doing solo projects. System is one of the few bands I still revisit even after nearly a decade of listening.
My theory is that first, we are comfortable most with others of the same temperament (NF). But, we also want a partner that can see our flaws at the same time (think of the critical parent function at spot #6, and how it interacts with #2, then apply this dynamic of seeing/understanding the other side for each mirror pair of functions, from #1/#5 to #4/#8). We would connect to eachother at a deep level while still helping each other grow. Jennifer Lawrence is an ENFJ and I'd marry the hell out of her. Basically, there is something deeply hot about all of the female ENFJs I see here: Not just because of looks, but from the characters they naturally play.
Unfortunately, INFP in general isn't a very productive type of person. I'd guess many ENFJs here may feel a certain connection with some INFPs they know in real life or as famous writers. J.K. Rowling is an INFP. Shakespeare is as well. But the relationship may not last long despite the love being there, and this is going to be mostly the fault of the INFP being inactive or "stable" as you could call it. And now I realize my mom is most likely an ENFJ, with my dad being an INFP. But to the ENFJs out there...keep doing what you do. You are a beacon for me and other INFPs. We are the most lost of all types.
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2013.07.31 22:20 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am founder of blu eCigs Jason Healy I sold my business for 135 million dollars - AMA!

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Date: 2013-07-31
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How did it feel to make your fist dollar in business? Edit:took me ages to work that one out. I'm not into fisting but each to their own.
Hey you never know, that could be the ticket to your next 100 million! Good point! I like the cut of your jib!
If you need an advisor, I would be more than happy to help you with your fisting services, from a business standpoint of course. LOL nothing like fisting to bring people together. Let me guess you'd be in all the way??
I am a hard working, motivated person who always gets elbow deep into his work. LMAo I have a second knuckle rule!
Will you encourage business owners to put money into educating the public on ecigarettes and lobbying to prevent it from being over regulated? If so, what plans are there? If not, how can we prevent misinformation from making this product look worse than it is. I know blu is putting a large amount of resources and money into education and in particular the education of public officials. These are the ones that scare me the most as they are making the quick snap judgments. The general public is being very thorough and getting the facts.
Many current vapers are dismayed by the "you can 'vape' anywhere" marketing claims/push by companies like Blu and Njoy. The [Blu disposable page says Beat the smoking ban: Smoke anywhere, even indoors.] (Link to [Courtney Love Njoy commercial (youtube)] (Link to [Alternacig infomercial (youtube)] (Link to What are your feelings (personal and/or "blu's") about vaping in places where smoking is not currently allowed due to federal/state regulations? Is it truly acceptable to "vape anywhere"? electronic_cigarette I think it's generally stupid to ban the use on ecigs where traditional cigarettes are banned. Its part of the product and industry where we see a little rebellion and I think that's a good thing!
What is the cancer risk with ecigs? THis is largely unknown in cold hard facts but from what we do know the signs are extremely promising. Even if you look at the fact that ecigs are not combustion and are not burning an organic plant. That is where most the nasty stuff happens for tobacco cigarettes. More and more tests are being done and the more that are done the more positive it is.
Mr. Healy, thanks for doing this. 1) How involved do you remain with Blu since you sold to Lorillard? 2) Does Blu have any projects in the R&D pipeline that will hold up to the (currently) far superior products offered by other smaller vendors? (non-cigalike, specifically talking about the PCC) 3) What do you perceive as the future of the legal hurdles for PV's? 4) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? 1) I remain heavily involved but more in the background now days. blu is like my child and the staff are like my family so I hope I will always stay involved as long as they are doing the right things 2) Most definitely the strides we are making with new technologies is huge. We have a fantastic team in Silicone Valley CA that focuses on R&D 3) Overcoming the tag of 'cig' 4) Its not size of the horse in the fight but the size of the fight in the duck.
Do you still vape? Even tho Blu is your baby, do you use any other gear? If so, what is your favorite non-cigalike device? I test other products but I only use blu. I just enjoy the product and I personally don't like the flavor or size of others out there. Personal choice... I even purchase blu like everyone else.
I'd like to know what your personal description of the Tobacco flavor is. I think it definitely has a coffee flavor. Its made up of about 20 flavors so sometimes people are more susceptible to certain flavors within it like coffee or carmel
Thats bullshit lol. many of us mix juice ourselves, 20 flavors is making mud. For you... Yes.
When you sold to Lorillard, supposedly one of their prerequisites for the sale was that you settle with Ruyan over a patent they had for an electronic cigarette. Ruyan's patent however only covered piezo-electric atomizers. All other e-cig manufacturers had switched to using heating coils in their atomizers which they believed were not covered by Ruyan's patent. Philip Morris had a prior patent for an e-cig from 1993. This more closely resembled the e-cigs other manufacturers were now making but it was out of date. In fact Ruyan had previously failed in a Chinese court to stop an e-cig manufacturer (Cixi Ecig) from continuing to sell e-cigs all apart from one model which had a piezo-electic atomizer. Were you and Lorillard aware of this case? Did you or they think Ruyan's patent actually had merit? was it more of a precaution? Are you following any current e-cig cases, I think Ruyan still might have ongoing one against a number of other e-cig businesses in the US. Did you offer any support to Njoy and Smoking Everywhere when they fought the FDA? Lorillard did not require a settlement and no I did not contribute to NJOY and Smoking Everywhere.
Can you tell us why then? Really would appreciate an answer to that. It was simple and easy mathematics, spend a fortune to prove a point or be done with it and get on with developing the product and brand
So you don't you think Ruyan's patent has merit, but just that it was less costly to pay them than to go to court? Correct.
So what do you do now with all of that money? what other businesses are you trying to get into? how old are you? I largely haven't changed my life, I'm a home body at heart, some would say recluse LOL. But I am a watch and car freak so there have been some cars and watches. I'm 38 years old. No new businesses yet, I still consult to blu and love working with the team there.
Do you drive a lamborghini or ferrari? I've always been a ferrari and porsche guy. Lambo's aren't as fun to drive in my opinion. I also love classics, being from Australia, American muscle cars are pretty cool for me.
I like the questions about cars and fun stuff!
Dude, tell me about your watches. I'm a theoretical watch freak, so to speak. Though funding is very limited, I like to learn as much about them as I can. I have 36 watches. Only about 5 are expensive. I just like interesting cool watches and its not about how much they cost. I have ones I got as a kid even.
Do you have any classic muscle? Not yet...
Need more garage space.
Are you on Ferrari Chat? Rennlist? 6Speed? How about timepieces? Hublot? Patek? Panerai? No I'm not a big chat or board guy. I like cars for myself I don't like showing them etc.
Does blu have any plans to expand past the cigalike type ecigs it currently markets into larger batteries with more power (for longer life between recharges and more vapor), and/or liquid dispensers (cartomizers, clearomizers) that have more capacity? Will standalone liquid available from blu? I don't think so as I think liquid may be a point of contention when it comes to regulations blu is concentrating on better technologies and keep the size down. We'd rather give a better experience in the smaller size than get bigger and bigger.
do you think that is a good thing/necessary? Unfortunately because of cowboys, yes.
What is the future of eCig regulation in the US? What role will big tobacco play? Tough to say anytime you are dealing with a government body but I think they will be largely positive. I believe the FDA see's the huge potential in ecigs so they will make their regulations to ensure maximum responsibility for manufacturers.
Sorry I missed this one. I think big tobacco will play a large role in the future because they are entering the market and when you look at we are stealing their customers LOL. It's smart business for them to get involved plus they have tremendous experience with regulations and the government.
Have you ever tried one of the larger PV's? And if not, what do you think about the emerging culture of people who vape? I have and I think it's awesome, smoking is about freedom and choice and so you have to embrace that!
Awesome, thanks for the reply. People may knock you, but its undeniable you were instrumental in the popularization of ecigarettes and PVs in general. Thanks mate, appreciate that. I think ecigs in general are great and I'm happy to see the industry expanding, not just blu.
How quickly do you think we will see mainstream use of e-cigs (blu or otherwise)? I live in DC and have seen an uptick, but still have 2-3 people ask me what I'm smoking every time I vape in public. "Is that a mini hookah?" (WTF is a mini hookah?) Its moving very quickly especially when I look back to when I started it. The product is very polarizing so I expect it will continue to increase awareness dramatically over the next few years and regulations will only increase that.
From what I've read, regulations have only served to make them less accessible. You're much more informed than I, so have you seen differently? I think regulations and anti smoking groups have only expanded the awareness of ecigs because of their attempts. The more they push back the more people want to know.
Is Stephen Dorff nice in person? Dorffman (as I call him) is a great guy, he and I talk regularly and he's become a good mate. Very genuine and straight forward guy. We both have ADD so my wife thinks its funny when we are together. Like two kids hopped up on pixie sticks!
Have you ever used a mechanical mod or rebuildable atomizer? Any other non-cig a like e cigs? What are your general experiences with e cigs outside of your own product? My general experience is positive. My big issues and concern within the industry were always related to marketing and selling the product responsibly. There was and still is a lot of subscription selling and bait and switch crap. Still some cowboys who aren't interested in their consumers, just $$$
Do you / did you smoke cigarettes yourself? I used to smoke about a pack and half of cigs a day, now I only smoke one tobacco cig in the more with my tea (more if I have a drink). I picked blu because it was the opposite to red/burning ember on a cigarette.
A lot of study's have shown that most E-Cigs that claim they contain no nicotine, a specific value of nicotine like 20mg or whatever are wrong. For example, says tehre is no nicotine but found 2mg of it, or says 20mg but it's never 20. Sometimes more or sometimes less. Thoughts? How accurate is blu compared to others E-Cigs? This is largely due to equipment error by using the same equipment on the zero nic carts or products as the nicotine products. The residue causes cross contamination. blu uses completely separate lines so zero nic products are not cross contaminated.
We'd rather give a better experience in the smaller size than get bigger and bigger. Can you actually do that though? There are limitations based on current battery technology without making it prohibitively expensive. You wouldn't have thought watching video on a cell phone was possible just a decade ago.
What kind of work did you do prior to blu? Educational background? Do you see any potential uses for ecigs and marijuana now or in the near future? What inspired to create your product? I was horrible at school, hated it and did what I needed to to get by. Never went to college. I was heavily involved with professional sports in Australia and the mobile phone industry prior to blu. I created blu as a smoker and being sick and tired of being told where and when I could smoke. I think the marijuana debate will continue and it may cross over to ecigs.
Could you take us through the development of the business? Where did you get the idea? How did you develop and receive funding for your untested product? etc. I've always gone with my gut, I don't put of lot of faith in consumer research and I don't get involved with anything I don't understand and am not passionate about. I started blu because I am a smoker. I started blu with $50,000 on May first 2009.
Do you still smoke analogs? Yep, only 2 a day now tho.
When you first started, some people said blu was owned by some people who owned or had leverage in porn sites and that is why blu was heavily advertised on porn sites, some of which were the most trafficked in the world. A lot of people first heard about e-cigs from a blu ad on porn sites. Did you own or have leverage at porn sites to be able to advertise there so much when starting off? We advertised on porn sites in the beginning as it was cheap traffic and I had friends in the industry. These people know the internet and how to get traffic. When you are a start up on a shoe string you find ways to grow and be successful. That's what being an entrepreneur is about, finding a way to get shit done!
What kind of money did you spend to get the business up and running? What percentage of your gross goes to affiliate fees? Affiliate fees were still very small I think about 15% back in the day.
Well friends is a rather sly way of putting it. The porn company AEBN was a partner in Blu. So much so that the owners son ran the shipping department and AEBN's marketing department developed the product packaging, logo, and advertising. Actually it was the masons.
What are the chances of cancer with the blu eCig compared to a normal cigarette by a major tobacco brand like Camel or Morlboro and are they FDA approved? Edit:(I ask because i'm interested in switching to these, specifically blu as i've seen a lot about it.) Legal minefield this one but in my personal opinion I think ecigs are much safer and more research will confirm that without a doubt.
What do you think your biggest competition besides regular cigarettes down the line will be? Is Blue pretty much controlling the market for the eCig. I am seeing other products out there. Thanks for doing this! :) I think our biggest competitor or threat is misinformation and anti smoking groups who ideologically have an issue with smoking rather than looking at the fact that ecigs could answer all their dreams and eventually eliminate tobacco.
Njoy. Who??
So would it be correct to assume you do not consider electronic cigarettes a tobacco product? I don't, even though the nicotine is derived from tobacco.
Who do you feel is Blu's biggest competitor? Regulations and tobacco cigarettes.
What are the health risks associated with your product? Again this is something that we will see overtime but keep in mind the facts I mentioned in the other similar questions.
Ok thanks. Also what is your all time favorite car? I'd have to go with a 69 Ferrari 250 or a 70's Chevelle.
Could you and would you pay off my mortgage? I would have to say no... but thanks for writing in Mum.
Given the FDA's recent comments on menthol, do you think vapers have a stake in that discussion given any precedent set on the basis of a flavor could apply to the flavors we enjoy as well? I think the menthol debate is a mute point as is the debate on ecig flavors. The problem is that people don't want to parent anymore so they push big business to do it. Who would have thought the 'time out chair' wouldn't work...
Why did you found a company focused on ecigs? Because I am a smoker and I enjoy smoking. I saw ecigs as a way for smokers to come out of the corner and to get some of their freedom back. I also think that ecigs have a very huge possibility to save a lot of lives. More testing yes but I feel strongly about this potential.
How did you transition from the startup process to getting angel investors/funding? Who was instrumental in building the brand for your business? The people and staff at blu were instrumental and still are today. No one does anything alone.
Do you think it's acceptable to smoke ecigs indoors? I see people do it all the time and it bugs me. Their reaction is always "What? It's not illegal or anything" Why does it bug you if it doesn't affect you?
Because they always smoke their ecigs with the smuggest attitude. So you just object to confidence?
I smoke ecigs too, but I still avoid smoking them in no-smoking places. SOme people are excited by the fact they can smoke in places where cigs are banned. I hear you tho about not smoking in some places where smoking is banned. I do that sometimes.
Are online sales the biggest selling point or it in retailers? Initially when you started out, wow did you promote your product and build the brand? Online was all we had in the start, no one was selling at retail, now with our retail growth it is the largest. We built a very large consumer base on line then converted them to retail which is why we have seen such huge growth at retail.
Don't worry about that man! Unless it's a huge celebrity, someone who's popular in the news right now or someone really loved by the reddit community, most AMAs almost goes unnoticed. Combine that to the fact that Serj Tankian is also doing an AMA at the moment, it's probably not helping. There's still plenty of good questions in here (more than 200 comments in the thread, that's good!) and I would like to say you are doing a great job at replying at questions. Now my own little question: Do you use an e-cig? Vaping is a huge hobby for a most of the people in the e-cig community, I wonder, what's your relation with vaping? Yes I use blu. I test others but use blu day to day.
Cool! More questions :) What is your setup like? What's your favourite flavor? I'm really curious, do you use it just like anyone would or do you have a little something unsual on your blu kit (special battery, carts) since it's your baby? What is your favourite vaping setup other than a blu? I use the same blu and products that everyone does. People always think I have some special setup of version of the product. Its the same as everyone else.
no close second to the blu in your heart (in terms of device)? No but I'm a smoker and bias because I'm the founder of blu. How do I make it better if I don't use it day in and day out.
I'm all for smaller as well; most users start on disposables like your product (my mother did) but was turned off by the low power (resulting in short lifespan/low amounts of lung-filling vapor) that can be achieved by a battery as small as a "real" cigarette. Are you working on new battery technologies? electronic_cigarette Definitely, smaller more powerful batteries are coming. Just like in most consumer products.
Now that you have an assload of money, what philanthropic aspirations do you have? Please say you have some. I do but I don't tell people, I think that defeats the purpose. I like to help people and causes but I don't feel I have to tell people.
I don't think it defeats the purpose to bring awareness to a cause that you think is important. I help bring awareness where I can but I don't tell what I give or do.
Why are e-cigarettes so popular? I think because there are 45 million smokers in america and because smoking is such a hot topic.
How did it feel to sell your company for $135 million? What was the sensation when the negotiating was finished and you got paid but had to turn over control of your company? I'm not sure I even can really answer that now, over a year later. For me I got to have a couple beers and think about it the night we announced it and then it was back to work the next day. Now that I've stepped down as the President I've had more time to reflect and what I've realized is that it was the process and the journey that was fun not necessarily the destination. This is the 3rd business I have built and sold and while its the closest one to my heart it still hasn't sunk in totally.
Any advice for someone who wants to start a start up? How do you get from a small, initial investment to selling a multi-million dollar company? Follow your instincts and do something you are passionate about. It won't always work but remember failures are part of success and learning. It doesn't feel good at the time but failures are useful. Building a business is hard so the more you are passionate about what you are doing the more you apply yourself and get through the tough parts.
What is your background as far as education and business? I guess I'm mainly asking how did you start and implement something so cutting edge at the time with such an insane growth? Just made it through high school. I got $50,000 together, some great stuff and just worked our asses off!
Just came across the idea and ran with it? Did you have to invest in the R&D or did you just handle that yourself? Either way, kudos on the success. Gives a cube monkey like me something to shoot at. I had a great engineer who was able to convert my thoughts into reality. Was a huge help!
Can I get about tree fiddy? How about too fiddy??
Did you used to smoke tobacco cigarettes? Do you smoke blu eCigs now? Yes and yes.
What separates your product from NJOY or Fin e-cigarettes besides the business end ex. strictly speaking product only.? It seems to be exactly the same product and same components. Inside there are subtle differences but the biggest right now is the appearance. In the next 12 months the differences will be much larger.
Have you thought of advertising the 0mg nicotine ones to non-smokers? I'm a non-smoker and have always been intrigued by all the neat flavors that are available to vapers. We have sooo many smokers to advertise to, not concerned about non-smokers. Plus I think it would bring unnecessary heat on the industry.
How quickly do you think that will change, and to what degree? I think right now ecigs have had a 1% impact on traditional cigs and I think that will grow and grow.
I think in the next 12 months you will see dramatic growth and changes. The tough part is scale now. Its very time consuming to change things now with all the retailers and displays etc. There is a lot more planning in making wholesale changes than there use to be.
Jason, thanks much for doing this AMA, have a few questions here. What's your view on e-cigarette advertising? Should they continue to be allowed in the mediums that cigarettes are not like television, internet and IndyCar? Will Blu play a role acting foagainst any forthcoming moves by the FDA, whether it be regulating e-cigs as an MRTP, tobacco product or something different? I think its definitely think ecigs should be allowed to advertise on adult mediums. blu will play a huge role in regulations I believe and we have had several meetings with the FDA.
How did you end up getting a buy out? Did Lorrilard approach you first or did you ask for the buyout? They came to me out of the blue and six months later the deal was done.
What was your most successful marketing initiative when you were still in the early stages of growth? I don't really know of a specific initiative it was more about the message and appealing to smokers. Being true to the product and the consumer rather than being true to the sale.
I really think you guys hawking over flavors and children appeal are just bitching to bitch. How about better parenting... I would have rather had the opportunity to use Blu than smoke for 10 years when I was younger. I really don't see people getting hooked on Blu or even using it unless it is to quit smoking. Why would someone build an addiction to nicotine from an expensive item like Blu? Go get em!
Thanks Jason, I appreciate that. How do you feel about the crowdfunding options out there for seeking investment? They are good, I look at them and if I'm interested I go directly to the creator.
One thing I noticed when I used to use Blu's is that they are extremely wasteful. Why has Blu not ever considered a "turn in your blu" to maybe get a dollar off the next one you buy? Surely there is some way for Blu to reuse the assembly, or at the least the battery. I would say the cost of such a program at this point but I think it will happen eventually. Plus there are many programs out there people could use.
How long does it take from the concept of a new flavor to getting it out to the consumer? I'm looking for some fall flavors like apples and cinnamon or pumpkin roll. It use to be pretty quick, now with blu's size and being publicly listed its a much longer process with more lawyers involved! I would say now it takes about 6 months.
What is the first thing you wanted to buy when you found out you were getting $135M? For me it was a car.
I was under the impression that Johnson Creek makes the flavors for Blu. Is this not the case? That is correct, love Johnson Creek!
What effect do you think regulation might have on the grassroots industry that has spawned around ecigs and all the mom & pop vapor shops that have opened recently? Do you think they will thrive or suffer? Regulations aren't going to make things easier that's for sure. The testing and manufacturing requirements will be very expensive and time consuming.
How did you go about getting blu into various stores? What was the hardest part about getting into retail stores? Was definitely tough but once one jumped in it happened very quickly.
When we started retailers had no real idea what they were.
How much equity did you have when you sold your company? Also, are you still on the board? I'm not on the board now that we have sold to Lorillard but I talk to them regularly. Great board and good people.
Do you encourage your employees to smoke blu cigs in the office? I wouldn't say encourage but they are allowed to do it if they want to to. All the smokers do.
Llc or c-corporation? And why? Blu is now Inc, because of the whole public thing.
Can you detail how you started the company in the beginning? Or at the very least how much did it cost to start it? I started blu with $50,000.
I'm having trouble seeing the logistics of a smaller battery getting more life. I've watched the evolution of handheld game consoled and while they get smaller and more powerful, there hasn't been a noticeable reduction in battery size since 2003. Actually the batteries have got much better, the gaming consoles have just needed more space so as the batteries got better they were able to reduce their size but still give reasonable battery life. Batteries are getting more efficient and smaller.
Are you really from ojai? I'm from Brisbane Australia.
Are you in Ojai now? No I'm in NC.
Are you in Ojai now??
I may have misunderstood a response a few hours ago. It was worded a bit oddly. Will the life improvement include the Premium batteries as well? All battery products.
off, thank you. I believe the product you have created is beneficial for the smoker market trying to quit. Second.. My main dream in life is to become an entrepreneur and inventor, I am young and have many great ideas, but I have no idea where to take them. How does one get started in creating a product? Thank you. Sorry mate, I just saw your post. Firstly I would say follow your instincts. They aren't always right at first but you have them for a reason. Don't ever do anything for just the money and first and foremost be yourself, you are always happier when you do that.
I'm a kid out of college looking to start my own business and the biggest problem always seems to be getting that initial capital to get me going. It seems impossible to make money these days without already having money. Can you provide any suggestions to making it through that first hoop? You have to ask people for money, they are out there you just have to be willing to hear the no's to find them. If you truly believe in what you are doing it will happen. Won't be easy and there is no magic bullet.
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