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3:53:35 the Itämeren Marathon.

2019.10.05 20:58 GwenSkin 3:53:35 the Itämeren Marathon.

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Give it my best. Yes
B Finish the race. Yes
C Sub 4 hour marathon. Yes


Kilometer Time
20,9KM 1:52:21
Finish 3:53:35


Ever since i was 16 my dream was to run marathon, but i got really sick a week prior the race, and lost all the motivation and drive to train for the next year. I'm 24 now and i unfortunately gained a ton of weight, i was obese as of last year and now i've lost over 30 kg. My training consisted of having a 21,1 KM on Saturday. A couple of 10K and a shorter fast run. All in all i ran anywhere from 30 to 55 km leading up to the race months prior.


As this was my first marathon, or race ever i obviously lack experience. I woke up around 7.30 am and ate some bread and fruits, right before the race i ate a gel as well. I managed to just walk to the race spot as i live in the same town as the marathon. With 87 people at the start line. I think in total around 280 to 300 people ran the race, with half marathoners and 10k. Race began at 12.00


1 to 21 km It was a lot colder than i expected it to be. It was 1c at the start line, so it was incredibly cold and i just was too cold and unable to get a proper warm up right before the race. No rain, but at times it was really clouded in some areas of the race but other than that it was actually a clear sky. A majority ran like mad men off from the beginning at first i thought my pacing was off from my sub 4 hour goal, but no these people ran really fast and it didn't take long at around 12-18 km into the race where i picked off at least 10 of them. It wasn't until around 15 km mark where i really started to get into a rhythm and found 2 guys running at the same pace as i, which was around 5,20 km, i wanted to run around 5,18 to 5,22 and go at it slower at the 2nd half of the race so it fit well with me.
21 to 25 km I passed the 2nd part of the race and that is where it slowly where i began falling apart. At around 24-25 km mark is where the 2 men i was running with started to get ahead of me, i was honestly expecting them to slow down for the 2nd half, but i couldn't really tell if they did or if my watch was completely broken, my watch went bonkers during the race so it wasn't working properly. At this time my right thigh was killing me, it was getting really bad and sore to the point of where i didn't know if i had it in me to finish the race, i really should have gone slower for the 2nd half.
26 to 30 km I hit around the 26 km part and i was struggling each and every waking moment. I was battling my mind with every waking moment going from wanting to quit and just wanting to walk and take it easier, or slow down my pace but i kept at around 5:35 to 5:45 pace. At the water station there was a guy who throughout 25 to 30 km was close by me and we actually started to have a brief chat, hell i wish i knew what we talked but i was completely shattered, but to paraphrase it was along the lines of him telling me a joke about the race on how terrible hes feeling right now.
30 to 34 km i felt a small relief and my muscles felt better for only a moment. I was still running with the guy i met on the water station. But this was only the beginning to the extent i would suffer. 2 people passed by me. And the guy i was running with was still by me, however our pace was still strong.
At 35 km i saw the group of 1 of the 2 guys i ran with earlier, and the guy was completely shattered, the guy could barely run at all and he must have gone way too hard, or worse injured himself, i hope he was okay because that was the last of him i saw.
From 35 to 40 km I suffered on and off cramps in my feet, and at times my calves. It was actually really hard when both feet are cramping at the same time, i wanted to walk so much, but at this point I've gone too far, I've suffered greatly and every waking moment was spent wanting to quit, but i was too determined to stop, at this point it was either i collapse or i cross the finish line, while i run my pace.
40 to 42,2 km I was struggling to keep up with the guy i was running with, we chatted here and there and trying to motivate each other to continue running. There was no quitting at this point despite my brain wanting to quit breath by breath. Throughout the time when i met the guy from the water station i was running right behind him a majority of the time. All i could think of the joy i would have when i crossed the finish line, and as i saw it i just went and gave it my absolute best, i gave everything that i had left in me, my legs cramped up even more so now than ever, but i kept on running. This was where i passed the guy i ran with nearly half the race, but only after the race did i realize what i did and felt a little bit bad about it. Now as i stopped my legs were cramping up for a solid 5 minutes non stop, but i did it. I could barely take the medal, the food and water i was given.


Post race i walked home, i drank a Gatorade immediately, began stretching, and starting eating. I was beyond joy when i finished and next year i have plenty of more races that i have signed up now. Many may not understand this, but for me running is a lifestyle. I feel like i belong somewhere among these runners, thank you.
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